Advantages Of Power And Control Cables


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Advantages Of Power And Control Cables

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Advantages Of Power And Control Cables

  1. 1. Advantages Of Power And Control CablesThese days cable manufacturers are engages in producing various types ofcables for power transmission, including XLPE Cables, PVC cable and Controlcables. These cables are used in a wide variety of uses in power transmission.Good quality manufacturers have engineered their cables with precision tomeet extreme load fluctuations in varying voltage situations.XLPE cables are superior cables that boast of characteristics like excellentelectricity, mechanism, heat & environment, stress resistant and chemicalcorrosion resistant. They are also simply structured, light weight and heatresistant, making them ideal for long term use.For both PVC and XLPE cables the construction is the same. Conductors aremade from electrolytic grade aluminium/copper conforming to high standardsand are generally compact circular in shape. XLPE cables are specially madehigh grade cross linked polyethylene for insulation by extrusion process,whereas, in PVC cables PVC grade is used by extrusion process. An inner sheathof PVC/LD tape is used for Laid Up of Core and wire or Flat Strip of galvanisedgrade is used for armouring. The outer sheath for XLPE cables is PVC sheath ofspecial ST2 grade and for PVC cables a, ST1 grade.The advantages of the PVC cables are that it is non-hygroscopic insulated andare not affected by moisture. It has a non migration of compound permittingvertical installation, complete protection against most forms of electrolytic andchemical corrosion. It has a tough and resilient sheath with excellent fireresisting qualities, good ageing characteristics and not affected by vibration.Whereas LT XLPE cables have a different set of advantages. They have highershort circuit rating, higher emergency overload capacity and longer life. Theyhave tensile strength’s like 1.9kg/mm2 and the elongation percentage in thesecables are 300-500%. They have high corrosion resistance in pollutedatmosphere, better resistance to chemical and corrosive gases have betterproperties to withstand vibrations and hot impacts. The moisture resistance ofXLPE cables is nearly 100 times more than PVC cables. They also have lowinstallation costs due to their light weight. The insulation resistance of thisvariety of cables are ideal for transmission and distribution of power andjointing is quicker and easier.
  2. 2. All these factors make the XLPE power and control cable preferred over thePVC cable, depending on the end use.There are many reputed manufacturers of these cables, conforming to thehighest standards in the country, one such company is V Guard Industries.They have been the leaders in the market for decades.