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Advertainment & branded Content brief presentation

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Advertainment English

  1. 1. Dreams becoming business DREAMERS EUROPE is a consulting firm dedicated to high-level synergistic research on ideas for ADVERTAINMENT specially conceived for TV, Film and Music Industry. We have developed THE THINK TANK a group dedicated to problem solving and research of ADVERTAINMENT IDEAS creating opportunities for new business and communications projects for major brands.
  2. 2. Communication that pays for itself ADVERTAINMENT emerge from a simple premise: the audiences want content, they want TV, they want music, they want films. They do not want advertising, it seems like a necessary evil and with the technological advances now they are getting full control or what they watch, hear, or see. DREAMERS EUROPE is convinced that the natural progress of brand communication will be BRANDED CONTENT. Brands having great entertainment ideas, brands creating, brands connecting with their target audiences in a new powerful way.
  3. 3. Brand as a creative force The Brand creating content: Television, Films, Music, Sports, Arts, Videogames and a wide range of entertainment content. DREAMERS EUROPE has developed a consulting service to create compelling ADVERTAINMENT IDEAS, helping Brands not only to communicate but making money thru it. The key for success in Advertainment is not only having a great idea, but finding the WOW FACTOR and integrating the brand or product values in an intelligent and creative way.
  4. 4. Strategic Alliances DREAMERS EUROPE has consolidated strategic alliances with the leading worldwide communication companies: WPP Group InterPublic Group Media Planning Creating in this way high-level synergies to develop new business and communication strategies.
  5. 5. Trusting our dreams Dreamers Europe develops creative concepts like: • Advertainment: Showing and integrating Brand name products in entertainment content like feature films, TV shows or other and not perceived as advertising. • Concept Placement: Integrating Brand values and lifestyle product concepts into scripts, screenplays, ideas, entertainment projects, etc. • Global entertainment strategies: Plans or schemes that allow different industries to work together in a single project under the same advertainment concept or Brand. • New Media: Advertainment Strategies for new platforms as Internet, 3G mobile entertainment, Digital TV…
  6. 6. Collaboration between parties BRANDS Advertiser Intellectual Property Rights, creative control of advertainment media outlets, management and licensing/franchise control. PRODUCTION Third parties Production companies, TV Networks, Radio, Franchisee, Mass Media, Management, New Media, etc. ADVERTAINMENT Dreamers Europe Advertainment consulting, Licensing Strategies. Design and creative development of branded content for Television, Films, Music, Sports or Arts. . Advertainment IDEA
  7. 7. Source of Income (third parties) LICENSINGFILM INDUSTRY Film Production, Distributors, Movie theaters FILM INDUSTRY Film Production, Distributors, Movie theaters TELEVISION/RADIO National/ international, Digital, Networks TELEVISION/RADIO National/ international, Digital, Networks ARTS Museums, Public Institutions, Galleries ARTS Museums, Public Institutions, Galleries NEW MEDIA Internet companies, Mobile companies NEW MEDIA Internet companies, Mobile companies MUSIC INDUSTRY Record Companies, Distributors, Management MUSIC INDUSTRY Record Companies, Distributors, Management SPORTS Teams, athletes, events, Institutions SPORTS Teams, athletes, events, Institutions
  8. 8. Brand exposure ADVERTAINMENT  CONTENT  CREATIVE/PRODUCER  MASS MEDIA  COMMUNICATION • Screenplays, ideas/concepts • Concept Placement • Product Placement • Target audiences • “YOUR BRAND” Entertainment • Branded Content provider • Press office • Media coverage (News, Interviews, etc) • Marketing Buzz • Awareness • Programming/Broadcasting • Media exposure • Coverage and frequency • Teasers, promos…
  9. 9. Some of our Advertainment ideas ABRAZAME TV show celebrating the International Women Day RETIRARTE Advertainment project for Parque del Retiro Madrid ACTION! Brand Films Branded shortfilms ZooTV TV CHANNEL for Zoo de Madrid CELEBRITY-DATE.COM Internet Portal THE COOLHUNTERS Coolhunting team VideoRocks! Advertainment in music videos casaRealmadrid Theme Restaurants Franchise
  10. 10. Dreamers Europe SL. “Dreams becoming business” Alejandro Marcos Chief Creative Officer Madrid Spain