Social Media Training - Here Comes Social Advocacy (2011.05.31)

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Newest version of my social media training.

Newest version of my social media training.

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  • 1. Here Comes Social Advocacy Online Advocacy Goes Public Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D. arosenblatt@americanprogressaction.orgTwitter: @CAPAction, @ProgressLeague, & @DrDigipol
  • 2. The way things wereCampaigns send Activists send Congress gets email blast to email to the email (but no activists (very Congress one knows for few forward it) sure) Email is a closed communication loop
  • 3. The way things are now Campaigns Activists sent to Activists send Congress can’temail activists email/petition email to ignore because & promote on page, twitter Congress & msg the world can social media petition, Facebook via social media see! wall, etc.
  • 4. Case Study: ENOUGH
  • 5. Twitter Petitions
  • 6. Anatomy of a TweetHey @ChuckGrassley read our report on repealing #DADT( & vote FOR Defense Auth Bill. FYI@desmoinesdem @OneIowa #IA #p2• Publicly targets Member of Congress• Trackable link to measure click throughs• Pushed to hashtag audiences • Issue specific (#DADT) • State specific (#IA) • Ideological group (#p2)•Alerts watchdogs • State blogger (@desmoinesdem) • State issue group (@OneIowa)
  • 7. Understanding hashtags
  • 8. Social media can reach the grassroots
  • 9. Social media reaches influencers• Traditional influencers • Press • Policy Professionals • Policymakers• New influencers • State/issue bloggers, organizers, e-newsletter editors • Social network influencers• Influencers extend & enhance your influence (trusted 3rd party validation) - Across US, Europe, Australia, and Japan. WSJ 10/12/2009
  • 10. Who do people trust?Among institutions, NGO’s most, but still lower than people
  • 11. Size isn’t everything
  • 12. Influence in action: The right followers1. 10/09 @Katulis tweet from Afghanistan quoted in (117,000 readers).2.11/09 @Katulis tweet about Afghanistan sent by The Atlantic’s Ambnder to WH Nat’l Sec. Council.3. 12/09 Brian Katulis tweets about Afghanistan surge quoted in NYT by Helene Cooper.
  • 13. Growing your audience: Social means reciprocal• Connect • Twitter: Follow • Facebook: Friend/Like• Engage • Twitter: Retweet/Reply • Facebook: Like/Comment• Recommend • Twitter: #FollowFriday (#FF), #ProgressiveTuesday, #Women2Follow, #EcoMon day • Facebook: Share via Profile/Newsfeed
  • 14. Monitoring social media
  • 15. Managing Twitter & Facebook
  • 16. Metrics of success• Audience size• Audience engagement• Driving traffic to your website & email lists
  • 17. Measuring audience growth: Twitter
  • 18. Measuring audience growth: Facebook
  • 19. Measuring influence
  • 20. Measuring URL referrals
  • 21. Here Comes Social Advocacy Online Advocacy Goes Public Alan Rosenblatt, Ph.D. arosenblatt@americanprogressaction.orgTwitter: @CAPAction, @ProgressLeague, & @DrDigipol