E mlc_Electronic Medicolegal records in India


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How to computerise the MLC system in India. Case study at JPNA Trauma centre, AIIMS

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  • Background about Casualty and its challenges and its transformation to ED.CMO and its role – transformation to ED Physician
  • Give scenarioP1:Priority is to triage and treat first.P2: Priority is to triage and treat first.P3: Assure and pacify himMLC though a legal requirement ,one can not escape from its responsibility( It should be done after treatment).
  • Emphasize that patient treatment is a priority. Never deny treatment on pretext of MLC
  • E mlc_Electronic Medicolegal records in India

    1. 1. e-MLC Dr Sanjeev Bhoi MD Associate Professor Department of Emergency Medicine JPN Apex Trauma Centre All India Institute of Medical Sciences Dr Deepak Agrawal Incharge Department of IT Associate Prof, Neurosurgery JPN Apex Trauma Centre All India Institute of Medical Sciences
    2. 2. 3patients reportsto thecasualtyafter alleged historyof assault. • Patient No1: Unable to speak, cold and clammy extremities • Patient No 2: Shouting with pain with a deformed leg • Patient No 3: No injuries but screaming at you to make MLC fast so that What will you do next for these patients??????????
    3. 3. Save life first with a concept to Treat first that kills first
    4. 4. • How do I fill a MLC? • Various domains of a MLC form • Gaps in paper format of MLC forms • e- MLC • Issues and hurdles pertaining to e-MLC • Future vistas
    5. 5. How do I fill a MLC? • Demographic details • Date and time of Exam • Brief Alleged history and examination • Particulars of injury(s) • Opinion • Nature of injury • Kind of weapon used • Name and address of doctor with designation and signature with date
    6. 6. Various domains of a MLC form
    7. 7. Find problems?????
    8. 8. Find a problem???
    9. 9. Find Problems???
    10. 10. Find Problems???
    11. 11. Find Problems???
    12. 12. Find Problems???
    13. 13. Find Problems???
    14. 14. Find Problems???
    15. 15. Find Problems???
    16. 16. Find Problems???
    17. 17. Can u Guess ??????
    18. 18. Find Problems?????
    19. 19. Find Problems?????
    20. 20. Find Problems?????
    21. 21. Gaps • Handwriting issues • Non-Reproducibility • Signature • Address, designation and registration number of Doctor • Not tamper proof • Storage issue
    22. 22. e-MLC Conceptualization to implementation
    23. 23. e- MLC Concept • Hand writing not a problem • Reproducible • Tamper-proof • Electronic signature • Identity of issuing doctor • Space
    24. 24. Issues and hurdles pertaining to e- MLC •Motivation levels of doctor •Login problems •Server downtime issues •Technical glitches?? •Court observations
    25. 25. e- MLC Future Vistas •Photo identity •Wound photographs with legends •Integration with e-courts/e- police station