Humanitarain interventionism


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More on humanitarian how-to, hope you like it.



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Humanitarain interventionism

  1. Psychologists as Humanitarian Interventionists: Learning from Others So You Can Change the World, Too Dr. Chris E. Stout Founding Director, Center for Global Initiatives andClinical Professor, College of Medicine, University of Illinois
  2. “Psychological Principles in PolicyDevelopment”
  3. Div 9 (SPSSI) and UN  Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues  Corann Okorodudu, PhD, Rowan University  Copenhagen Declaration  First non-NYC based psychologist to participate, then Neal Rubin, PhD.
  4. “The Psychology of Peacekeeping”  Harvey Langholtz, PhD  Coast Guard  UN & Madeline Albright  PhD in Social Psych  POCI-UNITAR  Psych 101 to UN Peacekeepers  English, French, Spanish.
  5. “The Psychology of Diplomacy”  Connect via our mutual publisher  Became BFFs  Do and APA talk  “You do the psychologists, I’ll do the diplomats”  Evolvepoints into a new book.
  6. “The Psychology of Terrorism, Vol. 1 – 4and Condensed Edition”
  7. “The Psychology of Resolving GlobalConflicts: Vol. 1 - 3”
  8. “Contemporary Psychology”
  9. “The New Humanitarians”
  10. My 3 Epiphanies
  11. Tanzania.
  12. Halong Bay, Vietnam
  13. Halong Bay
  14. Rwanda
  15. Soweto, South Africa
  16. Saths Cooper, PhD
  17. The Tyranny of the 501(c)(3) 501(c)(3)  What-A-Pain!  1023  990  IL-990-AG  Letters  $750 for “Inc.” in IL  $5000 in legal  $1000 in accounting  $25 in listing  7 months  >100 hours…!
  18. So, what does CGI do? Objectives: Incubator, collaborator, facilitator, educator  CGI serves as an incubator for new initiatives that creatively solve healthcare inequities around the world  We act as a collaborator with individuals and organizations in developing and launching projects that address the needs of medically impoverished populations  We function as a facilitator in directing public and private resources towards programs aimed at improving health globally  Working as an educator to provide new information and tools for empowering others.
  19. Let’s take a look at some CGI projects…
  20. Tanzania…
  21. Tanzania…
  22. Tanzania… Ripple effects and (positive) unintended consequences and results for $US 8.30
  23. A kindergarten is born
  24. Measuring OutcomesIn 2009:  Treated more than 50 people for Malaria, who would have died otherwise.  Educated 15 orphans for a year.  Bought 12.5 – 100kg bags of maize, which fed 70 orphan children.  Paid a hospital bill for a child who had a leg injury and surgery.To-date:  Approximately 20,000 people (orphans and the very poor) have received medical services and food.  70 orphans have been educated in the kindergarten. Those who were first attendees are now grownups and are employed by the government. They are also supporting their families and the children who are orphans.
  25. Bolivian Prisons
  26. Bolivia (and Clark).
  27. Benin  Combining  Ecology  Medicine  Research  Sustainability…
  28. Benin.  Culture  Science  Collaboration  Women’s Issues  Friends.
  29. The Power of the Individual Rosa Parks William Wilberforce Oskar Schindler
  30. The Power of the Individual, Augmented by the Strength of a Group Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Civil Rights Movement Mohandas Gandhiand Civil Rights Movement in South Africa and Quit India Movement
  31. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world;indeed, it’s the only thing that ever does.” - Margaret Mead
  32. “Pox of the ‘Untils’...” Until I finish school Until I pay off my loans Until I get married (or divorced) Until I make tenure Until I lose 10 pounds Until I …
  33. CGI’s MENTOR ProgramAnd DIY Humanitarianism Methods,  We help with doing, Experiences, not just talking about Networking & it Training,  Wehelp with Organizing & funding, not just Research hoping for it.
  34. Horace Mann once said… “Be ashamed to die before you have won a victory for humankind.”
  35. There is a whole world out there thatneeds YOU – down the street or acrossthe ocean. “Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.” The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And we can help…
  36. So, don’t wait until…Thanks for coming today. Keep in touch. Make a difference. Dr. Chris E. Stout Center for Global Initiatives