Fallout 3 Cultural Analysis
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Fallout 3 Cultural Analysis



This is a cultutal analysis of Fallout 3, where in-game references to our culture is being analysed and discussed.

This is a cultutal analysis of Fallout 3, where in-game references to our culture is being analysed and discussed.



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Fallout 3 Cultural Analysis Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Fallout 3 - a cultural analysis by jimmy sahlin
  • 2. Introduction Fallout 3 is littered with cultural references of our own society. I've decided to take a deeper look on some of those occurances and see exactly what they represent from our culture and what they do to the game. A Nuka-Cola vending machine. A society isn't complete without it's own commercial beverage.
  • 3. The culture within The main cultural inspiration comes from the American culture. Here you can see a ”Brahmin” feasting on soiled grass with the Wahington Monument and Capitol Hill in the background. A Brahmin feeds on the spoiled grass with the Washington Monument and Capitol Hill in the background.
  • 4. Cultural rethorics As our culture is embedded in the game, so are our values and norms. The conflict between US capitalism and Communism is part of the main story, as you play in the aftermath of the third world war between USA and China. One can wonder if the rethorics In the DLC, Operation: Anchorage you get to team up are political satire or with the US forces to drive out the Chinese Communist invaders from the US annexed Canada. patriotic.
  • 5. Rhetorics of gender Fallout 3 has an overall gender neutral approach in terms of gameplay, and the bodies have natural proportions. However, as our own culture is depicted in the game, so is our heteronormative society. There's little to no room for sexual expressions other than that of a heterosexual nature. Meet Nova, Capital Wastelands only living bisexual.
  • 6. Meaningful play and Open culture As we recognise our world within Fallout 3, it motivates us to explore it deeper aswell, just to satisfy our curiosity on how a post- apocalyptic world would look like. And if we feel that something is missing we can add it using the construction kit, G.E.C.K. This leads the game into an Open Culture where players can modify the contents of the game.
  • 7. Conclusion Bethesda Softworks has done an excellent job depicting the American culture in Fallout 3. Both the good and the bad sides of the culture is implemented. One can ask the question if all these cultural occurences are intentional or if some just comes along uncounsciously. A question only the developers know the answer to.