The Most Important Leg of the Tripod


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The Most Important Leg of the Tripod

  1. The Most Important Leg of the Tripod Inspirations, ideas and tools on how to do more, achieve more, and be more…. Chris E. Stout, PhD, PsyD Department of Research and Data Analytics, ATI College of Medicine, University of Illinois, Chicago
  2. Please note that this was presented in November 2013 at the ATI Catalyst Club, Bolingbrook, IL. While you can see most of what was displayed, you cannot hear what I said, and I wish you could. You may reach me via if I may be of help to you in your work. Cheers, Chris
  3. Evidence is predicated on clinical outcomes
  4. So, evidence-based practice ROCKs! Right…?
  5. Half of what is taught in medical school will be wrong in 10 years’ time, the problem is we don’t know which half. Sydney Burwell, MD, former Dean, Harvard Medical School
  6. It took an average of 17 years for new knowledge generated by RCTs to be incorporated into practice. –IOM
  7. Not a problem of too little, but too much
  8. Just for Coronary Heart Disease… • 3600 statistical articles are published on average each year • Do you know how long it would take you to keep up…?
  9. If you read 1 article/15 minutes You would have to read >10 articles For 2 hours/day 7 days/week Forever…
  10. OK, So, now WHAT?
  11. It’s about tech…
  12. And I have been doing some experimenting….
  13. I was always frustrated with the disconnect of getting evidence-based practice in real-time to the clinician while with the patient
  14. But we may have cracked the code
  15. PRN Tx Guideline Consult (brought to you by your EMR)
  16. As a nice side-effect of building this we found…
  17. Evidence-based practice is sort of like MoneyBall
  18. Evidence-based practice is not…
  19. Evidence-based practice is not…
  20. Stats: Age: 12 years Weight: 185 #, BMI = 33 Occupation: Bully Magnet
  21. Goddard’s List
  22. It was transformative! I went from this…. To this….
  23. Processional Effect Goal: run a marathon Leading up to it + of losing weight + of stopping smoking + of drinking less + of better nutrition/less junk + of community with other runners + of running for a cause you care about + of traveling to a city you always wanted to go to And, oh yeah, the + of running a marathon
  24. Free Online Courses
  25. And now for something completely different…
  26. REcovered Medical Equipment Developing Y (world) William Rosenblatt, MD
  27. Sabriye Tenberken & Paul Kronenberg
  28. Erik Weihenmayer
  29. International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs
  30. Geek Corps Ethan Zuckerman
  31. Sustainable Sciences Institute
  32. Institute for OneWorld Health Victoria Hale, PHD
  33. Marie Charles, MD
  34. Jennifer Staple-Clark
  35. It’s about tools…
  36. Curated Library
  37. It’s about: Accelerants…
  38. It’s about: Collaborations
  39. Please be in touch