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All IIC Journals are double-blind reviewed, fulfill the standards of academic expectation, carry out the values of research prospects and call for intellectual ideas within the national and international research community. Each journal highlights the rigor, coherence, significance and originality of ideas. Outstanding intellectual contributions will be published in the following selected major academic journals.

Intellectbase International Consortium (IIC) is dedicated to professional academic conferences and reviewed journal publications (ACRP). Intellectbase is a professional academic organization committed to advancing and encouraging quantitative and qualitative (including hybrid and triangulation) research practices.

IIC provides an open and discussion forum for Academics, Researchers, Engineers and Practitioners from the following research disciplines: BESTMAPS - Business, Education, Science, Technology, Multimedia, Arts, Political, Social etc.

IIC promotes broader intellectual resources, a continuous development and the exchange of ideas among global research professionals.

Senior, Middle and Junior level scholars are invited to participate and contribute one or several article(s) to the conference. IIC welcomes and encourages the active participation of all researchers seeking to broaden their horizons.

Scholars are invited to share experiences on new research challenges, research findings and state-of-the-art solutions.

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2013 2014 call for papers-intellectbase academic conferences

  1. 1. 2013 & 2014 ACADEMIC CONFERENCESNashville, TN – USA May 23-25, 2013Submission Deadline: May 5, 2013Las Vegas, NV – USA December 17-20, 2013Submission Deadline: Nov. 24, 2013Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia July 9-11, 2013Submission Deadline: June 16, 2013Bangkok – Thailand, 2014Submission Deadline: TBAAtlanta, GA – USA October 16-19, 2013Submission Deadline: September 29, 2013San Antonio, TX – USA 2014Submission Deadline: TBA(For extensions, please email extensions@intellectbase.org , call +1 (615) 944-3931, or text +1 (615) 838-3693. Submissions received after thedeadlines will be published in the Flash Drive only and NOT in the CD ROM of the Peer Reviewed Conference Proceeding, if accepted.Abstracts, Research-in-Progress, Full Papers, Workshops, Case Studies and Posters are invited!!Researchers are invited to exchange ideas, share experiences on research challenges, research findings and state-of-the-art solutions(discuss with your peers, obtain feedback and have your ideas possibly published in refereed academic journals as well as indexed forcitation). All Conceptual and Empirical Papers are very welcome.Topics include, but are not limited to the following academic disciplines: BUSINESS, EDUCATION, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, MUSIC,ARTS, POLITICAL, SOCIOLOGY, LAW, ANTHROPOLOGY, THEOLOGY, ENTREPRENEUR, etc.BUSINESS ▌EDUCATION ▌SCIENCE ▌TECHNOLOGY ▌MUSIC ▌ARTS ▌POLITICS ▌SOCIOLOGY ▌LAW ▌ANTHROPOLOGY ▌THEOLOGY ▌ENTREPRENEURMarketingEducation Practices &ExperienceComputer InformationSystemsIntelligence Systems & PracticesEconomics & Finance Communication & Linguistics Telecommunication Political ScienceAccounting Sociology & Social Science Computer Science Governmental Systems & PracticesSupply Chain Management Education Psychology IEEE Innovations Ethical ScienceOperations Management Special Education Information Science Environmental IssuesManagement InformationSystemsE-Learning Systems Security Art & CreativityHuman Resource Systems Tenure & Promotion Industrial Systems World History & Creative ArtsHospitality Management Pedagogy & Health Engineering / Mathematics United Nations and the WorldOrganizational Behavior Charter Schools Health Science International Monetary Fund SystemsKnowledge ManagementSystemsAcademic Affairs andAdministrationComputational HumanIntelligenceDeveloped, Developing and Emerging CountriesTransportation & Logistics Gender & Education Scientific Human Intelligence Musicology, Theology, Creative ThinkingE-business / E-CommercePhysical Education &KinesiologyHealth (Care &Management)Entrepreneurship, Industry Research, etc.All submitted papers must be in English and saved as a Microsoft Word compatible file (e.g. .doc, .docx, .rtf). Please attach and emailyour submission to: reviewers@intellectbase.org*.CALL FOR ACADEMIC PAPERS AND PARTICIPATIONINTELLECTBASE INTERNATIONAL CONSORTIUMDiscussion Forums & Peer Review Journal Publications
  2. 2. * By submitting a paper, authors implicitly assign Intellectbase the copyright license to publish and agree that at least one (if moreauthors) will register, attend and participate in the conference to present the paper.SUBMISSION INFORMATIONThe first page(s) of ALL submissions must include: Specific Conference to which the paper is being submitted (e.g. Las Vegas, 2013),Paper Heading, Title (e.g. Dr. Prof., Mr., Mrs., Miss.), Name, Full Affiliation, Address, Phone, E-Mail for all authors, Paper Category (e.g.Abstract, Full Paper, RIP, etc.), Track to which paper is submitted (e.g. Business, Education, Science, Technology, Social, etc.), a 200 -500 word Abstract and a minimum of five (5) Keywords. For paper formatting and category guidelines, please click here.Please see below for specific paper category guidelines.CATEGORIES SUGGESTED PAGE LIMIT SUGGESTED WORD COUNTFull Papers 10 - 30 5000 - 7000Research-in-Progress 5 - 15 2500 - 5000Extended Abstracts 1 - 5 200 - 1500Workshop Style 2 - 7 1000 - 3000Case Studies 5 - 15 1500 - 5000Posters A3 Paper Size / AbstractResearch Title, Research Model or FrameworkText should be formatted for 8.5 x 11 inch paper, 12 point Arial Narrow font that is single-spaced, with one inch margins and left justified.References should generally follow Harvard or APA style guidelines.The following is the suggested format for paper submissions: Paper Title ALL authors Title (e.g. Professor, Dr., Mr., Mrs., Miss. etc.) & Name, Affiliation, Address, Phone, Email Specific Conference (e.g. Atlanta, 2012)----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abstract and Keywords Introduction / Background / Objective Literature Review Methodology, Findings, Analysis & Discussion, etc. Conclusion, Limitations and Recommendations References - Harvard or APA Style is Required, Click here for Reference Style Guidelines. Tables, figures, etc. in their appropriate location in the paper (if applicable) Click here for a Paper Formatting ExampleSelected or recommended papers have a higher chance of being published in one of the Intellectbase double-blind reviewed Journals.Additional information is available via the Intellectbase International Consortium website:www.intellectbase.orgFor more information concerning Intellectbase International Consortium conferences and Journal publications, please visit theIntellectbase website at www.intellectbase.org. For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Program Chair atchair@intellectbase.orgAttach and Email all papers to: reviewers@intellectbase.org
  3. 3. FOR REGISTRATION INFORMATIONConference Fee^ TimelineEarly Registration $395.00CHECK WEBSITE:www.intellecbase.orgNormal Registration $450.00Student Registration $250.00‡Additional Paper $150.00 ea.Additional Author on a Paper (not attending) $150.00 ea.Second & Subsequent Author Attending $195.00 ea.Membership Cert (at the Conference) FREEAdditional Papers Up to 5 Articles Per Conference Exceptions may apply upon special request.^ Conference fees may be subject to change.‡ Must provide evidence of full time student status or recent graduation/enrollment details.Additional information for other Intellectbase academic conferences is available at: www.intellectbase.orgIntellectbase International Consortium invites you to take advantage of the 2013-2014 free membership and other benefits.Certificate of Participation and Contribution are awarded to all registered attendees at the conference. AcademicQualified (AQ) faculty as well as Professional Qualified (PQ) candidates is invited to join the Reviewers Task Panel (RTP) and theExecutive Editorial Board Associates (EEBA). You may also send an email if you would like to become a member and/or a reviewer.Certificates will be issued to Executive Conference Session Chairs (ECSC), Senior Executive Session Chairs (SESC), IntellectbaseConsortium Membership (ICM) and Senior Advisory Board Associates (SABA).Hotel details for 2013 academic conferences will be posted to INTELLECTBASE website as soon as they become available. A limitednumber of rooms will be available to conference attendees at profoundly discounted rates. Please visit www.intellectbase.org for moreinformation.UPCOMING CONFERENCES FOR 2013 & 2014LOCATION CONFERENCE DATES SUBMISSION DEADLINENashville, TN – USA May 23-25, 2013 May 5, 2013Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia July 9-11, 2013 June 16, 2013Atlanta, GA – USA October 16-19, 2013 September 29, 2013Las Vegas, NV – USA December 17-20, 2013 November 24, 2013Bangkok – Thailand TBA, 2014 TBA, 2014San Antonio, TX – USA April 11-13, 2014 TBA, 2014CONFERENCE CHAIRS & ORGANIZING COMMITTEEDr. David King Ms. Wenting XieDr. Rodney Davis Ms. Colleen BisieniksDr. Dennis Gendron Ms. Christina KingDr. Aikyna Finch Mr. Kristopher BurrisDr. Gerald Marquis Ms. Xueli FengDr. Darrell Burrell Mr. Kenneth KingDr. Nitya Karmakar Mrs. Bahja Hasan
  4. 4. INTELLECTBASE DOUBLE-BLIND REVIEWED JOURNALSIntellectbase International Consortium promotes broader intellectual resources and publishes reviewed papers from all disciplines. Toachieve this, Intellectbase hosts approximately 4-6 academic conferences (national and international) per year and publishes thefollowing Double-Blind Reviewed Journals (http://www.intellectbase.org/journals.php).IJAISL,International Journal of Accounting Information Science and Leadership -ISSN: 1940-9524IJSHIM, International Journal of Social Health Information Management - ISSN: 1942-9664JAGR, Journal of Applied Global Research - ISSN: 1940-1833JGIP, Journal of Global Intelligence and Policy - ISSN: 1942-8189JIBMR, Journal of International Business Management & Research - ISSN: 1940-185XJISTP, Journal of Information Systems Technology and Planning - ISSN: 1945-5240JKHRM, Journal of Knowledge and Human Resource Management - ISSN: 1945-5275RHESL, Review of Higher Education and Self-Learning - ISSN: 1940-9494RMIC, Review of Management Innovation and Creativity - ISSN: 1934-6727The US Library of Congress assigned ISSN numbers for Intellectbase Journals (Print, Online and CD-ROM). Intellectbase Blind-ReviewJournals are listed in major recognized directories: e.g. CABELL’S, ULRICH’S Directory, JOURNALSEEK, ABDC, EBSCOhost Discoveryand available through EBSCO Library Services. In addition, Intellectbase Journals are in the process to be listed in the followingdatabases: ABI Inform, CINAHL, ACADEMIC JOURNALS DATABASE, ERIC etc.Note: Intellectbase International Consortium prioritizes papers that are selected from Intellectbase conference proceedings for Journal publication. Papers that havebeen published in the conference proceedings, do not incur a fee for Journal publication. However, papers that are submitted directly to be considered forJournal publication if accepted, will incur a fee of US$250 to cover the cost of formatting, printing, processing, archiving, indexing & listing, postage & handling.Papers submitted direct to a Journal may be emailed to reviewers@intellectbase.org or and indicate your journal preference. By submitting a paper, authorsimplicitly assign Intellectbase the copyright license to publish and agree that at least one (if more authors) will order a copy of the journal.We look forward to receiving your submissions.Sincerely,RodneyDavisDr. Rodney Davis, Ed.D., D.R.E., EEBA, EICChair of Educational Administration and LeadershipTroy University, Alabama - United States,Intellectbase International Academic Consortium1615 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208Tel: +1-615-944-3931 │ Fax: +1-615-739-5124Email: submissions@intellectbase.orgWeb: www.intellectbase.org │ Google: IntellectbaseDavidKingDr. David King, PhD, MCSE, CNA, CCSI, EEIC, CRTPAssociate Professor of Information Systems, TSUIntellectbase International Academic ConsortiumMember of Faculty Senate, IAENG, IEEB, ISAB, IRTP1615 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208, USAOffice: +1-615-944-3931 │Text Cell: +1-615-838-3693Email: chair@intellectbase.org│Fax: +1-615-739-5124Visit Web: www.intellectbase.org │Google: IntellectbaseNityaKarmakarDr. Nitya Karmakar, PhD, MCOMP(IT), MACS, EICSenior Lecturer, Curtin University, AustraliaConference Co-Chair, Australian Affiliate1615 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208Tel: +1-615-944-3931 │ Fax: +1-615-739-5124Email: reviewers@intellectbase.orgWeb: www.intellectbase.org │ Google: Intellectbase