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The Growth of your Home Based Business will depend on finding your "Why". Learn more.


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Self-knowledge, the better you know yourself and understand your “WHY” the bigger your chances of developing a successful and sustainable Home Based Business will be.

Self-knowledge, the better you know yourself and understand your “WHY” the bigger your chances of developing a successful and sustainable Home Based Business will be.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. The Importance of Finding Your “WHY” to have a successful Home Based Business Article 4 of the Complete Home Based Success Formula - Part 2
  • 2. Self-knowledge, learning to understand yourself and using your abilities in your Home Based Business is a process not a once off occurrence. The better you know yourself and understand your “WHY” the bigger your chances of developing a successful and sustainable Home Based Business will be.
  • 3. Much research has been done on this subject. I want to process of some of them and a some of them that I believe can be of benefit for the Home Based Business owner. I can’t over-emphasise the importance of , using them and continuously developing them to have a sustainable Home Based Business. In this series I discuss the importance of finding and using your passion and strengths.
  • 4. The other important self-knowledge and self-analysis requirements that I believe is crucial is those that have been developed by Simon Sinek and John Maxwell. Let’s discuss why I consider these as important tools to help you in developing your business. John Maxwell has developed the concept of dream mappinga)b) Anything you want to or can achieve in the future must start with a thought or dream. Perhaps your ideas of developing your Home Based Business are still in the thought or dream stages at the moment.
  • 5. The problem we have is not dreaming about the future; but to . If we cannot develop these sometimes vague ideas or concepts into action plans they will disappear. If this process of them is not being done in a structured way we will come to the wrong conclusions and our dreams will not be achieved. In the above mentioned book John Maxwell guides us through a process to get clarity about our . Getting about your Home Based Business dreams will substantially improve your chances of having a successful home based business. Therefore, I recommend it as another way on your journey to self-knowledge to work through Maxwell’s questions. Follow the reference at the bottom to do so.a)b)
  • 6. Simon Sinek developed the Golden Circle conceptc) d) e). In his studies he pointed out that the success is not so much dependent on how or what you are doing but WHY. If the “why” is wrong then “what” and “how” will not help in leading you to success.
  • 7. The WHY is the purpose, the cause, belief and the value system driving you in your home based business. This helps to explain why some people, organizations or home based businesses are more innovative, more profitable and more successful than other businesses. I strongly believe that this explains one of the main reasons why 97% of Home Based Businesses are unsuccessful. Most people start a home based business as a “get rich quick scheme” or another reason, but with the wrong reason and the wrong “WHY”. Get clarity WHY you want to get involved in a home based business.
  • 8. You must get involved in the kind of business and, doing the things where you can use your passion, skills, knowledge and talents to create a value that other people are willing to buy. This is the only way in which you will be driven by a deeper cause, belief and value systems that will keep you motivated and operating at your personal peak performance. By using this ability to create value in the lives of other people that they are willing to pay for you have the basis of a sound home based business. Through this you can earn money.
  • 9. The home based business owner operates alone. The success of his business depends on him, only him. The better he knows his own abilities and use them optimally in his business – the more successful he will be. Find your WHY-start developing your business with the only deeper cause and belief system that will create sustainable value for other people as products or services that they will be willing to pay for. Map your dreams—make them reality, dream-it-plan-it-do-it and enjoy the success of your home based business.
  • 10. The next steps in the process to monetize your WHY will be discussed in subsequent articles. References: ᵃ)John C Maxwell: My Dream Map. An Interactive Companion to Put Your Dream to the Test. ᵇ) ᶜ)Simon Sanek: Start With a Why, How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to take Action. ᵈ) ᵉ)