Dr. Darm Slimlipo Brochure


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Dr. Darm Slimlipo brochure

Dr. Darm of Aesthetic Medicine in Portland, Oregon pioneered his trademark procedure – the Lipolift – for the treatment of unwanted fat and cellulite. Lipolift III, known as the Laser Lipolysis (laser-assisted liposuction) offers a minimally invasive body sculpting solution that safely "melts" fat away with less pain, less downtime and consistent aesthetic results. The laser is slipped through a very small hole in the skin and passed back and forth while it slowly dissolves the fat and destroys the fat cells. The melted fat is then gently sucked out through a small cannula. Treatment areas include abdomen, flanks, back, arms, neck, and thighs.

The SlimLipo Body Sculpting Laser from Palomar is FDA cleared for laser-assisted lipolysis and it is the first system optimized specifically for this application.

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Dr. Darm Slimlipo Brochure

  1. 1. SlimLipo – True Laser Body Sculpting TM
  2. 2. “As we all know, lipo has never beena skin tightening operation, butSlimLipo™ has opened up an entirelynew market. Patients can now be “ With experience performing 4000 lipo procedures, I was convinced by SlimLipo™ from my first case. It was a patient who had been previously liposuctioned. With SlimLipo™ my work effort was minimal and the patient ” ”safely treated with SlimLipo™ to not was ecstatic with the smoothness of her skin and theonly remove fat but tighten skin. lack of bruising. Patients love the results. –Steven Bloch, MD – Kimberly Finder, MD SLiMLipo™ paTienT BenefiTS: • Skin tightening—through laser-assisted lipolysis • Smoother skin—with less contour deformities • Faster healing—smaller incisions mean less bruising, pain, blood loss and swelling • Less downtime—many patients can go to work the same day Sophisticated consumers are becoming more educated on the benefits of advanced, minimally-invasive procedures. Men and women want to look better and be thinner, without the sizable tell-tale bruises that scream “I’ve had work done!” SlimLipo™ procedures put the power of well-tolerated treatments in your hands. “ SlimLipo™ has transformed my lipo practice. My patients are demanding these type of procedures. Since there’s virtually no bruising “ The most important benefit for me is the absence of contour deformities—the skin remains ” ” or post-op pain, these patients are smooth with no ripples or dents often back to work the same day. even in very thin patients. –Kenneth Rothaus, MD –Brooke Seckel, MD
  3. 3. SlimLipo Benefits TM expand your treatment offerings with a laser-assisted lipolysis device that goesbeyond traditional liposuction and non-optimized 1064 nm and 1320 nm wavelengths. “ As an active veteran plastic surgeon I have never been more impressed with technical innovations than with SlimLipo™. The results have been so impressive with this new technology that dozens of patients have scheduled SlimLipo™ procedures. It is remarkable that the majority “ SlimLipo™ is easy to master and use. The probe easily moves around corners. Unlike the VASER®, ” the aiming beam lets me know ” of patients experience very little bruising, pain or interference with activities. I have had to expand my surgery schedule to accommodate where I’m working. these new and grateful patients. –Richard Noodleman, MD – Lewis Obi, MD SLiMLipo™ phySician BenefiTS: • Less physician fatigue—minimal amount of effort to move SlimLipo™ laser tip through treatment areas; easily moves through fibrous tissue • Treat patients not normally treated with traditional liposuction—contour deformities and smaller treatment areas are easily addressed • Good visualization of the treatment tip—aiming beam shows where you are • Speed—significantly faster than competing systems With Palomar’s SlimLipo™, you can treat both visible and tactile contour deformities caused by other liposuction methods, with faster treatment than other laser- assisted lipolysis systems. The benefit is derived from the fat and dermal selective dual wavelengths that underscore the science behind the nameplate. “ One of the patients I did last Friday, I saw in follow-up yesterday. To say she looked fantastic would be an “ I was considering giving up lipo after 10 years due to the strain it caused my neck, but with the SlimLipo™ machine there is no fatigue. I no longer have to ” ” understatement. I am my biggest critic go home and lay on a heating pad for but this result even impressed me. hours following a lipo case. –Timothy Zelko, MD –Tiffani Hamilton, MD
  4. 4. “ After working with all of the currently available wavelengths for laser-assisted lipolysis, Palomar is the company that has best addressed this by developing technology that fits the science. Using optimized wavelengths to specifically target both lipids and dermis and ” combining it with continuous wave delivery for a smooth and efficient dispersion of energy through a specially engineered tip, this technology stands apart from its predecessors. –Robert Weiss, MD SLiMLipo ™ offerS greaTer TherMaL effecT SlimLipo TM 1064nm Laser Unique SlimLip smoothly heat NBTC Stain of Yucatan Black Porcine Adipose Tissue Highly selective adipocytes and H 924 nm Melted fat is removed (e.g., aspirated) SlimLipo’s 924 nm wavelength targets fat— it’s an optimal “fat-melting” wavelength. No plasma or mechanica1. Anderson, R. R., W. Farinelli, et al. (2006). “Selective photothermolysis of lipid-rich tissues: a free electron laser study.” Lasers Surg Med 38(10): 913-9. “melting” and skin tightenin2. O’Dey, D., A. Prescher, et al. (2008). “Ablative targeting of fatty-tissue using a high-powered diode laser.” Lasers Surg Med 40(2): 100-5
  5. 5. SlimLipo Science TM Selective Laser-induced Melting SM SlimLipo™ delivers laser energy at 924 nm, 975 nm, as well as dual wavelengths at 924/975 nm for preferential absorption by fat and dermal tissue,po™ treatment tip respectively. Selective photothermolysis frees thets adipose tissue lipids contained in adipose tissue for easy aspiration. The result is less body trauma and significant fat removal and dermal heating. The heating of dermal tissue has been shown to have skin tightening results. SLiMLipo’S UniqUe TreaTMenT Tip: DeSigneD for faST anD efficienT “faT MeLTing” wavelengths “melt” heat dermal tissue Lipid-Liberation Coagulation Zone Zone 975 nm Heated dermal tissue provides skin tightening effects for improved body contour Competing laser systems only heat at their tip. With SlimLipo’s unique tip design, more tissue is affected;al damage – just gentle thermal the large “lipid liberation zone” surrounding the entireng through laser-assisted lipolysis. tip is hot enough to “melt” fat in a much broader area.
  6. 6. “ “SlimLipo™ is truly unique. The selective fat melting allows me to treat multiple areas—even larger ” Jeffry Schafer, MD areas—leaving smooth skin you can see and feel.” –Jeffry Schafer, MD before after“ Correction of lipo contour deformities is going to be ” a huge application for this Jeffry Schafer, MD machine. –Sean Doherty, MD before after “I have 12 years of lipo experience— SlimLipo™ ” is the single most important break through I’ve seen!” David Kent, MD –David Kent, MD before afterfor More inforMaTion, before and after photos, and to view an informative
  7. 7. Remarkable Results with SlimLipo TM “ The SlimLipo™ result is dramatic with smooth skin that does not look or feel like other methods of liposuction. It’s worth buying ” just for the results in the Phillip Craft, MD submental area treated under local anesthesia –Phillip Craft, MD before after • Smoother Skin “ • Skin Retraction I have found SlimLipo™ to have a particular ” advantage in the upper abdomen, neck, chest • Less Contour Deformities and anywhere laxity of skin becomes a problem. –Steven Bloch, MD • Faster Healing “ SlimLipo™ is a revolutionary technology which will change plastic surgery–the skin tightening application will Brooke Seckel, MD ” replace some body contouring surgical procedures. –Brooke Seckel, MD before aftere web seminar featuring SlimLipo please visit www.slimlipo.com. TM
  8. 8. True Laser Body Sculpting— The Benefits of Superior Design SpecificaTionS 924 nm, 975 nm Wavelength 924 nm/975 nm Blend Laser Type Diode Laser Pulse Duration 100 microseconds-continuous wave (CW) Average Power 6 to 24 W (adjustable) Frequency Up to 100Hz Aiming Beam 635 nm Tip Size 1.5 mm O.D. Pre-sterilized 75 mm, 175 mm, 275 mm Tip LengthsVASER is a registered trademark of Sound Surgical Technologies, LLC.©2008 Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc. Palomar is a registered trademark and SlimLipo and Aspire are trademarks of Palomar Medical Technologies, Inc.ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. www.palomarmedical.com | USA: 1-781-993-2300 | Europe: +31 20 624 6159 | Australia: +612-948-4546 Palomar Medical Technologies Inc., 82 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA, 01803 USA Palomar Medical Technologies BV, Kleine Gartmanplantsoen 21 (5th Floor), 1017 RP Amsterdam, The Netherlands Palomar Medical Technologies Australia Pty Ltd., P Box 2189 Normanhurst, NSW, 2076 .O.