Using cognitive computing to better analyze human communication


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Dr. Marten den Haring, senior vice president of products at Digital Reasoning, explores how cognitive computing can be used to better analyze human communication (e.g. email, chat, social media, voice, etc.) in order to reveal suspicious activity. This presentation was part of a series at the recent Alpha Innovation Required (AIR) Summit, which was sponsored by Franklin Templeton Investments.

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Using cognitive computing to better analyze human communication

  1. 1. I learn, therefore ! I can generate α 
  2. 2. “Even the best-resourced analysts lack the tools to correlate the data points he/she does gather to identify meaningful patterns for either an individual company or an entire sector.  With shorter-term investing horizons and high-frequency trading dominating volume, how relevant are these data points anyway?”
 - Gabriel Lowy,! 4/11/14! 2! How Long Before Equity Analysts Become Data Scientists? !
  3. 3. Human language is a rich data source that enables data scientists to study people’s past behavior and predict future behavior. ! ! But it’s messy, ambiguous ! and very noisy !!
  4. 4. Big (Data) Problem:! Reducing Noise. Increasing Signal Quality and Timing.!
  5. 5. the path of the enterprise! next ?! Cloud! Algorithms! Mobile! Big Data! Social! Dion Hinchcliffe. Dachis Group.! Next Disruption: 
 Cognitive Computing?!
  6. 6. Learning Algorithms! •  Machine learning ! –  Predictions! –  Clustering! •  Statistical models working at scale! –  Counting! –  Comparing! –  Ranking! –  Filtering! Human Analysis! Alerts! Behavior Patterns! Knowledge! Raw Data! Profiles!
  7. 7. Experimenting with multiple Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) as Behavior Patterns of Interest! Emailing to external network! or! Emailing attachments to personal email account! or! Legal entity on watch list occurring in the context of “deal related” language! or! Negative sentiment in the context of “revenue recognition” language!
  8. 8. *KRI = Email sent to self *KRI = internal to external communication *KRI = Deal language in context of legal entity *KRI = Deal language in context of legal entity *KRI = Rev rec language + Negative sentiment Outcome: 
 Flagging Email Because of High KRI Score !
  9. 9. Digital Reasoning’s Machine Learning Platform!
  10. 10. Locations: Nashville Washington New York London Investors: In-Q-Tel Silver Lake (individuals) Partnership for NYC Invest. Fund Team: 70 employees 20 Masters or PhDs 40+ TS clearances 5 patents •  Early success within the US Intelligence Community and now rapidly expanding into financial services and healthcare! •  Synthesys is a machine-learning platform that understands human communication! ! •  Synthesys amplifies human analysis by automatically aggregating knowledge from large data sets across multiple languages and sources into a private knowledge graph! •  Knowledge can be accessed via an API, Tools or discovered via our Web applications as well as 3rd party solutions in Search, BI, Case Management ! ! •  Synthesys Cloud is available via AWS Marketplace, running on Amazon EC2! 1 1! Digital Reasoning!
  11. 11. * * PHONE (615) 370-1860! EMAIL! WEB!