Rapid Ageing for Older Adults: The Ultimate Do it Yourself Guide
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Rapid Ageing for Older Adults: The Ultimate Do it Yourself Guide



Rapid Ageing for Older Adults: ...

Rapid Ageing for Older Adults:
The Ultimate Do it Yourself Guide
Become aware of how you are letting yourself Age faster than necessary. And then get the Attitude and Action to fix the slide.
Ever wonder where the "younger you" has gone with the passing years?
Find the "former You", the one you lost due to growing older.



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Rapid Ageing for Older Adults: The Ultimate Do it Yourself Guide Rapid Ageing for Older Adults: The Ultimate Do it Yourself Guide Presentation Transcript

  • http://ulookingreat.com/innerCircle.htmlRapid Ageing forOlder Adults:The Ultimate Doit Yourself Guide
  • Or: “How Can ITake Control OfMy Body & Mindeven as I getolder”
  • We all grow olderChronologicallyTick, Tick, Tick.
  • But there’sSomething MoreImportant thanjust TimeTick, Tick, Tick.
  • More Important thanTimeis: The Wayour Body & MindPerforms
  • Our Performanceis theFoundation Stoneof Our Life
  • Our Performance =VitalityVibrantVivaciousVibrant
  • Or the Opposite:DiseaseDependenceDisabilityDepression
  • No PerformancemeansNo Quality of Life
  • No Performance=No Joy
  • Your Body & Mind Performance= simply “Older ” …
  • … or “Geriatric”
  • Viablemeans beingCapable, Independent
  • Vibrantmeans beingColourful, Energetic, Fun
  • Vivacious =LivelySpirited, Animated,Dynamic
  • Vital =Important, Meaningful
  • Vhy all theseVees?
  • Becauseour PerformancemakesAll the DifferenceTo our Quality of Life
  • Consider this aWake Up Callif you are“Somewhat Older”
  • Observe theSignals of what isHappening to You
  • (Or,what you arePermitting toHappen to You )
  • And then,Take Action
  • Keep this in Mind:That You canTake Control of &ImproveYour Quality of Life(even as you age)
  • Signal Set No 1:YourPhysicalPerformance
  • -YouStop maintainingyour Strengthat peak levels
  • -YouStop keepingyourself Lean
  • -YouStop Raising a SweatRegularly(4-5 times a week)-
  • -You need HelpUp or DownAny Gradient.
  • -You walkso muchSlower than theKids
  • -Yousimply can’tSprint forthe Bus
  • -You havevastly reducedSexual Desire &Sexual Activity
  • -You’veStopped climbingTrees
  • -You need Waterto support yourExercising.
  • -YouRun out of Breathclimbing Stairs
  • Signal Set No 2:YourMental Attitude
  • -You think ofBuilding a RampUp to yourHome Entrance.
  • -You call uponthe Young’unsto do things foryou.
  • -You installHandlebars in theBath and theToilet.
  • -You startTaking more& Giving less.
  • -You think more of whatyou can getInstead ofwhat you can giveto your Community
  • Signal Set No 3:You do what“Old People doNormally”.
  • -You wait for theKids/GrandKidsto move your stuff.
  • -You talk moreabout what yourKids/Grand-kidsare doing, than about whatYou are Achieving.
  • -You give up Driving.The Kids/Grand-kidsdrive you around.
  • -You bookthe Kids/Grand-kidsfor your“Grocery Shopping Day”.
  • -You give uptrying toCalculate Anything
  • -Yougive up learninganything New.
  • -Yougive up on theNew Technologies(It’s “just too much”).
  • Signal Set No 4:Leadership& Growth
  • -YouLet othersDo the ThinkingFor you.
  • -You StopStaying aheadof the Pack:In ideas, Fun, Action
  • -You StopStop Competing:You stop Improving& Challenging yourself.
  • Signal Set No 5:Appearance&Self-Maintenance
  • -You stopkeeping yourselfLooking your Best:Your Body is theWorst that it’s everbeen.
  • -Your PostureIs getting worse.
  • -You wear ClothesThat Hide you( instead ofShowing You Off. )
  • Signal Set No 5:Loss ofCommunityRecognition
  • -The Young’unsno longer look at youIn Amazement.
  • -The Young’unsNo longerCopy what you do.
  • -The Young’unsNo longerDefer to youas an Informal Leader.
  • -These are somesigns ofLoss of Performance:But have Hope…
  • All is notLost:You canTurn the TideAround
  • By TakingAction:Get theAttitude & ActionTo Age Beautifully.
  • To Lose the:DisabilityDependenceDepression&Disease.
  • to Build aBetter Quality ofLife:even as you grow Older
  • Join up & get theBetter Attitude& Action GroupBecause :You need to Improve yourself,even as you get Older.http://uLookinGreat.com/innerCircle.html
  • To aBetter LifeFor You,Even as You Age.http://uLookinGreat.com/innerCircle.html
  • Find us at:http://uLookinGreat.com/innerCircle.htmlWe help youFind “the formerYou”The “You” that you may have lostdue to age.
  • http://ulookingreat.com/innerCircle.htmlStronger, Faster,Sexier, Healthier,Feel FantasticDefy the ravages ofTime.