Best Inspirational Thoughts from the top Sport Achievers


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Top Sport Achievers are in many instances living proofs that we can overcome setbacks or negative circumstances in our lives. They do have a positive attitude and achieve beyond their circumstances because they do have a dream that they believe in, and they are willing to take action to achieve their goals in live.

They act as role models in other people lives, but specifically to Home Based Business owners. They are an inspiration for the Home Based Business. Their drive is to take action and believing in the success irrespective of the circumstances or problems they face in the business.

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Best Inspirational Thoughts from the top Sport Achievers

  1. 1. Inspirational lessons that motivated anInspirational lessons that motivated an guided the top sport achievers in the worldguided the top sport achievers in the world Part 1Part 122: World Class Sport Achievers: World Class Sport Achievers
  2. 2. He believed that success is no accident. It is the result of hard work and effort. You have to train more and better than your competitors do. Perseverance, a love for what you are doing, studying and sacrifice is crucial.
  3. 3. His biggest assets probably have been his attitude and the will to succeed, being aggressive and never giving up, irrespective of the circumstances and challenges he was facing.
  4. 4. His dedication to the principle of excellence, a set of impeccable values, and the importance of quality, physical fitness with a balanced body and mind was some of the big contributions to his success.
  5. 5. His talent and dedication to prove his school soccer teacher wrong motivate David to find focus and keep it to become a great soccer player.
  6. 6. The reasons for her success as described by her coach is: Her physical qualities, namely strength, speed and agility. Her intellectual qualities, namely intelligence and the power to concentrate and focus with determination. Her courage. She knew no fear. She would practise exercises many times until she perfected it, without any complaints. She practised 4 hours per day, 6 days per week.
  7. 7. He had great skills in the ring, the confidence, patience, endurance and the goals to do everything needed to be a true champion.
  8. 8. She developed her talent with goal setting, passion, hard work, dedication, motivation. She surround herself with an expert support staff and used the latest technology to improve her tennis.
  9. 9. He is focused, life his full talent and enjoys his athletics.
  10. 10. His ability to focus and having the drive to want to win, to train his brain and keep it tough helped him overcome those setbacks and periods in his life when his career was not developing according to his wishes. He achieved through persistence and by keeping his focus on his goals.
  11. 11. He had a strong competitive instinct. His change in attitude from being a grinder on court to becoming an attacking player helped him in winning matches.
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