D Banerjee Tamu 2009 Projects 090604


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D Banerjee Tamu 2009 Projects 090604

  1. 1. NANO-DEVICES FOR ENHANCED O C S O C COOLING, COOLING SENSING & STORAGE Debjyoti Banerjee, Ph.D. Morris Foster Faculty Fellow (’07-’09) & Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering Faculty Fellow, Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center Select Young Faculty Fellow, Texas Engineering Experimentation Station 3M Faculty Fellow (2009-2012) Summer Faculty Fellow (ASEE) Dwight Look College of Engineering Air Force Research Lab. (AFRL) ’06,’07 Texas A&M University Office of Naval Research (ONR) ’09 College Station, TX 77843-3123 Station Multi- Multi-Phase Flows and Heat Transfer Lab. [dbanerjee@tamu.edu] 1 of 9
  2. 2. Research Experience Micro-Scale Heat Transfer – M.S., Ph.D., UCLA (Major: Heat & Mass Transfer, Minor: MEMS) MEMS – Coventor (MEMCAD), Project Team Leader/ Sr. Engineer Microfluidics/ Biotechnology – Applied Biosystems, Manager of Advanced Research Group Managed a group of 10 engineers (6 PhD) Managed “Fluidics & Device Engineering Group in Advanced Research & Fluidics Group” Technology (ART) Division. Hiring Manager: Hired 30 PhD engineers in a period of 6 months – Ciphergen Biosystems Senior Microfluidics Research Scientist Biosystems, Nanotechnology: – NanoInk Inc., Microfluidics Engineer Commercial Device Development: Developed in a singular capacity – INKWELLS™: Microfluidics Chip for Nanolithography (DPN) Energy Management: Tata Iron & Steel Company (TISCO): Senior Engineer, Energy & Economy B.S. B S (Mechanical Engineering): Indian Institute of Technology (I I T ) (I.I.T.), – Best Mechanical Engineering Student Award (“Amlan Sen” Endowment) Multi- Multi-Phase Flows and Heat Transfer Lab. [dbanerjee@tamu.edu] 2 of 9
  3. 3. Nano-Fluids/ Nano-Coating Research Demonstrated 40% enhancement i performance of compact heat exchangers using carbon nanotube D t t d h t in f f th t h i b t b (CNT) based nano-fluids in Poly Alpha Olefin (PAO) oils (sponsored by Air Force Research Lab.) – Specific Heat enhanced by 18% – Viscosity enhanced by 12.5% – Thermal Conductivity enhanced by 50% Demonstrated 10% enhancement in convective heat transfer in flow loop cooling using ex-foliated graphite nanoparticles in Poly-Alpha-Olefin (PAO) Coolants/ Nanofluids (sponsored by Air Force Research Lab.) – Thermal Conductivity enhanced by 400% – Specific Heat enhanced by 50% – Viscosity enhanced by 10X Demonstrated 300 % enhancement in pool boiling using carbon nanotube (CNT) coatings (sponsored by Office of Naval Research) Demonstrated 180 % enhancement in flow boiling using carbon nanotube coatings (sponsored by Office of Naval Research) Demonstrated 120% enhancement in Critical Heat Flux (CHF) using silicon nano-fins (sponsored by National Science Foundation) Demonstrated 100% enhancement in performance of Compact Condensers using carbon nanotube (CNT) coatings (collaboration with Aspen Thermal Systems; Sponsor: Office of Naval Research) Multi- Multi-Phase Flows and Heat Transfer Lab. [dbanerjee@tamu.edu] 3 of 9
  4. 4. Multiphase Flows & Heat Transfer Lab. (Since Jan. 2005, 21 Extra-Mural Funded Projects) – Nano-Sensors (3 Ph D ) N S Ph.D.) MEMS: – TEES: Nano-calorimeter (EXPLOSIVES SENSOR) – Nano-MEMS Research/NSF SBIR: RF-MEMS,RF-Tuner DPN (Di P N (Dip Pen Nanolithography): li h h ) – DARPA/MTO: chirality control, low temp. synthesis of CNT – SPAWAR: low temp. synthesis of Graphene (ONR/ASEE) – TSGC: Nanolithography+Microfluidics, CFD – GE Research: Silicon Nanofins Bio-Microfluidics, Lab-On-Chip: – AFRL: Portable water quality monitor – DARPA/MF3: Micro-Chamber Filling (1) Vaccine Storage/ Paper microfluidics, (2) Anthrax Detection using CD Microfluidics – NASA: Lipid bi-layer sensors for studying protein/peptide kinetics – AFOSR: Reconfigurable microfluidic device for nano-optics – Thermal Management (3 Ph.D., 2 M.S.) Nanostructures – ONR: Flow Boiling on Carbon Nanotubes – AFOSR/AFRL(ASEE-SFFP): Nano-Fluids – Irvine Sensors: Micropump Design for Electronics Cooling (AFRL SBIR Phase II) – NSF: Pool Boiling on Silicon Nanofins, Molecular Dynamics – DOE: Nanofluids for Thermal Energy Storage (SOLAR ENERGY) gy g ( ) – Qatar National Research Foundation (QNRF): Nanofluids and Nanofins for enhanced heat transfer – Aspen Thermal Systems: Compact condensers (ONR SBIR Phase I; Phase II) Multi- Biomedical Device (Surgical Multi-Phase Flows and Heat Transfer Lab. Sterilizer) [dbanerjee@tamu.edu] – Lynntech/ ARO SBIR Phase II: Portable sterilizer for surgical tools using steam. 4 of 9
  5. 5. Acknowledgements: NSF (SGER Program, SBIR Program): Dr. Al Ortega AFRL/AFOSR: ASEE Summer Faculty Fellowship (RZ), RX ONR (Thermal Management Program): Dr. Mark Spector SPAWAR: Dr. Richard Nguyen, Dr. Ryan Lu DARPA (MTO, MF3 Center) NASA (URETI) DOE (S l Energy Program) (Solar E P ) TSGC (Texas Space Grants Consortium) TEES (Texas Engineering Experimentation Station) Mechanical Engineering Dept Texas A&M (New Faculty Start-Up Grant) Dept., Start Up Industry Collaborators: – Nano-MEMS Research (NSF SBIR Phase I), Nano MEMS – Aspen Thermal Systems (ONR SBIR Phase I), – Lynntech Inc. (ARO SBIR Phase II) – Irvine Sensors (AFOSR SBIR Phase II) – General Dynamics (Anteon Corp.): AFRL Seed Grant – General Electric (GE): Corporate Research & Development, Global Multi- Multi-Phase Flows and Heat Transfer Lab. [dbanerjee@tamu.edu] Research Center, NY 5 of 9
  6. 6. Acknowledgements AFRL (WPAFB, Dayton, OH): – Ajit Roy, Ph.D., S. Ganguly, Ph.D. (RX), Dr. L. Gschwender (RX), Dr. Ed Snyder (RX) – R. Naik, Ph.D., J. Slocik, L. Brott (RX), – R. Ponnappan, Ph.D. (AOARD), – K. Yerkes, Ph.D. , T. Michalak, A. Flemming (RZ), DARPA (MF3 Center): 10 universities, 17 faculty, 9 companies, 1 National Lab. – George Whitsides (Harvard) – Luke Lee, Liwei Lin (UC Berkeley) – Juan Santiago (Stanford) g ( ) – Marc Madou, Bill Tang, Abe Lee, Mark Bachman, Robert Corn, Jim Brody (UCI) – Steve Werely (Purdue) – Hugh Fan (University of Florida) – Jeff Wang (Johns Hopkins) – Tianghong Cui (U. Minnesota) (U – David Beebe (U. Wisconsin) U. New Haven: S. Sinha, Ph.D., U. Texas (Austin): S. Banerjee, Ph.D. U. U Texas (Dallas): R. Baughman, Ph.D., U. Maryland (UMD): J. Kim, Ph.D. General Electric (GE-CRD): L. Tsakalocos, Ph.D. Lynntech: T. Ragucci, T. Gilletto, Ph.D. Nano-MEMS: H.J. De Los Santos, Ph.D. Irvine Sensors: Ying Hsu, I. Sapir Aspen Thermal Systems: Steve Casey Multi- Multi-Phase Flows and Heat Transfer Lab. [dbanerjee@tamu.edu] 6 of 9
  7. 7. Acknowledgements Industry Partners (MF3 Center) Beckman Coulter, Inc. Douglas Scientific Monsanto Company Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. Invitrogen Irvine Sensors Corporation ESI Group Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Multi- Multi-Phase Flows and Heat Transfer Lab. [dbanerjee@tamu.edu] 7 of 9
  8. 8. Org. Structure 16 Graduate students graduated since 2005 GRADUATE STUDENTS (8) – 6 Ph.D., 2 M.S. Students , – 1 Woman graduate student UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS (4) – 2 Women undergraduate students 3 Labs: – Multi-Phase Flows & Heat Transfer Lab. – CNT Furnace: Energy Systems Lab. – Nano-Manufacturing: Wet Lab. – 7 Shared User Facilities Supercomputing Center, Texas A&M Microscopy and Imaging Center (MIC), Texas A&M Materials Characterization Facility (MCF), Texas A&M Center for Integrated Microchemical Systems (CIMS), Texas A&M NSF National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN), University of Texas Austin Texas, INRF, University of California-Irvine (UCI) SPAWAR, US Navy (Excimer Laser Facility) 5 Graduate Students graduated in 2006 5 Graduate Students graduated in 2007 Multi- Multi-Phase Flows and Heat Transfer Lab. [dbanerjee@tamu.edu] M.S. M.S. M.S. Ph.D. M.S. M.S. M.S. M.S. 8 of 9
  9. 9. Contact Information Debjyoti ( “DJ”, “Deb”) Banerjee 3123 TAMU, Texas A&M Mechanical Engineering College Station TX 77843-3123 Ph: (979) 845-4500 Fax: (979) 845-3081 Email: dbanerjee@tamu.edu j @ Thermal Technologies Emerging Technologies T h l i Micro- Mi Cantilever Sensor Multi- Multi-Phase Flows and Heat Transfer Lab. [dbanerjee@tamu.edu] 9 of 9