MailFountain email server


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Revolutionary e-mail, emailing and large email server in one box.

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MailFountain email server

  1. 1. Makes emails simpler
  2. 2. Drive all your messaging need, in one box send big e-mails e-mails ecologic e-mailing router contacts High reliabilty calendar domain name anti-Spam Awards winning technology 2009
  3. 3. Awards winning technology from the International Invention Show of Taipei 2009 Gold Medal Calexium « Innovative Compliant »
  4. 4. Awards winning technology from the 37th International Exhibition of Invention of Geneva 2009 The most famous exhibition of the world Gold Medal with congratulations of Special Prize of the jury, the jury in his category. best invention of the exhibition among 1000 inventions Calexium « Innovative Compliant »
  5. 5. Send large e-mails MailFountain is the only one e-mails server which can send an e-mail with large attachment • Bypass the e-mail server limitation size of your recipient • No size limitation of your attachment file • Transparent process for you and the e-mail’s receiver Awards winning from International Exhibition of Invention Your e-mail with no limit size
  6. 6. E-mails server The e-mails server is the core basis of MailFountain. The Calexium R&D team provide to you all their last innovation for e-mails server. • Stand alone e-mails server (No ISP e-mails server require). • Send and receive your e-mails anywhere (office, home, hotel) • User friendly management interface through web browser • RFC compliant, MailFountain send and receive e-mail to and from any other e-mails servers • your confidentials e-mails stay in your office Best e-mails technology
  7. 7. E-mailing server The e-mailing feature of MailFountain provide an high quality standalone bulk email engine. Now all companies can access to e- mails marketing with low cost. • No subscription need • Send unlimited emailing everyday • Easy to use. Send an e-mailing as an e-mail. • Unsubscribe link managed automatically • Personalization • Read tracking included in M500 model only Effective e-mailing without the cost
  8. 8. Anti-Spam solution The integrated MailFountain’s anti-spam engine, stop almost 98% of the spams. Protocol based anti-spam, we guarantee that all non spam e-mails are received (No false positive can be occurred). • Greylisting • SPF compliant (send/receive) • RDNS verify • Always in Authenticated mode • Anti-spoofing user address (innovation Calexium) Read only your business e-mails
  9. 9. High reliability The partnership with HITACHI allows Calexium to select the best storage technologies for MailFountain in terms of reliability/ consumption/ environment • 2.5 inch Hard drive, less raw material • 24/7 server specification, Enhanced Aviability • EcoTrac label, Very low consumption 1.15 W • Hallogen Free, without toxic component Best storage technology
  10. 10. Ecologic MailFountain is the first time ever e-mails server which is respect the environnement with: • A low power consumption • Green Eco components Consumption of 7 watts 6.78€ / year
  11. 11. Router The integrated MailFountain’s router provide the essential router’s functions for Small and Middle businesses • Firewall • DHCP server • DNS server • DMZ • NAT Simple efficient router
  12. 12. Your domain name included Manage your domain name through MailFountain without any knowledge of DNS. • 1 year free domain name comes with MailFountain. Just choose the domain name and MailFountain setup everything automatically. With that feature, you have a ready to use e-mails server in few minutes even you hadn’t domain name before • Manage sub domains • Automatic SPF setup for the domain name Easy way for domain name
  13. 13. MailFountain is the only one e-mails server appliance designed for the end customers. Calexium philosophy is « innovate for the happiness of the customers ». Because you use e-mails everyday, the e-mail must be your partner in your business, not a constraint. Calexium with the MailFountain reinvent the way to communicate by e-mail, by providing all you need for your e- mails in appliance. With his automatic update technology, your MailFountain always has the last innovation of Calexium for free. Send large files E-mailing Send and receive e-mails
  14. 14. 43 rue Royale 77300 Fontainebleau FRANCE Phone +33 1 64 70 10 29 Email: