Integrating technology in the classroom


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Integrating technology in the classroom

  1. 1. Integrating Technology in the Classroom Presented by: Dwayne Chatelain, Erica Henry & Christie Burns 8/10/2010
  2. 2. What will we learn today? • How to incorporate video into your PowerPoint presentations • How to take URL’s of videos and convert them to MPEG format, allowing you to put the clip into your presentation, rather than creating hyperlinks.
  3. 3. Today, we will learn how to integrate videos from two websites: – United Streaming – You Tube (TeacherTube, or similar video streaming service)
  4. 4. Should we skip ahead? • In the essence of time, if we don’t need to explain how to access United Streaming and the steps needed to incorporate clips into your PPT’s, then we’ll move ahead to converting YouTube video to MPEG format Advance to next slide Advance to next topic
  5. 5. United Streaming
  6. 6. Ways to use • Stream Video (Not Recommended – bandwith problems due to so many computers being online at the same time – video may not stream fluidly at all times) • Download Video (Recommended) – Create a special folder for your video clips to stay organized.
  7. 7. Comparison of your two options: Watching Video From a Link Watching Downloaded Video (Click the picture to access YouTube): (Click the movie clip to begin video) watch?v=JLdA1ikkoEc
  8. 8. Downloading Video • First, you will need an access code for United Streaming. E-mail Ms. Burns or Ms. Mills for the teacher code (Get the student code and put it in your syllabus for your students, as well) • Create a login and password • Go to the site • Type in a topic you’d like to find clips on in the search box.
  9. 9. • Once you selected a clip, you must click the filmstrip on the right side of the selection. • When prompted, select “Save” and put the clip in the designated folder in your “My Documents” section. • HINT: Have folders within your folders to make file access easier. Categorizing your folders by unit, then putting lesson folders in your unit folders, is a great way to organize.
  10. 10. Inserting Video into PPT • Now, you’re ready to put your clip into PPT: • In your presentation, go to the drop-down menu titled “Insert”. • The “Movie” icon is 2nd from the end. • Select “Movie from File”. • Browse through your “My Documents” folders to locate the video you saved earlier.
  11. 11. • Click on the clip you would like to insert into your presentation. • Your clip will now be linked to your presentation. • When prompted, select “Automatic” or “When Clicked” . • To re-size your clip, grab one of the corners and drag into the open area of the slide. • Congratulations! You’re done!
  12. 12. Converting video • There are two ways to access YouTube video in PowerPoint: 1. Create a hyperlink to your video clip 2. Convert the video into MPEG format, and insert the video, following the instructions from earlier.
  13. 13. • Downloading: – Benefit: Clip will not stall due to bandwith issues. – Drawbacks: The video is not actually embedded into your presentation – it is linked. Therefore, students accessing your PPT from Moodle will see only a blank screen on their computer. • Hyper-linking: – Benefit: Access to video links with an internet connection. – Drawbacks: (1) Inappropriate comments on YouTube are visible, (2) Streaming issues outlined earlier
  14. 14. • To convert YouTube into MPEG format, you can access the free site @ • Steps: – Copy the URL from your YouTube video – Go to the Online Video Converter homepage, and select “Video Converter” – When prompted, paste the URL into the box, and click “Download”. – Select MPEG format, and click “Convert” – When prompted, click “Get” in order to “Save” your file. – Browse through the folders you’ve created until you find the appropriate one, then save the clip into your folder. – Follow the steps outlined earlier to insert your clip into PPT. – Congratuations! You’re done!
  15. 15. • can also convert clips to MP3 format, in order for you to incorporate music or speeches into your PPT as well. • Follow the same steps as you did to convert your video, just click the “Audio Converter” link, instead.
  16. 16. Questions / Comments