How self-knowledge will help you achieving your dreams


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The more self-knowledge you have the better you will be able to optimize your own abilities to achieve your dreams in life. Thus your success in life is closely related to the extent that you know yourself.
Self-knowledge answers the following questions:
• Who am I?
• Why am I here?
• How do I break through the barriers that are preventing me from actualizing my destiny?
You can achieve your dreams in your home based business, but you have to optimize your own abilities so learn about your core competency, your distinctive competencies and how to use them to achieve success.

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How self-knowledge will help you achieving your dreams

  1. 1. the key to achieve your dreams
  2. 2. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
  3. 3. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
  4. 4. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
  5. 5. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
  6. 6. Develop the habit of winning to reach your goals, because winning is a habit. Therefor the Habit of Winning is something that must be developed if you do want to win and be successful in live. Become aware of the winning habits and the importance to devel- op these success habits. In these series of articles we do want to make you aware of the importance of winning habits and how to develop them. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
  7. 7. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
  8. 8. Changing Habits based on OG Mandino that each of us have the tools available to choose to change our lives or not to change. We can change and become the per- son we want to be. The choice is ours. Learn more about the how to make these changes by reading these scrolls of Mandino, look at the videos and apply the principles of the quotes in your live. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
  9. 9. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
  10. 10. Success is not a destination it is an journey. It is not a place to go. Learn more about this journey and realize your dreams—success. Being successful today does not imply success tomorrow. Success is overcoming ob- stacles. Success is an action. To be successful is a continuous process of action. Suc- cess is working towards your goals and dreams. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
  11. 11. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
  12. 12. Lessons of successfulness and prosper in your home based business. The true meaning of success is not the same for everybody. To be or become successful require action, dedication, focus and many other related habits and attitudes. It also requires some basic knowledge. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
  13. 13. Dream-It-Plan-It-Do-It
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