Jason wagner  jan 25, 2012 353 pm - east asia
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Jason wagner jan 25, 2012 353 pm - east asia






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    Jason wagner  jan 25, 2012 353 pm - east asia Jason wagner jan 25, 2012 353 pm - east asia Presentation Transcript

    • East AsiaJason Wagner MBA 516 Wednesday, January 25, 2012
    • What makes up East Asia?  CHINA (People’s Republic of China)  Population: 1,336,718,015 (most populous country in the world)  Size: 9,984,670 sq km (#4)  Comparison: Despite having more 4x the population of the US, China is 300,000 sq km smaller in size.  Contains two SARs (Special Administrative Regions  Hong Kong (7,122,508 pop; 1,104 sq km)  Macau (573,003 pop; 28 sq km)
    • What makes up East Asia?  JAPAN  Population: 126,739,664 (#10)  Size: 377,915 sq km (#62)
    • What makes up East Asia?  SOUTH KOREA  Population: 48,754,657 (#26)  Size: 99,720 sq km (#109)
    • What makes up East Asia?  NORTH KOREA  Population: 24,457,492 (#48)  Size: 120,538 sq km (#99)
    • What makes up East Asia? TAIWAN  Population: 23,071,779 (#50)  Size: 35,980 (#139) MONGOLIA  Population: 3,133,318 (#135)  Size: 1,564,116 (#19)
    • Current Events North Korean leader Kim Jong-il died on December 17, 2011 His son, Kim Jong-un, took his position in power
    • Current Events Although almost a year ago, Japan still continues to recover from the devastating earthquake  Caused approximately 15,900 deaths and 5,900 injuries, with 3,300 people missing  Most expensive natural disaster in world history ($30B+ in damage)  Caused near-catastrophe at damaged power plants
    • Current Events Companies such as Toyota showed loss of upwards of 75% of their profits at times during the course of the past year Japan had first trade deficit since 1980, attributed directly to the earthquake disruption
    • Issues The region has several social issues, particularly in China  Censorship remains to be an issue, particularly on the Internet to silence criticism of the Communist Party  “The Great Firewall of China”  Overpopulation in general is a concern as well, with a “one-child policy” enforced  As many as 3M births go unreported each year  Wealthy families pay a fee for multiple children  Less-wealthy families lose benefits  Also concerned over ratio of number of boys being born compared to girls  Chinese child labor camps
    • Issues North Korea has declared it has nuclear weapons  Withdrew from Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 2003 after claims that the United States did not fulfill their end of an agreement  Japan and South Korea are concerned about North Korean counter-strikes if they take military action against them  The CIA has also determined they have chemical weapons
    • Exports When we think of countries like China, Japan, or Taiwan, we often think of two areas of opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of price/quality…
    • ExportsWe always think of TVs, DVD players, stereos, computers, and other technology companies
    • Exports But besides electronics, we also think of companies like China producing “cheap” toys
    • Resources CIA World Factbook (statistical information) CNN (current event information) Bloomberg (economy information) Company websites