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Showcasing drupal

  1. 1. Showcasing Drupal The Web Content Publishing System
  2. 2. What is Drupal? A open source platform for building; • Web Applications • Community web applications • Social Networking Applications • Transactional Applications
  3. 3. The Drupal Community • Over 600, 000 users • More than 4000 modules and still counting • Drupal is used to power more than 7 million websites and still counting. • Fantastic support both at theming and module level
  4. 4. The Drupal Adoption • Drupal is used to power more than 7 million websites and still counting • Can be used for social networking websites, blogs, corporate websites, intranet, forums and community websites etc. • Robust template engine for dynamic page generation based on menu hook. • Supports Faceted search through Apache Solr. • Content tagging using Taxonomy • It is SEF by default
  5. 5. The Drupal Adoption • Supports cloud technology using Aegir • Can be used for a full blown intranet using Open Atrium Drupal distribution. • Drupal is beyond a CMS. It’s a platform for robust web application • Drupal can be used for social network websites such as blogs, forums • Powerful caching mechanism which makes your website load more than 60% faster • Supports HTML 5
  6. 6. The Drupal Adoption • Has Support for Ajax and Jquery • Drupal can be integrated with platforms such as Java, .NET, Actionscript, Flex et cetera, using the services module. • Drupal has support for Iphone and Android mobile phones. • Drupal supports Oracle and Postgre Databases • Drupal can run on IIS web server
  7. 7. Drupal Architecture Themes DB JavaScript/AJAX Theme Engine Drupal Core Hook Modules
  8. 8. Drupal Architecture • Built with PHP • Runs on Apache and Nginx Servers • Powered by the fast and highly flexible Mysql database • Supports Oracle database • Supports Postgre Database
  9. 9. Drupal Theme Architecture Themes Theme Engine Drupal Core Hook Modules
  10. 10. Drupal Theming System • That is, creating front-end designs for Drupal • Supports up to 3 template engines: – PHPTemplate (default) – PHP Smarty template engine – Xtemplate language • Drupal powered websites can be enhanced by leveraging CSS and Javascript / Jquery.
  11. 11. Important Contrib modules: CCK • CCK is a Content Creation Kit • Create new content types of your choice to store specific information. For example, an Employees content type for storing employees only related information. • Create online forms using simple point and click approach. No codes required. • Supports all forms of field data types such as text, select list, autocomplete fields, Number fields, fieldsets, date fields etc.
  12. 12. Important Contrib modules: Views: • Views makes it possible to retrieve stored content (Nodes) without writing SQL. • Filter results by multiple criteria such as Node, taxonomy, CCK Fields, profile et cetera. • Expose CCK fields for user interaction.
  13. 13. Views: Multiple Display • Display content as a Page • Display content in a Block • Display content as an Attachment • Display content as a Feed • Embed content into another content • Create complex page structures using Panels
  14. 14. Extending Drupal – Building custom modules • Relies heavily on Drupal Hooks or API • Automatically handles HTML generation through the theme() function. – Theme(‘item-list’) : Generate ordered and unordered lists – Theme(‘table’): Generates HTML tables with cols and rows as associative arrays – Theme(‘pager’): Paginate Drupal nodes • Supports both HTML and dynamic Form creation using FAPI (Form API).
  15. 15. Drupal Distros • Standard Drupal – Core distribution • Acquia Drupal – Highly optimized Drupal with Acquia Search • Drupal Commons – Drupal distro for community websites such as Forums and social networks. • Pressflow – Drupal Distribution Optimizer • Open Atrium – Drupal powered Intranet • OpenPublish – Drupal distro for online news publishing • ManagingNews – Drupal powered Feed Reader • Ubercart – Drupal distro for building transactional applications
  16. 16. Drupal Integrations • Apache Solr Search Integration • PHP/Java Bridge Integration • Google Apps Integration through ZendGData API • Facebook through Facebook Social • Google OAUTH – The Federated API • Twitter • Google Search • Google AJAX API • Alfresco – Open Source Enterprise Intranet Software • CMIS – Content Management Interoperability System
  17. 17. Drupal Performance • Powerful Caching System • Dynamic Page template engine • Improve performance by 50% using Boost module • Create more than 100 website in a single Drupal installation.
  18. 18. Who is using Drupal? … and more