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  • OBJECTIVE:To show the social profile of the people presenting.INTEAM TO ADD ON:Put the logo alongside, so that you can associate both brands together in the mind of the prospect.SALESPERSON TO ADD IN Social profile of the individuals presenting, plus the logo of the company that you are presenting to.
  • OBJECTIVE:Show thought leadership and customer wins up front and personal.TEXT:That approach works whether our customers are large or small. Let me call out some specific reasons that these clients selected Actiance.Resources – we have the critical mass to support YOU and your internal customers. CULTURE – a culture of partnering, this isn’t about a technology sale, this is about enabling individuals in your organization to utilize communications tools effectively and efficiently, whilst remaining secure and compliant. You have a vision, your vision isn’t about Facebook, its not about Jive or any of those speciifc platforms, because that’s the immediate, the here and the now. Your vision is about integration and communicating and collaborating with your clients, improving your business and increasing your bottom line, that’s what Actiance’s platform enables the execution of your vision and we bring the required compliance, plus the marketing capabilities to make that happen.SEGUE:Let switch gears. I want to talk to you about human behavior
  • OBJECTIVE: Set the scene for the socialization of buying decisionsAs human beings our behavior hasn’t changed for centuries, for eons. As human beings we naturally socialize and have done throughout the years. Socializing our buying decisions is something that we have done for centuries. This is a given. This research from econsultancy references social groups. It doesn’t talk AT ALL about social media – but of course its true, that social media simply allows us to connect with those wider social groups, our ability to extend our social groups geogrpahically makes our social groups more potent as our social interactions become public through social media.SEGUE: and we are doing that in financial services as well.
  • OBJECTIVE: Show leadership in understanding the market and brand association with registered rep and wealth management magazine.TEXT:When it comes financial services, we’ve been working with the folks at registered rep magazine and wealth WE worked with them on a joint survey to nearly 1600 regulated users, asking about their usage of social media. This survey took place in September and to show the rate of change in the market, we re ran it in February of this year. You can see in just some of these results – as to how much this has changed. CALL OUT SOME OF THE DIFFERENCES> Respondents under 35 are more likely to use social media for business purposes than those 55 or older (68% vs. 45%). Those from insurance firms (67%) and RIAs (67%) are more likely to use social media than those from bank brokerages (35%) or wirehouses (48%). Advisors are more likely to use social media to network with other professionals than to stay in contact with clientsSEGUE: And here at actiance, we’ve taken this understanding of the market a step further..
  • OBJECTIVE: Show thought leadership and show positioning of organisation. THIS IS A DISCOVERY SLIDETEXT:We commissioned a third party organization to undertake some very specific research for us. They conducted 90 minute interviews with some 20 organizations to identify the stage of maturity that they were at when it comes to the enablement of social within the organization. Now I’m not going to read this out to you, but I would like to ask, where do you think you are on this maturity curve, what stage do you think you’ve reached?TEXT: You need to react to the commentary.Usually I would say: that’s normal, and most people are on the left hand side of the graph. SEGUE:So, its interesting that you say that, because before coming in, I did some research on <INSERT COMPANY NAME> on social, and I thought it would be useful to share it…
  • OBJECTIVE: Thought leadership positioning and setting up our MO on social TEXT:Here at Actiance, over time we have along with customers and partners, we’ve developed the six social prinicples of success for firms. Let me briefly take you through these. Firstly, viewing social as a point solution because this is what is in vogue now, its missing the point. Those organizations that integrate social into their DNA are the ones that will succeed. Gen Y is beyond socialized, and by 2024 will control 46% of the personal wealth in the USA. You need to communicate with the customer in the environment in which they want to communicate. And using the tools that they want to communicate with.Secondly Today’s communication – worldwide is between the brand and the consumer. 17% of end users trust a brand. 70% of end users trust the recommendations given by their “friends and their connections. The challenge of the CMO is not to enable another 10 marketeers on <insert name of social network> its about enabling You – who ever is in the room, and you and you and you. Because your social graph is NOT the marketer’s social graph. It’s Carol Rozwell, the head of the social business unit at Gartner who tells us that those organizations who enable social BEYOND the marketing team , who will be in the top 20% of their industry by revenue growth. Personal brand is what you’re looking at enabling for that success.Enabling those individuals effectively is our third principle – enabling the team to crowsource content and share that effective, enaging content is key to success. We know that popular content gets more shares. That if I understand that a piece of content is more successful, then I’m going to share it and the whole team has more success. That’s the third principle of social success. So crowdsourcing content, curating content is key to success. Pick what works and share it easily. Today your customer uses the social web to investigate. They use Yelp, and Amazon and best buy for recommendations. They are starting toask their network. Tomorrows consumer will ask their network what to buy and what experiences they’ve had. Leveraging your customers is the fourth principle of social success. Engaging that network and interacting with them and communicating with them is how you will succeed. Your customer will sell for you, so leverage that relationship now, that might not mean sharing content now, but make that relationship now, so that you can enable that relationship in the future. .You can’t do that without educating your distributed team So they’ve passed their series 7 and all the others. You probably taught them the rules of email a few years back. You taught them how to stand up and effectively present. To sell over the telephone. Now you need to do the same with social. I don’t just mean training them on what 11-39 and 10-06 says and means. I mean the use of social, the use of the networks, the socialization of social. That’s the fifth princple for social success.Finally. We need to redefine measurement. When they’re looking at analytics and measurement, everyone likens social to the email world. How many opens, how many clicks, how many likes. That’s missing the point. Social isn’t email. A comment has more value than a like. A share has more value than a comment. The number of followers you have on twitter. Irrelevant if they’re the wrong followers. Tying this all back to revenue, to prospects, to the reduction in customer churn is key. SEGUE: These are principles that we have developed over the last several years with customers, partners and industry analysts, and its led to the approach we take with clients
  • OBJECTIVE: outline that this is not bout technology sale, this is about partnership and the enablement of your teamINTEAM = logoTEXT:We work in partnership with you. It’s true we are a technology company, but we do not succeed without your success. Whether your channel today is social media, yesterday it was instant messaging, tomorrow we look into the crystal ball for our channels, our technology solution has open APIs to provide for the future, our partnering culture ensures that we enable the team, not just the technology.SEGUE:But we should talk of the technology, and how this comes into play,
  • OBJECTIVE: to landmine competition, to outline our competitive advantage.TEXT:(CLICK BUILD)There are key requirement for an enterprise technology solution when it comes to social, let me take you through how that looks. At the hear,t at the foundation of that solution is compliance. Its fundamental and it’s a non starter if that’s not there. And clearly that’s there with Actiance, after all we have a decade of expertise not just in providing the technological controls, dealing with the real time nature of the world, but also working with enterprise financial services firms. (CLICK BUILD)After that comes integration – with existing IT infrastructures, with firewalls, proxy servers, the ability to fit in, but more so the ability to integrate with CRM systems, with content and marketing content platforms, with workflow systems comes a requirement that is often only satisfied with experienced vendors like Actiance. Social is not a point solution, it needs to be part of the overall business system of your organization.(CLICK BUILD) and then BUILD AGAIN WHILE YOURE TALKING An enterprise solutions, because it is going to be used by many thousands of end users, must be convenient, it must be easy to use, intuitive and finally it must help them to be relevant. This is key reason that Raymond James selected Actiance, to enable the advisers to have authenticity of voice while remaining compliant.SEGUE: that all makes up the hierarchy of any enterprise solutions… yes, now lets see how that translates into the Socialite platform.
  • Objective – to show how the socialite platform fits into the Enteprise hierarchyTEXT:At Actiance we deliver these capabilities through two solutions that together form the Socialite platform – with Socialite Enable providing the foundational core compliance requirements – and having been launched in Spring 2010. Socialite Enable –provides control for 200 feature and content areas of Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Socialite Enable also provides for the recording and retention of content – for both pre approval and post review as well as record keeping and archiving for governance and compliance.(CLICK TO BUILD)Socialite Engage helps Financial Advisors share relevant and pre-approved content, ensure authenticity of voice, measure impact and increase engagement to grow their business, the Socialite platform helps Financial Institutions protect brand and ensure compliance while allowing employees to share relevant content, measure impact and increase engagementSEGUE:If we take that a step further, and look at how that engagement integrates
  • Socialite Enable – in more depth enables you to meet regulatory guidelines and control more than 200 feature and content areas of Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter – let me take you through a few key areas on that.Whether it’s preventing inadvertent or malicious leakage of information through social networks, protecting against hidden phishing or trojan attacks, or mapping the identities of your users across different social networking sites, there are solutions out there that enable you to comply with applicable security and compliance guidelines. For instance, it’s possible to control the activities of organizations, groups, or even individual users by setting policies, such as “only Marketing can post content” or “HR can have only read-only access to LinkedIn”. If the moderation of content is important to you (perhaps if you’re FINRA-regulated), then it’s now possible to have a second pair of eyes reviewing content before it’s posted, with little impact on the end user. And if that content is inappropriate, you can block it. If you want to enable the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, but block the use of thousands of applications within them, then that’s also doable, as is the logging and archiving of all activity and content, so that you have a full picture of the real-time communications of and between your users. Identity Management - Ensure that all the different logins of an individual link back to corporate identityActivity control -Posting of content allowed for marketing but read-only for everyone elseGranular application control - Employees can access Facebook, but not Facebook Chat or Facebook GamesAnti-malware - Protect network against hidden phishing or Trojan attacksData leak prevention - Protect organization from employees disclosing sensitive informationModeration - Messages posted only upon approval by designated officerLogging and archiving - Log all content posted to social networksExport of data -Export stored data to any email archive or WORM storageAt Actiance, we’ve been in the business of real-time communications security, management, and compliance since 2001, so we understand and know how to seamlessly integrate these real-time controls with your existing IT infrastructure.
  • OBJECTIVE: Show the flow of content and communications with Socialite EngageTEXT:Socialite Engage provides the ability to share content, whether that’s internal or content from external sources – we’re working with partners like Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones and the like in order to bring in content that can be shared through Engage. Engage then allows you to identify who the key influencers are, evaluate which social network is more impactiful for them, what time of day and what type of engagement that they get. In fact the early adopters of the Socialite platform have identified that Fridays are the best day for engagement, followed by Wednesday – Monday just don’t rate at all. And the hours between 7 and 9 am eastern are when individuals engage the most with content that is shared.Socialite Engage also allows the user to focus on what’s important – to identify individuals as key connections and then track their social activity more closely – we’ll show you this in the demonstration, because oftentimes we’ll have a lot of connections, but not all of them are as important as each other.And finally, Socialite Engage integrates with existing enterprise solutions – from CRM systems, to listening tools like RAdian6 – now this integration is coming – we’re looking at this being available towards to the half year, but already are working with some organization on specific integration with their wealth management platforms and other existing infrastructures.SEGUE: Let me bring you back to something that I said earlier in this presentation. This technology solution, the compliance, this is the easy part of social.
  • OBJECTIVE: Show Real measurable results from being an Actiance customer and using the Socialite PlatformTEXT: You do not have to read all of these, pick ones that are relevant to the audience specifically.(CLICK TO BUILD) Firstly, our social engagement team worked with the UK’s largest bank helping them to put together an online community to rebuild trust between their clients and the bank – ensuring that they met all the global regulatory and compliance requirements, identifying the risks and providing them with a framework to ensure that they mitigated all of these.(CLICK TO BUILD)Here in the USA, one of the FA’s at a large wire house client of ours, used the Socialite platform to track a prospective client’s activities, identified when they had changed their status to retired and reached out, ultimately winning at a new $2.75m account.(CLICK TO BUILD)Our next example is actually from RWBaird, a customer of ours for a couple of years now on Social. RWBAird enabled access to LinkedIn, using Socialite and when moving into Twitter, enabled their FA’s to share content and engage on Twitter. One particular rep, actually her name is Mary (- DON’T READ THIS OUT IN PARENTHESES) Strickland if anyone asks) tweeted just 93 times before landing a $1m prospect. But additionally, when Mary was getting used to sharing content, and she shares a good mix of types of content, from personal interests to company news, she attempted to tweet about Steve Job’s death, referencing that Apple stocks might fall as a result. The Socialite platform caught the content, and protected the RWBAird brand from the damage that would result from sharing that information. So Baird, benefited in two ways, revenue and building their book of business, but also brand protection.(CLICK TO BUILD)Linkedin is a great way to network, as this next example shows. If you become my customers, your connections are likely to be my next best set of prospects, because they’re of the same demographic, so reaching out and using the LinkedIn network is a fantastic way to further increase your book of business, as another FA at a client of ours did, simply through the extended network he now had access to, he added more than 400 new prospects that he could effectively market to.(CLICK TO BUILD)Let me jump to the final bullet point and tell you about Raymond James. After publicly announcing that FA’s would have access to social media, RJ’s CEO enabled the use of social at the firm. Within three weeks of the project provisioning, 1000 advisers were enabled. RJ have seen massive positive publicity, talent acquisition and retention going through the roof and real measurable benefits. There are now more than 1700 FA’s enabled to use social, authentic voice and engage with clients and prospects alike through social media and the Socialite platform.SEGUE:So as I hope we’ve shown you how partnering with Actiance delivers real measurable results…
  • Traditionally with technology there are a number of risks and challenges, especially when we loose the end users, - from Data leakage, to inbound threats, to regulatory problems, but let me put this to you, we can boil this down and make it simple.(CLICK TO BUILD)Dilbert has it right(PAUSE)We might all find elements of Dilbert in our lives, especially when it comes to social, but I’m going to lay out that I believe there are two primary challenges when it comes to social media and financial services.(CLICK TO BUILD)Those two challenges are first of all doing nothing. Letting the land lie fallow, not listening, not engaging, not interacting. Putting the head in the sand. It’ll never catch on right? It’s a flash in the pan. The second is doing something badly. Now that could be getting the message wrong, regardless of the social platform, it could be not educating the team and having them get the message wrong – you can see it now, can’t you – what do you mean, the tweets go out to the entire world? – it could be divulging information that you shouldn’t, and what about all that nasty threat and risk that the security folks keep talking about – malware, viruses and the like. And of course, it was on the tip of your tongues – the regulatory requirements, the fines that the regulator might levy, the slap on the wrists that the firm might get.SEGUE: -
  • There are four different countries around the world that have issued specific guidelines for financial service firms. The US was the first in January 2010 with FINRA 10-06, closely followed by the UK in the summer of 2010 with a notice from the Financial Services Authority. We’ve since seen guidelines from IROC and the Canadian Securities Administration and SEBI out of India. India is the fastest growing social networking nation, btw. But back to FINRA and the guidelines that we’ve seen from FINRA.
  • SEGUE:What are financial services firms in business to do?(make money)What’s a prime way that you make more money?(by spending less)What does investmnet in technology mean?(spending money)So SEGUE..
  • Text:Today, we’ll be talking about recent guidance offered by the SEC for Registered Investment Advisors. But, first, we’d like to provide some context. There are two major types of financial advisors, Broker-Dealers and their registered representatives and Registered Investment Advisors and their Investment Advisors.  As you can see from this chart, there are subtle, but, important differences between the two. As you know, FINRA issued specific guidance Broker Dealers for social media back in January 2010 in 10-06 and then again, this past August with 11-39. However, until last week, the SEC had not provided written guidance for Investment Advisors specifically on social media, however it had included it in its exam sweeps. So, in the absence of guidance from the SEC, RIAs were using FINRA issued guidance.
  • On January 4, the SEC charged an Investment Advisor with fraud and issued 3 alerts in an agency-wide effort to highlight the risks investors and advisory firms face when using social media.For the enforcement action, the SEC charged an Illinois-based advisor with offering to sell fictitious securities on LinkedIn. The Enforcement Division of the SEC alleges that Anthony Fields of Lyons, ILL offered more than $500 billion in fictitious securities through various websites, including LinkedIn. We’d like to quote directly from the SEC: “Fraudsters are quick to adapt to new technologies to exploit them for unlawful purposes,” said Robert B. Kaplan, Co-Chief of the SEC Enforcement Division’s Asset Management Unit. “Social media is no exception, and today’s enforcement action reflects our determination to pursue fraudulent activity on new and evolving platforms.”But, is the SEC saying not to use Social Media? Not at all. But it IS sending a clear message that it will be carefully scrutinizing the use of social media within the financial services industry. The SEC also used the opportunity of the case against Fields to issue two alerts for investors: One alert warned investors of the dangers of online scams. This alert was focused on helping investors avoid being scammed online. Lots of common sense advice there, including being careful of unsolicited offers to invest, looking out for common red flags like, “an investment that looks too good to be true, probably is”, not believing any promise of “guaranteed” returns, and not being pressured to buy “right now”. The second Investor alert, “Social Media and Investing”, contained tips on using social media as an investment tool to protect investors’ privacy and help avoid fraud. However, what we’d like to focus on today is the alert specifically for the Investment Advisor Use of Social Media
  • In the SEC’s National Examination Alert, Investment Advisor Use of Social Media, the SEC staff of the Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations, states that firms use of social media must comply with federal securities laws, including anti-fraud provisions, compliance provisions and recordkeeping. Further, the SEC noted that many firms have overlapping procedures that apply to advertisements, client communications which may or may not include social media. They warned that this lack of specificity creates confusion. The SEC also said that firms should identify risk and then test whether their in-house policies and procedures effectively address these risks.
  • The SEC Office of Compliance Inspections and Examinations identified 13 factors that an investment advisor may want to consider when evaluating the effectiveness of its compliance program. As you can see, it’s not an exhaustive list, but, certainly enough to get you started. From clearly establishing usage guidelines, to thinking through how you will monitor social media sites, as well as how often, For example, the SEC warned that due to it nature of social media spreading information quickly to thousands of people, post review, days later may not be sufficient. The SEC also suggests that firms design and implement workflows for pre-approving content and train and certify your IA’s on the use of social media. The Commission also cautions firms to look at the functions of each site on a granular basis as well as paying close attention to your clients privacy and protecting your data from security risks. In summary, the SEC is suggesting that each firm identify and thoughtfully think through the compliance factors that may represent risk for the firm and then test whether existing policies and procedures address or mitigate those risks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Note to JB: Further notes: add later Post-review, depending on circumstances, may not be reasonable.Consider third party conversation monitoring, sampling, spot checking, lexicon based search methodologies to monitor usage. provide guidelines and whether to prohibit specific content.
  • The SEC further states that firms that allow third –party posting on their social media sites should develop policies about these third party posts, particularly testimonials. Whether a third party posting is a testimonial depends on all the “facts and circumstances”, however, SEC staff interprets the term to include clients’ experience with, or endorsement of, an IA. Therefore, the use of “social plug-ins” such as the “like” button could be interpreted as a testimonial under the Advisor Act if its’ an explicit or implicit statement of a client’s experience with an advisor. In cases where social media sites do not allow the ability to disable “like” or similar feature, RIAs should develop a system to monitor and remove third party postings.  Now, depending on this is interpreted, this may present a special challenge to firms. Many firms are reluctant to monitor personal pages on Facebook due to privacy and other reasons, and know that according to the terms and conditions of Facebook, one can have only one identity. So, these firms have directed their advisors to set up separate Professional Pages on Facebook with the idea that they would only monitor and archive business communications those professional pages. But because, as we know, one needs to “like” a professional page to follow it, and the SEC just said that this might be interpreted as a testimonial which is not allowed… so firms may want to reevaluate this approach. A number of firms that we’ve spoken with believe that the industry will push back on this. Or Facebook could modify the language to something more neutral, say “connect”. So we’ll see how that goes.   
  • The final section of the alert concerns Recordkeeping. The existing Advisors Act defines recordkeeping requirements for IAs. In short, like FINRA and even IIROC in Canada, the SEC does not treat social media any differently than any other written communications, such as emails or IMs. Furthermore, also like the other regulators, content is determinative -- meaning that the content will determine the record keeping requirements. The SEC and the other regulators are only interested in business communications “as such”. All these social media communications such as status updates, direct messaging, texting, etc must be retained and be easily available for inspection for at least 5 years. The SEC also says that firms should conduct employee training programs specifically for record keeping requirements and do spot checks to make sure employees are complying with the policies. These records should be indexed in such a way that they are easily retrievable and finally, the SEC suggests that firms consider using third parties for record retention.
  • Crop logo91 tweets, $1m prospectEngagement details1200 people live
  • - a FA noticed one of her new LI connections was retiring that led to a 2m account acquisition- a FA noticed on LI a client was changing jobs and captured a 401k rollover- a FA noticed a fellow FA was linked in to a contact at a company she was chasing that opened up a commercial account opportunity- a FA with existing ties in the energy market has linked in to 400 new prospects internationally that is expected to yield strong returns in AuM build - all FAs in the pilot use LI to research targets to see how they are connected before calling to increase their hit rates- ML also sees strong interest from their Institutional Research team who want to use LI to deepen their company information for the ones they cover
  • Crop logoI’m trying to work out how to fit this on with the business driver and the real results (because I can’t see any right now, need more data from Jodie on real results..- 1000 FAs have joined up in 3 weeks which underlines the strong demand for the use of social media as a tool to build business- FAs expect social media enablement to drive up client activity on their websites, forge tighter client connections , help identify strong centers of influence, and ease prospecting
  • Clean upPersonal brand: Today’s communication – worldwide is between the brand and the consumer. 17% of end users trust a brand. 70% of end users trust the recommendations given by their “friends and their connections. US One, out of Reno, Nevada, identified that if someone likes their Facebook page, then they’re 70% more likely to buy their products. Today, we are starting to buy products through social networks. The challenge of the CMO is not to enable another 10 marketeers on <insert name of social network> its about enabling You – who ever is in the room, and you and you and you. Because your social graph is NOT the marketer’s social graph. Why don’t I just send you an email that my marketing team put together for me? Why don’t I just read you a script of what they told me to say? Because what makes my content successful is ME. My network is unique. There is no network out there like it, because there is no one out there like me. Who has my unique experiences, who has my history, who has my expertise. So when you engage with me, when you connect with me, you’re not looking for me to be the echoed mouthpiece of my corporate brand. The value that you get is my interpretation of the brand, of that message. That’s why your customers bought from your advisors, your sales staff, that’s why you have low churn. That’s why you need to inject their personality into the message.Raymond James stated publicy earlier this year, that’d they be allowing access for all their financial advisoers, their distributed sales team, and when they lanched in September, Josh Brown calls out that they got it right. They’re able to use an authentic voice, to crowdsourceconteny to use the content that their marketing team provides as a framework for putting content into their own words..
  • So now that I’ve set the context for you and discussed the risks and regulations, it might calm your nerves, knowing that controls are available to address these security, management, and compliance concerns.Whether it’s preventing inadvertent or malicious leakage of information through social networks, protecting against hidden phishing or trojan attacks, or mapping the identities of your users across different social networking sites, there are solutions out there that enable you to comply with applicable security and compliance guidelines. For instance, it’s possible to control the activities of organizations, groups, or even individual users by setting policies, such as “only Marketing can post content” or “HR can have only read-only access to LinkedIn”. If the moderation of content is important to you (perhaps if you’re FINRA-regulated), then it’s now possible to have a second pair of eyes reviewing content before it’s posted, with little impact on the end user. And if that content is inappropriate, you can block it. If you want to enable the use of Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, but block the use of thousands of applications within them, then that’s also doable, as is the logging and archiving of all activity and content, so that you have a full picture of the real-time communications of and between your users. At Actiance, we’ve been in the business of real-time communications security, management, and compliance since 2001, so we understand and know how to seamlessly integrate these real-time controls with your existing IT infrastructure.
  • And applying those controls is simple: from controlling access to more than 1000 social networking sites to incredibly granular control of 40,000 applets on Facebook. We allow you to set controls by category or right down to the individual application. For example, you want to block access to the 150 chat applications on Facebook but allow access to the 2,142 Facebook business applications. No problem. Or perhaps you want to allow access to just 100 of the business apps and not to the other 2,000 or so. That’s possible, too.
  • In fact, when it comes to Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, there are nearly a hundred different features where controls can be applied. So if you don’t want your CEO using LinkedIn messaging, you can block that. You can stop the compliance team from using Facebook Careers or the HR team from following groups on LinkedIn. You can even make all of LinkedIn read-only, if that floats your boat.
  • We also enable you to set your policies through easy pointing and clicking. You can choose to either Store, Alert, Block, or Moderate, or any combination of these four controls, for Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Furthermore, if you don’t have the time or the resources to moderate every single message that passes through the corporate network, you can set up lexicons such that certain keywords or phrases will trigger the system to withhold messages. For instance, if it’s a social security number or credit card number format, you can set a policy so that the system will catch and hold those messages that have that format.
  • We also capture all the activities and posts of users on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – in context. So you can see that when Ted tried to share the phrase “I guarantee it”, he was actually talking about the upcoming football game, not an investment suggestion. Moreover, data can be presented for eDiscovery and exported to the archiving platform of your choice.
  • Moderators can easily navigate through their queue of pending messages through our easy-to-use interface. Moderators have the option to approve or reject in bulk or individually from the Moderator Events page. But, to really appreciate the true value-add of Actiance’s Socialite, you can click on individual ID numbers to see full transcripts in context. We’re able to capture everything on, say, a Facebook page at the moment someone tried to post a comment. This gives the moderator a much more informed basis on which to approve or reject messages. You certainly don’t want to erroneously reject an otherwise-benign message. For example, a message of “I guarantee it” may have been in reference to the upcoming Lakers-Celtics basketball game, not to some stock recommendation. So, being able to review messages in context is incredibly important.
  • By first of all focusing on the connections who are important. The important contacts in their life… they use the concept of key connections – so instead of being driven crazy by updates from thousands of twitter followers, hundreds of linkedin connections, they focus on the people who are REALLY important…and track their activity very closely.
  • They’re crowd sourcing content, taking the results that the extended team gets on content that they’re sharing across Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, and then suggesting those results to the greater team. Users are taking the framework that the marketing team provides them with on content and putting authenticity of voice in to it, they’re using scheduled tools to ensure they don’t have to be up at 4am if tht’s the time when their connections engage with them on social.They‘’re making intelligent decisions on what to share, when to share it and what type of results to expect. They’ integrating their social activities with their book of business, with their CRM system, with their compliance platform.They’re making headlines for the RIGHT reasons with social.
  • LEADER: ScottOBJECTIVE: Explain how the social infrastructure is made up and layer on the businesses that are appearing in these areas. Help them get to understanding who fits where and who are the names in each area.DELIVERY METHOD: INSTRUCTIVE + INTERACTIVEINTERACTION: As Scott explains the elements of each area – Sarah scribes and Deric asks – so come on tell me some of these social networks for instance. The idea is to give them not just the understanding of the landscape, but also the names behind it, so that when someone mentions Lithiium to them, they don’t go “huh, what do they do”, they at least know which sector they fit into.. (I’ll provide a standard list of vendors in the area, so that we can prompt…)Start at the top, and explain what a social network is – lets cover off, that there are more than 8000 networks worldwide, and (this plays to our platform story) that the world is not just about Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. That we recognize more than 1000 social networks and can provide control on them. Lets give them some stats on Fb, Lin, Tw (800million, more than 300 million active, 140 million on LinkedIn, Twitter etc).And for each segment, Deric, prompt them about who? And see who knows what. And we write it up on the flip chart..SCOTT – can we grab logo’s of all the folks in the space, so that we can bung them all on one slide and show them how massive and how complicated this entire area is. Can we also amend this slide to show, the specific market that we’re in – like adding on post review compliance, pre review compliance perhaps, as altimeter didn’t really account for industry specific requirements like social.We wrap up this slide by Scott, going into the areas in which we play (i.e. the builds that are currently on here).SEGUE: Now that’s getting us into a whole other game..there’s stuff that you’re not going to understand.. We have a whole session on this tomorrow. But really, at a high level, what do you need to understand.
  • SARAHFirst step in everything that we do is have a project kick off, assign the team and ensure that everyone knows their responsibilities and the contingencies.
  • SARAHA typical timeframe might look like this,
  • JOANNATraining is role based – we look at the role that people will undertake.Its all tailored.Actiance provides several training programs and packages for a variety of audiences as part of our professional services offerings. Standard and customized training, delivered onsite or remotely, are available. We also make recorded videos and training available as part of these options. We provide standard materials and can work alongside Janney to personalize these materials, create them on your behalf (in the context of Janney’s social media and electronic communications policy), and then assist in either “training the trainer” or delivering on your behalf.Each curriculum is designed specifically to the individual firm, as policies differ greatly between organizations, we tailor our standard content to ensure that we are training on YOUR policy and ensure that the content and the curriculum reflects both that and the way in which your firm does business (remote, web conferences versus in person; 30 minute sessions versus half day sessions; delivered by Actiance versus delivered by Janney after train the trainer sessions for instance).
  • JOANNAWE also provide a series of education and training materials, these are updated regulary. From our comprehensive product user guides, to best practice approaches on each of the big three networks, facebooklinkedin and twitter.Guides to the six principles for social media sucecss and a four part guide to marketing yourself in social as a rgulated representative, we also provide details on how to deliver ROI in a distributed team, as well as for the compliance professionals, the legal and ediscovery requirements of social media.While I’ve called out on this slide the FINRA, matrix that we provide, where we mapt the features of Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter to the specific areas of FINRA 10-06, 11.39, we also recognise that social is global and our global social compliance and regulatory requriments information guide looks at the worldwide requirements for regulation and social.
  • JOANNAAdditional we make available regularly updated industry training materials, from information on the latest SEC Alert, to the Legal issues of social.All of these are 30 minunte recorded sessions just some of the titles are on screen, and they use a different modality to update and inform users, and also provide an open forum where people can ask questions. Wwhile we make them available as recordings we also run them live and make our social engagement team available on a weekly basis in this way.
  • SARAHActiance’s social engagement team will be involved in the implementation of your project. Our team comprises compliance experts, lawyers and social media practitioners who are all experienced in the financial services sector. We promote through training, and through regular updates a best practice approach, so much so that we ensure that the full Actiance commercial team undertakes the same best practice training here in house at Actiance. We also build the use of best practices into our technology solution – with features that enable content crowdsourcing, based on team results; the use of Gamification to drive a change in behavior; and the sharing of comparative results within teams to drive adoption. Dashboards within the product are designed to subconsciously change behavior and drive a better approach to social. Metrics and Analytics help the user and the central marketer to identify most effective time of day, day of the week and most effective content that can be shared. The marketer dashboard also identifies to the firm those users who are effective in their approach and those who are not, enabling the creation of super users, and a “remedial” list.
  • Actiance Social Engagement

    1. 1. Enabling Social MediaDavid ChoRegional Acount Manager- MIdAtlantic!/Drcho2112!/DavidChoActiance
    2. 2. About Actiance, Inc A decade of expertise, a history of firsts Global Operations • 3 US offices, three continents • 210 employees Dedicated Social Engagement Team • Partnering: networks, platforms, service providers • Regulators: FINRA, IIROC, FSA, SEBI… • Best Practice enablement, education Client Engagement • 9 out of the top 10 US Banks, Top 5 CDN Banks • 284 FINRA firms • 84,000 Social Networking users under licenseLogo of Company here
    3. 3. ONE Platform to Manage & Secure ALL your Communications & CollaborationLogo of Company here
    4. 4. Why Customers Select Actiance “We chose Actiance because they had the resources and partnering culture to help us with our long term strategy” – VP Technology, Interactive Marketing, Top 3 Wirehouse “Actiance’s platform allows us to execute our long term vision of integrating our internal social platforms with consumer networks” – SVP & CIO, Major Mutual Fund Company “Socialite Enable and Engage offer the best mix of compliance and marketing capabilities allowing our advisors to develop their personal brands” – Marketing Director, Top Regional BrokerageLogo of Company here
    5. 5. 97.09% of people questioned in a survey said their buying decisions are influenced by social groups. Logo of Company hereConfidential and Proprietary © 2011, Actiance, Inc. All rights reserved.
    6. 6. Social media usage A majority of respondents indicate using social media for one or more business purposes. SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE For which of the following business purposes do you use social media today? Respondents under 35 are more likely to use social media for business purposes than those 55 or older (68% vs. 45%)Base: all respondents in 2012 (1,428) and 2011 (1,597); multiple responses. Logo of Company here
    7. 7. Social Media Maturity Curve Early Majority Early Adopters • Corporate SM • Corporate Presence presence Early Consideration • Acceptable use policy • Social media usage • Some Corporate by distributed teams • Social media being Presence advisors used by distributed Pre-Consideration • Banned/ restrictive teams/advisors • Acceptable use policy policy in place • No Social Presence • Need to: use social to • Next step, use social • Pilot program for develop, strengthen to develop, strengthen • Restrictive social content distribution relationships, for relationships, for some policy might be in place some also as a sales also as a sales channel • No Social Tools channel • Need to: justify • Previous concerns • Need to: identify distributed teams about FINRA and/ or options, best practices usage impact of social media overcome by market acceptance and demonstrable results.Logo of Company here
    8. 8. Six Social Principles for Success Create Integral Strategy Develop Personal Brand Crowdsource Content Leverage Customers Educate and Train Measure & AnalyzeLogo of Company here
    9. 9. Partnering for Results: The Actiance Approach Our goal is to enable your extended team to leverage the right social media channels to safely, effectively and compliantly strengthen relationships, to build their business and socially interact with clients Logo of Company hereLogo of Company here
    10. 10. Enterprise Solution HierarchyContent and usability are critical to success…which becomesimmediately apparent once compliance is in place. ENTERPRISE NEEDS FOR SOCIAL ENABLEMENT To build a loyal, tuned in following requires above all else—relevance and authenticity MUST be quick, intuitive, easy to use for FAs. Not another chore CRM, workflow, content and marketing materials Monitoring, pre and post review, archiving and surveillance 9
    11. 11. Enterprise Solution HierarchyContent and usability are critical to success…which becomesimmediately apparent once compliance is in place. Socialite Engage protect brand and ensure compliance while allowing employees to share relevant content, measure impact and increase engagement Socialite Enable feature and content security and compliance for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter 10
    12. 12. Socialite EnableSecure & Compliant use of Social Networks Identity Activity Granular Application Anti-Malware management Control Control Data Leak Moderation Logging and Export of Data Prevention Archiving
    13. 13. Socialite Engage Communicate, Measure, Nurture Measurement and Analytics Content Sources ID Key Influencers Internal Evaluate Platforms Thomson Reuters Time of Day Dow Jones Length of Conversation Equilar Type of Engagement Enterprise Integration Focus on the Important Receive Event Triggers Key Connections Send Opportunities Search AlertsLogo of Company here
    14. 14. Actiance customers build new business and stay connected with clients UK’s Largest Corporate Bank now enables clients to engage with each other and the Bank in an online community. An FA at a major wire house client noticed a new LinkedIn client changed her status to ―retired‖, in mailed her, and ultimately won a $2.75m new account An FA at a regional wire house client landed a $1m new account after only 93 tweets of moderated content were sent through Socialite An FA at a national wire house client with deep energy industry experience and new to the wealth management world, used LinkedIn securely through Socialite and in a few weeks constructed a network of 400+, global energy industry contacts he could then effectively prospect to At a national wire house client, 1000 FAs signed on to use social media through Socialite in the first three weeks of its enablementLogo of Company here
    15. 15. How can we help further? ORLet’s take a look
    16. 16. LOGO OF COMPANYThank youName in boldPosition in CompanyLINKEDIN PROFILEFACEBOOK PAGETWITTER ID
    17. 17. Pocket Slides: The Actiance Platform
    18. 18. Actiance Vision ONE Platform to Manage & Secure ALL your Communications & CollaborationLogo of Company here
    19. 19. The Actiance Platform Actiance Applications Classification, Retention, Tagging, eDiscovery, Legal-Hold, Business Analytics Available Today Q1 2012 Roadmap Channel Interface API Unified Identity and Policy Management Insert Search Active Content Store ExportLogo of Company here
    20. 20. Socialite Engage – Unified Engagement Platform Analytics – Measurement, Reach, Velocity Available Today Coming Soon Roadmap Unified View – Content Aggregation and Syndication API Unified Identity and Policy Management Insert Search Teaming and Workflow ExportLogo of Company here
    21. 21. Pocket Slides: RisksConfidential and Proprietary © 2011, Actiance, Inc. All rights reserved.
    22. 22. The Challenges of Social and Financial Services Doing Nothing Doing Something BadlyLogo of Company here
    23. 23. Gartner Research - Andrew Walls “Do You Need a Social Media Security Policy ?” “Social media is not a separate silo unto itself. It’s simply another form of electronic communications – customers should look at expanding their existing electronic communications policies to incorporate social media. Customers should consider replicating policies from other communications modalities across social media.”Logo of Company here
    24. 24. Logo of Company here
    25. 25. FINRA Guidelines: Regulatory Notices 10-06 and 11-39 Regulation Social Network and Web 2.0 Impact SEC Rules 17a-3 and 17a-4 and NASD Rule 3110 Retain records of communications related to business Electronic forum & chat rooms, content posted to social media may constitute Public Appearances a public appearance Prior Approvals Wall postings may require prior approvals Participation Real-time participation on social networks equals participation For instance, communications between research and investment banking FINRA Regulatory Notice 07-59 departments should be restricted Only those subject to firms supervision should have access, provide training Restrict Personnel prior to engagement, prohibit or restrict those who pose a compliance risk. Restrict access with technology.Logo of Company here
    26. 26. The First FINRA Sanction for Social Media Jenny Ta FINRA found that Ta failed to inform a registered firm principal that she had a Twitter account which, on occasion, she used to tout a particular stock. FINRA determined that Ta’s ―tweets‖ were unbalanced, overwhelmingly positive and frequently predicted an imminent price rise, and Ta did not disclose that she and her family members held a substantial position in the stock. Fined $10,000. Suspended one year.Logo of Company here
    27. 27. IIROC Guidelines Regulation Social Media and Web 2.0 Impact Provides guidance on the review, supervision, and retention of sales literature, MR0281 advertisements, and correspondence Rule 29.1 Anonymous representations or recommendations are improper. Rule 29.7 (1) Advertising and sales literature shall not be false or misleading. Written policies and procedures shall be in place regarding the review and Rule 29.7 (2) supervision of sales literature related to the business. Rule 29.7 (3) Some types of sales literature must be pre-approved by a supervisor. Recordkeeping requirements - two years for advertisements and five years for all Rule 29.7 (5) correspondence National Instrument 31-103 Firms must retain records of all their business activities and communications.Logo of Company here
    28. 28. FSA Guidelines Regulation Social Network and Web 2.0 Impact Senior Management Arrangements, Systems and Controls (SYSC) An enterprise must arrange for orderly records to be kept of its business and internal organization. SYSC 9.1.1 SYSC 9.1.2 Records must be kept for at least five years. An enterprise should have appropriate systems and controls in place with SYSC 9.1.5 respect to the adequacy of, access to, and the security of its records. Policy Statement 08/1 Must record conversations on public and enterprise IM networks. A firm must take reasonable care to establish and maintain such systems and SYSC 3.1 controls as are appropriate to its business. Firms must take reasonable steps to ensure that ethical walls remain effective SYSC 10.2 and are adequately monitored. All communications or financial promotions must be based on the principles of Financial Promotions Industry fair dealing. Adequate records of financial promotions must be kept. Update No. 5Logo of Company here
    29. 29. Logo of Company here
    30. 30. SEC Alerts: January 2012
    31. 31. Types of Financial Advisors Registered Representatives Investment Advisors (Broker-Dealer)* (Registered Investment Advisor)* Regulated by FINRA and the SEC Regulated by SEC or state regulators Paid via commission Paid fee by client Suitability- recommendations must be Fiduciary responsibility – must place clients consistent with best interest of clients interests above own Ethics Legality Transactions Advice*Dually registered firms must adhere to both SEC and FINRA rules. Logo of Company here
    32. 32. Securities Exchange Commission, January 4 Charges Illinois-Based Adviser in Social Media Scam Investor Alerts: Social Media and Investing – Avoiding Fraud – Understanding Your Accounts Investment Advisor Use of Social MediaLogo of Company here
    33. 33. National Examination Risk Alert: Investment Adviser Use of Social Media Compliance program related to social media: Must comply with federal securities laws Create specific policies Identify risks and test procedures to effectively address risksLogo of Company here
    34. 34. SEC: Evaluate your compliance programs Issue Considerations Usage guidelines Define appropriate use of social media Content Standards Examine risks pertaining to fiduciary responsibility for offering investment recommendations. Monitoring Monitor firms social media sites and / or third party sites. Frequency of Use risk-based approach to determine frequency of review. Consider third parties. Monitoring Approval of Content Consider pre-approval versus post review. Firm Resources Are there enough dedicated compliance resources to adequately monitor activity? Criteria for Analyze risk. Consider reputation of site, privacy policies, ability to remove third party posts, Participation controls on anonymous posts, and advertising practices of social media sites. Training Train IARs to promote compliance and prevent violations of federal securities laws and firm’s policies. Certification Consider requiring certification by IARs to confirm compliance with social media policies and procedures. Personal / Adopt policies to address an IAR conducting business on personal or third party site, Professional Sites example, types of communications and content permitted (business card info v conducting business). Functionality Examine functionality of each social media site, including privacy for clients. Information Security Identify elevated information security risks associated with social media. Consider procedures to create firewalls between customer information, and firms’ proprietary information. Enterprise Wide Sites Design policies to prevent advertising practices from violating Advisors Act Source: SEC National Examination Risk Alert “Investment Adviser use of Social Media”, January 4, 2012Logo of Company here
    35. 35. Third Party Content and Testimonials Rule 206(4)-1(a)(1) under the Investment Advisor Act prohibits testimonials While not specifically defined, SEC staff interpretation of testimonial: “statement of a client’s experience with, or endorsement of, an investment advisor” Use of “like” button could be a testimonial under the Advisor ActLogo of Company here
    36. 36. Record KeepingFirms must develop policies that adhere to recordkeepingrequirements set forth by the Rule 204-2 of the Advisors ActIncludes all written communications, including social mediaContent is determinativeMust be retained and easily accessible for at least 5 yearsProvide employee trainingCheck periodically that employees are complyingIndex social media communications so a specific record iseasily availableUse third parties to keep records
    37. 37. Key Legal Issues of Social Media Privacy Content Ownership Intellectual Property Infringement Unauthorized Activities • Harassment • Discrimination • Unfair competition • Defamation • Confidential info Regulatory ComplianceLogo of Company here
    38. 38. Key Statutes for Operators and Users of Social Media Sites Section 512(c) of the DMCA Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act No statutory immunities for usersLogo of Company here
    39. 39. Industry-Specific Legislation and Regulatory Bodies FINRA ENERGY HEALTHCARE GOVERNMENT HIPAA State of Oregon FINRA FERC Florida GRS SEC NERC State of GLBA GFTC North Carolina PCI DSS NFA State of MassachusettsLogo of Company here
    40. 40. Cautionary Tales Investscape, Inc. Jenny Ta Whole Foods Market FedEx & KetchumLogo of Company here
    41. 41. Pocket Slides: Case Studies
    42. 42. Case Study: RW Baird Outline Real Results LinkedIn Already Available to 1200 @MaryS_rwbaird Veteran Advisers, tech savvy – 51 followers Authentic Content – 93 Tweets (at the time) – $1m prospectLogo of Company here
    43. 43. Case Study: Wealth Management Firm (NJ) Outline Real Results LinkedIn Only LinkedIn Connection retirement status change = $2m account Listening is Key, watching acquisition connections who matter – Job Change noticed on Status Using Social as an integral element Update = 401k rollower of communications mix to spot change – FA obtains 400 new prospects in Energy market – New Commercial Account Opportunity through colleagues LinkedIn ConnectionsLogo of Company here
    44. 44. Case Study: Raymond James1200 Advisors live in 3 weeks!Logo of Company here
    45. 45. “ Raymond James advisers will be able to share both approved firm content and their own ideas, which will initially go through a .” screening process before being posted to LinkedIn or TwitterLogo of Company here
    46. 46. Pocket Slides: Socialite EnableConfidential and Proprietary © 2011, Actiance, Inc. All rights reserved.
    47. 47. Socialite Enable: Secure & Compliant use of Social Networks Issue Control Requirements Identity management Ensure that all the different logins of an individual link back to corporate identity Activity control Posting of content allowed for marketing but read-only for everyone else Granular application control Employees can access Facebook, but not Facebook Chat or Facebook Games Anti-malware Protect network against hidden phishing or Trojan attacks Data leak prevention Protect organization from employees disclosing sensitive information Moderation Messages posted only upon approval by designated officer Logging and archiving Log all content posted to social networks Export of data Export stored data to any email archive or WORM storageLogo of Company here
    48. 48. Social Networking Widget Categorization – Control access to individual social media sites – Allow/block application widgets on popular sitesLogo of Company here
    49. 49. Social Networking Feature Control • Control features or areas of content posting by user or group • Patent pending DAY ZERO protection on new and changed featuresLogo of Company here
    50. 50. Content Monitoring Policy summaries Easy-to-set policies – Archiving – Moderation Lexicons Actions to takeLogo of Company here
    51. 51. eDiscovery of Social Networking Posts Social networking activity and posts are captured All the captured events are presented for eDiscovery and available for export to archiving platformsLogo of Company here
    52. 52. Moderation Posts to Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn held for review by the following criteria: – All – Keyword/dictionary matches – Regular expressions (e.g., credit card/SSN patterns)Logo of Company here
    53. 53. Moderator work queue & transcript review Moderator queue allows bulk approve or each post reviewed individually.Logo of Company here
    54. 54. End User Experience Toolbar displayed for each site, showing user’s post “queues” User can click on their queues and see a list of the messagesLogo of Company here
    55. 55. Pocket Slides: Socialite EngageConfidential and Proprietary © 2011, Actiance, Inc. All rights reserved.
    56. 56. Socialite Engage: Activate Personal Brand Socialite Engage helps Financial Advisors share relevant and pre-approved content, ensure authenticity of voice, measure impact and increase engagement to grow their business The Socialite platform helps Financial Institutions protect brand and ensure compliance while allowing employees to share relevant content, measure impact and increase engagement
    57. 57. Socialite Engage: Activate Personal Brand Content: Distribution of approved corporate content Impact: Analyze and report on content performance Network: Track aggregated engagement across social media Key Contacts: Consolidated view of updates & interactions Enterprise Integration: Integrate with backend platformsLogo of Company here
    58. 58. Focus on the Key Connections in your life..Logo of Company here
    59. 59. Content: CrowdSource Content that worksLogo of Company here
    60. 60. Sharing, Integration, Results Share pre-approved, relevant content Content Engagement Analytics Consolidated view of connections’ activities Integration with backend platforms Built-in complianceLogo of Company here
    61. 61. Analytics – Actionable results; measurable insight.Logo of Company here
    62. 62. Pocket Slides – The Social UniverseConfidential and Proprietary © 2011, Actiance, Inc. All rights reserved.
    63. 63. Understanding the Social Landscape Agency, Consulting, Analysis, Education Data Layer, Compliance Policy, Social CRMLogo of Company here 6
    64. 64. Pocket Slides: Services AvailableConfidential and Proprietary © 2011, Actiance, Inc. All rights reserved.
    65. 65. Project Kick Off Project Team Assigned Project Plan Created and ApprovedLogo of Company here
    66. 66. Education and Training for Success Education Content ReviewStakeholder Tailoring Pilot GoWorkshop Live Week Week Week Week Week Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 Policy Finalization Training Roll out Review and Additional Test User TrainingLogo of Company here
    67. 67. Education and Training for Success Role Based – Admin / IT Policy Setting – Compliance Reviewer – Content Creator – End User Modality – In person – Web Conference – Train the TrainerLogo of Company here
    68. 68. Education & Training Materials User Guides (printed) – User Guides on each Actiance product – Best practice approach documentation to Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter (designed for regulated users) – Success criteria for social media in Financial Services – Guide to FINRA 10-06 and 11-39, Guide to IIROC, Guide to FSA – Mapping Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter features to FINRA 10-06 and 11-39; IIROC; FSA, Global Social Compliance Requirements – The human elements of social media how to overcome the issues – Social Checklist for Financial services: What not to miss – Legal Issues of Social Media – Ediscovery Requirements of Social Media – ROI of Social Media for Distributed TeamsLogo of Company here
    69. 69. Education & Training Materials Recorded Industry Training – SEC and Social Media – what this means to the firm, the regulated individual – FINRA and Social Media – what this means to the firm, the regulated individual – FSA and Social Media – what this means to the firm, the regulated individual – IIROC and Social Media – what this means to the firm, the regulated individual – Legal Issues of Social Media – Ediscovery Requirements of Social MediaLogo of Company here
    70. 70. Education & Training Materials Recorded Product Training – Using Socialite Engage – Getting Started – Content Creation – Sharing Library Content – Crowdsourcing Content – What people want to read – when’s best to share – How to organize my Key connections – Engaging and Dealing with Feedback and Comments – Measuring my resultsLogo of Company here
    71. 71. Legislative & Regulatory Environment Mapping Statement of Work  Identify scope of the legislative and regulatory environment that the community platform will cover.  Outline instances of legislation and regulation, with key elements relating the project.  Classify risks associated with specific regulations and legislation.  Outline key steps to take to mitigate risks related to the above (technical solution, policy, direction). Notes:  This piece of work is intended to provide high level guidance on the regulatory and legislative issues at play in the formation of a virtual community, .hosted in the United Kingdom.  We will address applicable laws, regulation currently in place and also review upcoming requirements that may impact the community and the Bank. Estimated delivery time  Initial Draft: 3 weeks from confirmation of order.  Final Presentation & Report: 2 weeks from returned comments from draft. Costs:  $27,500. To include all research, reporting writing and in person presentation incorporating all comments and updates from draft report.Logo of Company here
    72. 72. Thought Leadership Support & Guidance Statement of Work  Provide the Bank with thought leadership guidance based on worldwide trends in community usage and management.  Provide the Bank with feedback and review on competitive organizations use of social collaboration platforms  Recommend enhancements, information navigation and content roadmaps, editorial and content.  Assist with engaging relevant content providers and nurturing clients on providing content.  Provide coaching on content and engagement – setting the tone, what’s working, how to get engagement  Identify other communities, networks and business applications to connect the community with  Deliver virtual and face to face social community best practice events for groups of clients (this can be virtual, with best practice speakers, either Actiance or other social though leaders engaged via Actiance)* Estimated delivery time  Can begin immediately. Suggest a formal kick off (face to face), with agreed (twice monthly) virtual meetings to follow a set agenda, with adhoc content provided as appropriate  *Virtual and Face to Face Events for the Community’s use – not included in this cost, but suggested as an element to promote the ongoing growth and usage of the community. Costs:  $7,500 per month based on initial face to face meeting, twice monthly virtual meetings and face to face meeting once every three months.  *Organizing best practice social community best practice events cost to be determined if requirement.Logo of Company here
    73. 73. Social Media Enablement for Financial Services Objective: Provide an overview of Social Media and how the regulatory environment affects use of such media by Financial Services Professionals Knowledge transfer to include: – Review of applicable regulations and guidelines – Supervision issues that need to be considered – How rules map to each feature of the key social networks – Discussion of best practices for complianceLogo of Company here
    74. 74. Best Practices for Facebook Objective: An interactive training workshop designed to enable effective use of Facebook Knowledge transfer to include: – Why is Social Media important? – Engage with customers and colleagues – Social Media statistics – Prospect for new business/customers – Impact on mobile – Update your status – Why use Social Media? – Educate and re-educate your network – Facebook by the Numbers – Expand your presence – Success Stories for Facebook – Do’s and Don’ts – How do you do it? The 4 ―E‖s – Measure your results – Create a Facebook Professional Page – Summary/Test/Evaluation – Establish a presenceLogo of Company here
    75. 75. Best Practices for LinkedIn Objective: An interactive training workshop designed to enable effective use of LinkedIn Knowledge transfer to include: – Why is Social Media important? – Engage with customers and colleagues – Social Media statistics – Prospect for new business/customers – Impact on mobile – Update your status – Why use Social Media? – Educate (and re-educate) your network – LinkedIn by the Numbers – Expand your presence – Success Stories for LinkedIn – Do’s and Don’ts – How do you do it? The 4 ―E‖s – Measure your results – Create a LinkedIn Profile – Summary / Test – Establish a presence – EvaluationLogo of Company here
    76. 76. Best Practices for Twitter Objective: An interactive training workshop designed to enable effective use of Twitter Knowledge transfer to include: – Why is Social Media important? – Engage with customers and colleagues – Social Media statistics – Prospect for new business/customers – Impact on mobile – Tweet / Retweet / Direct Message – Why use Social Media? – Educate (and re-educate) your network – Twitter by the Numbers – Expand your presence – Success Stories for Twitter – Do’s and Don’ts – How do you do it? The 4 ―E‖s – Measure your results – Create a Twitter Profile – Summary / Test – Establish a presence – EvaluationLogo of Company here
    77. 77. Standard Socialite Overview, Planning, Configuration, and Implementation Objective: Provide a documented, end-to-end implementation of the Actiance Socialite technology Knowledge transfer to include: – Overview of the Socialite solution – Corporate LDAP Integration allowing policy creation based upon the customer’s requirements – Extensive customized reporting – Automated exporting to external archiving systems or enterprise content management systems – Deployment options: SaaS, on-premise, or hybrid – Licensing options for all methods – Multi-network mapping functionality to ensure corporate user identity – Integration with USG for complete end-to-end solutionLogo of Company here
    78. 78. Pocket Slides: Explaining DeploymentConfidential and Proprietary © 2011, Actiance, Inc. All rights reserved.
    79. 79. Deployment Alternatives: User/Proxy vs. Page/API User/Proxy Approach Pg 1 – User traffic is routed through Socialite – everything the USER does is managed Pros Pg 2 – Real time control – Granular control over features & applications Cons Pg 3 – User must be on managed endpoint or networkLogo of Company here
    80. 80. Deployment Alternatives: User/Proxy vs. Page/API Page/API Approach Pg 1 – Socialite monitors the User/Company Page through network APIs Pros Pg 2 – Everything that happens on the target page is monitored & archived Cons – No control over feature/application access Pg 3 – Potential window of vulnerabilityLogo of Company here
    81. 81. Profile Pre Approval Workflow STEP 3 Reviewer receives e-mail notification STEP 4 about pending changes •Reviewer signs-on to Socialite reviewer console •Reviewer reviews changes and Approves or Rejects them •Reviewer also has an option to suggest changes STEP 2 Socialite intercepts changes and provides a notification that profile is being monitored and changes will only be made on approval STEP 5 User logins into LinkedIn and STEP 1 posts accepted changes User Creates Profile on LinkedInLogo of Company here
    82. 82. Content Approval Workflow STEP 3 Moderator receives e-mail STEP 4 notification about pending messages •Moderator signs-on to Socialite reviewer console •Moderator reviews messages and depending upon appropriateness Approves or Rejects a message •Moderator also has an option to leave a review STEP 2 comment for each post Socialite intercepts post and provides a notification that content is being monitored and will be posted only upon approval by the moderator STEP 5 Accepted posts are sent to the network on behalf of the user STEP 1 User posts message on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter STEP 6 Accepted posts are viewed by the userLogo of Company here
    83. 83. ENDConfidential and Proprietary © 2011, Actiance, Inc. All rights reserved.