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  • 1. Become an Expert: Campaign Management and Website Integration Judy Loehr, Tricia Reilly, Five 9 Track: Marketing Executives
  • 2. Safe Harbor Statement
    • “ Safe harbor” statement under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: This presentation may contain forward-looking statements the achievement of which involves risks, uncertainties and assumptions. If any such risks or uncertainties materialize or if any of the assumptions proves incorrect, our results could differ materially from the results expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements we make.  All statements other than statements of historical fact could be deemed forward-looking, including any projections of subscriber growth, earnings, revenues, or other financial items and any statements regarding strategies or plans of management for future operations, statements of belief, any statements concerning new, planned, or upgraded services or technology developments and customer contracts or use of our services.
    • The risks and uncertainties referred to above include - but are not limited to - risks associated with the integration of Sendia Corporation’s technology, operations, infrastructure and personnel with ours; unexpected costs or delays incurred in integrating Sendia with, which could adversely affect our operating results and rate of growth; any unknown errors or limitations in the Sendia technology; any third party intellectual property claims arising from the Sendia technology; customer and partner acceptance and deployment of the AppExchange and AppExchange Mobile platforms; interruptions or delays in our service or our Web hosting; our new business model; breach of our security measures; possible fluctuations in our operating results and rate of growth; the emerging market in which we operate; our relatively limited operating history; our ability to hire, retain and motivate our employees and manage our growth; competition; our ability to continue to release and gain customer acceptance of new and improved versions of our CRM service; unanticipated changes in our effective tax rate; fluctuations in the number of shares outstanding; the price of such shares; foreign currency exchange rates and interest rates.
    • Further information on these and other factors that could affect our financial results is included in the reports on Forms 10-K, 10-Q and 8-K and in other filings we make with the Securities and Exchange Commission from time to time, including our Form 10-K for the fiscal year ended January 31, 2006. These documents are available on the SEC Filings section of the Investor Information section of our website at .
    • Any unreleased services or features referenced in this or other press releases or public statements are not currently available and may not be delivered on time or at all.  Customers who purchase our services should make purchase decisions based upon features that are currently available., inc. assumes no obligation and does not intend to update these forward-looking statements, except as required by law.
  • 3. Judy Loehr Senior Director, Integrated Marketing [email_address] Tricia Reilly Director, Marketing Communications [email_address] Five 9
  • 4.
    • Founded in 2001
    • Over 500 customers, 16,000 users on 5 continents
    • $12 million annualized revenue
    • 20-30% monthly growth
    • Offices in US, Canada, India, Philippines, Mexico
    • $17 million raised from leading investors
    • User Interface / CTI Integration with since 2005
    Five9, Inc. INDUSTRY: Hi Tech EMPLOYEES: 150 GEOGRAPHY: Global PRODUCT(S) USED: Unlimited Edition, SFA, Marketing, Support # USERS: 105
  • 5. Five9’s Salesforce Environment
      • 98% adoption rate
      • ~300 custom fields, 30 formula fields
      • 31 custom tabs
      • 11 Ajax based S-Controls
      • 14 AppExchange API applications (5 “mission critical”)
        • ‘ Lead Processor
        • ‘ Provisioner’
        • ‘ Updater’
        • ‘ Case Closer’
        • ‘ Solution Synchronizer’
  • 6. Become an expert at Salesforce Marketing
    • Implementation suggestions
    • Best practices for campaign managers
    • Capturing leads from your website
    • Real life examples from Five 9
    • Key follow up sessions:
      • Developing Integrated Marketing Reports & Dashboards
      • Bridging the sales & marketing divide
      • Enhancing your marketing organization with the AppExchange
      • Getting the most hits: search engine marketing best practices
      • How uses marketing
    Additional Resources
  • 7. Implementation Suggestions (Please share these with your administrator)
  • 8. Step 1: focus on your business process & goals
    • How do you generate & track demand?
      • Who are your audiences?
      • What types of programs do you run?
      • What tactics do you use?
      • Do you leverage any 3 rd party vendors?
      • What are your offers?
      • How do you re-market?
      • How do you capture responses?
    • What happens to responses you generate?
      • Are responses scored?
      • Where do the new leads go?
      • Does everything go directly to sales?
      • What should the follow up messages be?
      • How do you track the follow up?
      • What information does sales need
  • 9. Marketing Manager Tier 1 Sales: Sales Reps or Inside Sales Tier 2 Sales: Account Executives or Field Sales Management Reports & Dashboards Campaigns Leads Qualified? yes Lead Management
    • Lead Capture Mechanisms
    • Online Registration Forms
    • Import Lists From Excel
    • Manually Enter Business Cards
    • Sample Routing Rules
    • Territory Based Routing
    • Product Based Routing
    • Pick Off Queues
    • Manual Assignment of Leads
    Win? Opportunity Management Lead Generation Campaign Effectiveness & ROI Accounts no yes Opportunities Sales Process Map, Campaign to Customer Two tier sales process typically found in high volume B2B sales organizations where marketing campaigns generate leads, a tier one team qualifies leads to pass on to a tier two sales team that manages the sales cycle.
    • Types of Campaigns
    • Email Campaigns
    • Advertising
    • Direct Mail
    • Trade Shows
    • Sample Qualification Questions
    • Current Situation
    • Pains
    • Opportunity Size
    • Timeframe
    • Budget
    • Decision Maker
    • Main Competitor
    Keep a historical record of archived leads and set up email campaigns or follow up reminders to regenerate interest.
    • Common Reasons for Duplicate Leads
    • Bogus info
    • Duplicate lead
    • Current customer
    • New contact, current opportunity Tabs Lead Source Lead Status Closed Business Qualify Lead Lead Assignment Archived Leads Check for Duplicates
    • Sample Lead Status
    • Open: Followed up on within 48 hours
    • Working: Day 1 through day 30
    • Developing: Scheduled follow up beyond 30 days
    • Archive: Non-responsive or No Current Interest
    Work Lead & Adjust Lead Status Opportunity Pipeline Competitive Win/ Lose
    • Sample Sales Stages
    • Lead
    • Needs Analysis
    • Confirmed
    • Objection Handling
    • Selected
    • Negotiating
    • Closed/Won
    • Closed/Lost
    Sales Cycle Keep a historical record of archived opportunities and set up email campaigns or follow up reminders to regenerate interest. Archived Opportunities The lead is converted into an opportunity with an associated contact and account. Often the lead will be handed off to the tier 2 sales person to work it through the sales cycle. Lead Conversion Lead Quality Lead Type Neglected Leads Marketing Campaign Lead Capture Active Customer Account becomes an active customer. Lead Conversion Contacts
  • 10. Step 2: define your reports before you start
    • Executive reports
    • Segmentation reports
    • Marketing analysis reports
    • Sales reports
    • Don’t start customizing until you have a clear vision for the reports you want to produce – make a list!
    • Mock up reports in Excel, or just sketch them on a piece of paper!
    • Write out filter criteria on paper before diving into reporting tab
    • Attend Dreamforce session: “Developing Integrated Marketing Reports & Dashboards”
    Suggestions See APPENDIX for full descriptions of all marketing reports
  • 11. Step 3: define your data structure
    • Questions
      • What types of campaigns does each person work on?
      • What information do people need to see?
      • What information do you need to report on? How do you need to drill down?
      • What information needs to be on the campaign, and what needs to be on the lead?
    • Recommendations:
      • Write down your list of fields before you start
      • Organize fields into logical groupings
      • Don’t go overboard – you can always add more fields later
    • Campaign Type
    • Tactic
    • Audience
    • Offer
    • Timeframe
    • Product Focus
    • Region
    • Vendor
    • Partner
    • Venue
    • City
    • Expected Response %
    • # Attendees
    • % Attendance
    • Web form URL
    • Follow up email template
    Sample Campaign Fields
  • 12. Step 4: customization checklist
    • Add custom fields
    • Customize picklist values
    • Customize page layouts
    • Customize lead assignment rules
    • Create follow up email templates
    • Customize lead auto-response rules
    • Create custom workflow rules
    • Generate HTML for web-to-lead forms
  • 13. Campaign page layout Screenshot from Tricia
  • 14. Install “Show all members” web link from AppExchange
    • Installs a single web link
    • Shows everyone associated with the campaign
    • Administrator must add the new Web Link to your campaign page layout
    • Note : the active flag must be checked on the campaign for this report to work
    Campaign Membership Report AppExchange Component Allows you to see everyone associated with the campaign in one report
  • 15. Other AppExchange best practice components
    • “ Campaigns related to opportunities report” web link
    • “ Lead & Opportunity Management Dashboards”
    • “ Sales Activity Dashboard”
    • Campaign Influence Report
    • Share your best practices with the Salesforce Marketing community
    Recommended AppExchange Marketing Components
  • 16. Best Practices for Marketing Users
  • 17. Understand campaign statistics calculations
    • Total leads = SUM of all leads associated with this campaign.
    • Includes converted leads that you can’t see in the app.
    • # Leads will decrease if two lead records are merged, or if a lead is deleted
    • Total Contacts = SUM of all contacts associated with this campaign.
    • # Contacts will decrease if two contact records are merged, or if a contact is deleted
    Total Responses = SUM of all visible records associated to this campaign that have a member status with the “responded” box checked ** Best metric for success of campaign – when member status set up correctly!
    • Converted leads = SUM of all leads associated with this campaign that have been converted to a contact.
    • Includes leads converted to new or existing contacts
  • 18. Advanced Setup: Member Status Values
  • 19. Campaign Member Status Update Date field
    • This magical field allows you to track the date each person responded to a campaign.
    Member Status Update Date
  • 20. Advanced Setup: Member Status Values
    • Can make reporting MUCH easier!
    • Sales can understand exactly what their prospect or customer did
    • Can have more than one “Responded” value.
    • “ # Responses” metric = SUM of all members with a status checked as “responded”.
    • Event example : # Responses = everyone who registered, attended, or didn’t show up
    Why are member status values so important?
  • 21. Define campaign naming convention
    • It’s what sales reps see on their leads & contacts in the Campaign History related list
    • Consistent names make reporting much easier
    • The name is what appears when you search for a campaign so you want them to be unique and easy to identify
    • Standardize time frames numerically
    • Include campaign type details
    • Make sure names are unique
    • Include relevant info in the name: timeframe , type , audience , offer , vendor name , location , etc.
    • Example: FY07Q2 – Web Seminar – Product A – offer - tactic
    Why is the campaign name so important? See APPENDIX for more detailed examples of naming conventions
  • 22. Provide marketing tools to help sales follow up
    • HTML Email templates for follow-up
    • Integrate with a call center solution such as Five9
    • Data enhancements and cleansing
  • 23. Telemarketing campaigns with sales
  • 24. More Five 9 best practices
    • AppExchange for Complementary tools
      • Email Service Providers
      • Demand Generation platforms
      • Data Cleansing and Enhancement tools
    • Leverage the Sandbox for risk-free testing!
  • 25. Capturing leads from your web site
  • 26. Web forms
    • Brand the form to match the offer they received
    • Keep the list of fields to a minimum
    • Common hidden fields
      • Campaign ID
      • Campaign member status
      • Product line
      • Lead source
      • Lead assignment trigger
  • 27. How to set up web-to-lead forms
  • 28. Devise your lead de-dupe process
    • 2 approaches:
      • Identify & handle duplicates at the website level - - before they ever enter the system
      • Let duplicate leads get created and clean then up once they’re in the system
    • Solutions
      • Build it – Five 9 example
      • Buy it – Demand Tools, RingLead, other partner solutions
    • Things to think about in your criteria
      • What do you want to match on?
      • Can you add code to your website?
      • How do you want to treat it?
      • What are your follow up actions when you identify a duplicate lead?
    Evaluation Criteria
  • 30. Session Feedback Let us know how we’re doing!
    • Please score the session from 5 to 1 (5=excellent,1=needs improvement) on the following categories:
      • Overall rating of the session
      • Quality of content
      • Strength of presentation delivery
      • Relevance of the session to your organization
    Save time! Use your cell phone or mobile device to send Feedback via SMS/Text Messaging! Send a message to 26335 In the message body: Session 195, #### For example, “ Session 123, 5555 ” Session ID: 195 Session ID # Scores for 4 categories SMS Voting powered by:
  • 31. Appendix
  • 32. Examples of reports you may need
    • Executive reports
      • Monthly lead gen reports
      • Monthly converted lead report
      • # responses over time, by produt, by
      • Marketing impact on pipeline
    • Segmentation reports
      • Target lists for up-sell & cross-sell campaigns
      • Target lists for re-marketing to past responses
    • Marketing analysis reports
      • Breakdown reports to compare results of specific tactics
    • Clearly identify which reports you’ll be able to run directly from the app, and which you’ll need to create in Excel
      • Inclusion reports usually ok from the app
      • Exclusion reports will require Excel
    • Don’t start customizing until you have a clear vision for the reports you want to produce – make a list!
    • Mock up reports in Excel, or just sketch them on a piece of paper!
    • Write out filter criteria on paper before diving into reporting tab
    • Attend Dreamforce session: “Developing Integrated Marketing Reports & Dashboards”
  • 33. Sample executive report mock up in Excel Think about the columns, filters, and level of granularity for each report Campaign Actual Cost Target Audience # Leads Cost per Lead $ New Business ROI Direct mail drop Jan 15 th $ 30,000 35,000 1,050 $ 28.57 $ 160,000 433% Direct mail drop Feb 10 th $ 40,000 45,000 900 $ 44.44 $ 140,000 250% Direct mail drop Mar 7 th $ 20,000 22,000 550 $ 36.36 $ 120,000 500% Direct Mail Total $ 90,000 102,000 2,500 $ 36.00 $ 420,000 367% Webinar Jan 6 th $ 20,000 1,000 1,050 $ 19.05 $ 240,000 1100% Webinar Feb 3 rd $ 18,000 1,100 1,000 $ 18.00 $ 300,000 1567% Webinar March 10 th $ 21,000 1,200 1,300 $ 16.15 $ 180,000 757% Webinar Total $ 59,000 3,300 3,350 $ 17.61 $ 720,000 1120% Email announcement Jan 24 $ 1,200 60,000 600 $ 2.00 $ 4,500 275% Email announcement Feb 27 $ 2,000 100,000 1,000 $ 2.00 $ 64,000 3100% Email announcement Mar 25 $ 1,800 90,000 900 $ 2.00 $ 37,500 1983% Email Total $ 5,000 250,000 2,500 $ 2.00 $ 106,000 2020% Conference March 15 th $ 30,000 500 450 $ 66.67 $ 140,000 367% Tradeshow March 5 th $ 15,000 500 600 $ 25.00 $ 100,000 567% Events Total $ 45,000 1,000 1,050 $ 42.86 $ 240,000 433% TOTAL $ 199,000 356,300 9,400 $ 21.17 $ 1,486,000 647%
  • 34. Salesforce Marketing report details
    • Lead reports
      • Lead report – to report on all current leads. Does not include leads that have been converted
      • Leads with converted lead information – lets you report on all leads, including those that have been converted. BONUS: it shows you the account, contact & opportunity details for the converted leads
      • Lead history report – analyze how long leads are in each status
    • Campaign Analysis reports
      • Campaign summary report – includes only campaign fields, does not include any details about people on the campaign. Best for executive reports comparing results of campaigns.
      • Campaign Call Down report – let’s you quickly see everyone associated with a single campaign. Includes both leads & contacts. Only shows “business card” information such as name, company, address, email, etc.
      • Campaign Member Analysis Report – allows you to analyze responses to your campaigns by any field on the campaign. Includes member status information and allows you to report across multiple campaigns at once.
    • Campaign Segmentation reports
      • Campaign – Lead report – allows you to create target lists based on attributes of a lead record, and associated campaign details. Does not include converted leads
      • Campaign – Contact reports – allows you to create target lists based on attributes of accounts & contacts, and associated campaign details.
    • Campaign Call Down and Campaign Member Analysis reports can be found in the “Campaign Reports” folder.
    • Tip : create your own standard reports that you can clone & quickly customize for future campaign reporting
    Where are they?
  • 35. Key campaign fields Campaign Fields Notes Campaign Name Define & enforce clear naming convention Parent Campaign Custom field: add picklist values as needed Lead Source Custom field: picklist values should match source field on leads Offer Capture what it was you offered for each campaign (an event invitation, white paper, webinar, special discount, etc.) Tactic Picklist to summarize if this campaign used an email, web promo, outbound call, other tactic Timeframe Custom picklist for the quarter or month of the campaign or program. Values could be: 2007-01, 2007-02, or FY07Q1, FY07Q2. Dashboard Label The campaign name often gets very long and does not display entirely on dashboards. Use a custom text field to enter a label for each campaign when you are including the campaign in a dashboard
  • 36. Key lead fields Campaign Fields Notes Lead Source Make sure the values match between this field and the “Lead Source” field on the campaign. This should be a summary level set of picklist values like: “email, sales, webinar, web promos, telemarketing, etc.” Lead Assignment Trigger This should be a text field, that is read-only for users. This field is populated by a webform when you want an easy way to define special assignment rules for a specific group of responses Lead Auto-Response Trigger This should be a text field, that is read-only for users. Pass a hidden value to this field from web forms when you want to trigger a specific Auto-Response Rule to send a follow up email when someone Product Line If you have offers for multiple products then a simply product picklist on the lead will enable you to track the lead conversion rates for each product. Lead Capture Source Pass this as a hidden value from a webform to be able to tie back to the original asset or offer that captured the lead. This will allow you to track conversion rates by offer/capture tactic in the “Lead with Converted Lead Information” report.
  • 37. Campaign naming convention OPTIONS & EXAMPLES
    • Standardize time frame – either by month or by qtr. Examples: FY07Q1, FY07Q2 or 2006-01, 2006-02,
    • Tip: start with the year to make filtering & sorting in reports easier.
    • Tip: use month numbers instead of names to make global reporting consistent across languages
    • Standardize campaign type by source or by type of offer.
    • Examples: “Email”, “Web Seminar”, “Event”
    • Make sure campaign names are unique . Start with the more general attributes and move to very specific.
    • Example: FY07Q2 – Web Seminar – Product A – Topic/Speaker – email invitation (tactic)
    Consider including all relevant information in the name: timeframe, type, audience, offer, vendor name, location , etc.
  • 38. Recommended Member Status Values Campaign Type Member Status Values Attributes Event Invited Registered Registered – Attended Registered – No Show Default Responded Responded Responded Email Offer Sent Opened Responded Bounced – Hard Bounced – Soft Unsubscribed Default Responded Web Promotion Responded Default + Responded Direct Mail Sent Responded Returned – Bad Address Default Responded
  • 39. What happens when leads are converted
    • New lead, no matching contact
      • New contact is created
      • Campaign & activity history carried over to new contact
      • All lead fields are mapped to corresponding contact fields
    • Lead is converted to an existing contact
      • Campaign & activity history is appended to the contact history
      • Only empty contact fields are updated with values mapped from the lead
    • Answer : The most recent campaign the lead responded gets credit on the opportunity
    • “ Responded to” = the campaign(s) associated with the lead that have a member status value with the responded box checked
    • “ Most recent” = if the lead responded to more than one campaign, the application selects the campaign with the most recent “member status update date”
    Which campaign gets credit on the new opportunity?
  • 40. Maintain the “Active” flag on campaigns
    • Options in the “select campaign picklists” for leads, contacts and opportunities
    • The campaign member analysis report
    • Recommendation: check flag for all campaigns that are currently active and that you are reporting on
    • Recommendation: go back and un-check the active flag when wrap up is complete
    The Active flag controls:
  • 41. A few product secrets
    • Q: What happens if the same person responds to a campaign more than once?
    • A: The application will keep the member status value that is furthest down the list under the campaign’s “Advanced Setup” area. For example if someone replies to an email twice – once “Replied”, the other to “unsubscribe”
        • Sent
        • Opened
        • Responded
        • Bounced
        • Unsubscribed
    • Q: Why can’t I find a campaign when I try to add one to my lead or contact?
    • A: The active flag is not checked on the campaign
    • Q: Why can’t I create a campaign member report in the new report wizard?
    • A: Who knows – but you can still create one by customizing the canned report in the “Campaign Reports” folder  “Campaign Call Down Report”
  • 42. Another product secret
    • Q: Why can’t I create a campaign member report in the new report wizard?
    • A: Who knows – but you can still create one by customizing the canned report in the “Campaign Reports” folder  “Campaign Call Down Report”
  • 43. A few product tips & reminders
    • Q: Why is my total responses zero?
    • A: You have not customized your member status values under Advanced Setup.
    • Q: Why can’t the sales reps see my campaign to add it to their leads or contacts?
    • A: The active flag is not checked on the campaign
    • Q: Where is the infamous report that lets me analyze responses across multiple campaigns?
    • A: This is the “Campaign Member Analysis Report” and it can be found in the Campaign Reports folder. It is not available in the new report wizard.
  • 44. And one more product factoid
    • Q: Which campaign gets credit on an opportunity when a lead is converted?
    • A: The most recent campaign the lead responded to gets credit on the opportunity
      • “ Responded to” = the campaign(s) associated with the lead that have a member status value with the responded box checked
      • “ Most recent” = if the lead responded to more than one campaign, the application selects the campaign with the most recent “member status update date”
  • 45. How to pass hidden fields
    • Specify which fields you want to be hidden, and pre-populate with correct values
      • <input type=&quot;hidden&quot; name=“lead_source&quot; id=&quot;00N30000000lNRn&quot; value=“Website&quot;>
    • Campaign ID
    • Campaign member status
    • Product line
    • Lead source
    • Lead assignment trigger
    • Lead auto-response trigger
    • Lead capture source
    Recommended Hidden Fields