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  • 1. STAY FIT…STAY HEALTHYI’ve received a number of comments on my earlier post ‘Health is Wealth’. This shows that there isindeed an element of concern, among us, regarding our health. But concerns apart, are we really doinganything about it?Our longevity has improved. But, we are so often afflicted by ‘life style diseases’ andtoo dependant on medicines. We lead ‘longer” lives. But are we really ‘healthy’? Our earlier generationswere much healthier when compared to us. My grandfather is learnt to have lived till 80. I hardlyremember him but it is said that he relied only on ayurveda, when afflicted with any illness. My fatheralso led a very healthy life.Times have changed. Our lives have been made simpler by the machines. Weno longer need to draw water from deep wells or walk long distances. Instead there are pumps andbikes. I recall the comment of Mr. Anil Kumar, to my earlier blog, who spoke of his father walking fromEdappally to Mattancherry, daily. Physical activity was so ingrained in the lives of our forefathers thatthey really needn’t exercise for the sake of exercise. But, that is not the case with us. Our minds buzzwith ideas and are active but physically, we lead sedentary lives.In many cases, we abuse our body. Ourbody is fragile. It requires food, exercise and rest, all in the right proportion. An inadequacy of any ofthese three ingredients results in illness. In fact, many readers commented that stress at work hasseriously eroded our health. We cannot really rest when our minds are vexed. Worry, tension andanxiety play a vital role in making a person unhealthy. You might have noticed that those who arementally strong and are able to keep a cool head have better health when compared to others. TheMaharishis of ancient India knew the importance of having a peaceful mind for maintaining good health,which is why, yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques were developed. Similarly, we have weanedaway from organic foods to foods rich in fat. I have always wondered why it is so that the tastiest foodsare often the richest in calories. On a lighter note, ‘Maybe one day, we would invent foods that are richin taste but low in calories as well’.I feel that the problem lies in our inability to maintain a ‘balance’ inlife. Yes, we need to work hard but not at the expense of our health. We should enjoy good food but inmoderation. Exercise should be a part of our lives as much as work and entertainment is. Even in themidst of our busy lives, let us take our morning walks, commune with nature and have some quiet timefor ourselves before we rush out to face the day. Right from my younger days, I’ve been very particularof and concerned for my health. It has held me in good stead and I’m quite proud of the fact that I wasconsidered fit enough, after several rigorous tests, to donate a kidney at the age of 60……….Stay fit;Enjoy life!