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APLD Sponsorship Programs


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APLD Chapter symposium presentation

APLD Chapter symposium presentation

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  • 1. Referrals, education, help build numbers/membership 2. take customers to sp locations, links on bus. Websites 3. Money to build chapter and or help with special events
  • 04 – 14,200 & 05 – 8,570 & 06 – 11,880 & 07 – 15,500 & 08 – 18,800 & 09 – 40,800
  • Other expenses incurred by Chapter to support members, such as conference calls,
  • Transcript

    • 1. APLD Sponsorship
    • 2. Why sponsor?
      Build Business Relationships
      Build Public Relations
      Build Income
    • 3. Past six years of sponsorship income
    • 4. What extra income could your Chapter use?
      Extra $2000 – $20,000 +
      for specific training or workshop?
      upgrade Chapter website?
      support member participation in home show/expo?
      reimburse mileage to volunteers?
      many other Chapter programs and expenses
    • 5. APLD Sponsorship Policy
      Chapter Sponsorships
      APLD encourages the Chapters to find innovative means by which to offer programs and events at a reasonable or subsidized rate for its members. Development of Chapter sponsorship programs is an innovative means to do this.
    • 6. Chapter sponsorship policy:
      May be for specific program, event or overall support of the Chapter
      All sponsorships must be communicated with headquarters when the quarterly financial reports are submitted
      Chapters are to look for sponsorships from local businesses and not solicit those businesses with either a national or international presence, unless that business has approached the Chapter directly.
      The Chapter should inform the potential Chapter sponsor of the APLD Sponsorship Program opportunity.
    • 7. Chapter sponsorship policy continued:
      Chapters are required to review the last two previous years of sponsors for APLD and are prohibited from contacting those companies, unless they obtain approval from the sponsorship chair.
      Upon request, APLD will supply mailing labels of Chapter members to the Chapter sponsorship volunteer/chair/contact person. This action can be requested on a quarterly basis following receipt of the Chapter’s quarterly financial statements. The labels will be send to the business by the Chapter contact person and will further support communication between the Chapter and the sponsoring business.
    • 8. Who to sponsor
      Local/state businesses(may carry national products)
      ie. Local stoneyard may carry Belgard
      ie. Local nursery may carry Monrovia
      National companies (when they come to you & tell them about APLD sponsorship program)
      Check APLD sponsor lists for last 2 years
    • 9. 2009 APLD Sponsors
      Exclusive Platinum Sponsor
      Gold Sponsor
      FX LuminaireNovalis
      Silver Sponsor
      Bartlett Tree Experts
      Bronze Sponsor
      Duracraft Inc. Kellogg Garden Products
      Vectorworks Landmark/Nemetschek
      Event Sponsor
      BioNova Natural Pools Cascadian Nurseries
      CAST Lighting Elements International
      Iseli Nursery J Frank Schmidt & Son
      Oregon Assoc. of Nurseries Terra Nova Nurseries
      Timber Press Unique Lighting Systems
      Water Shapes
    • 10. 2008 APLD Sponsors
      Main Sponsor
      Exhibitor Showcase Sponsor
      Bartlett Tree Experts Bisco
      Brent & Becky’s Bulbs CAST Lighting
      Duracraft Inc. Garon Fence/Bedford Ironworks
      Hardscrabble Farms Outdoor Lighting Perspectives
      Rhodes Architectural Stone Rin Robyn Pools
      SavA Tree Smith & Hawken
      Sunny Border Nursery TournesolSiteworks
      Unique Lighting Systems VectorWorks Landmark/Nemetschek
      Water Shapes
    • 11. How to sponsor
      Enjoy the process – meet business professionals, make Chapter income and get the word out about APLD
      Develop program
      Benefits for business – advertising venues, events where sponsors are included etc. (WIIFM)
      Develop program – events where Chapter needs sponsors or levels for yearly participation
      What fee to charge sponsors? Base fees on your market and benefits your Chapter is offering
      Application to sign up (see copy of CA application)
    • 12. How to sponsor - continued
      Make list of potential sponsors
      Call/personal visit and/or email the information
      Tell business about APLD with details of your Chapter
      Ask if landscape designers & designer’s clients are good target market
      Share benefits of your Chapter’s program
      Give details of 2-3 choices - levels of sponsorship
      (example: gold, silver & bronze levels)
      Ask “Is this something you would be interested in?“ (now be quiet and let them speak!)
    • 13. How to sponsor - continued
      Follow-up – keep track of who you contacted and the phone #, email, person you spoke to, website, address and which APLD member made the contact
      Follow-up – send thank you letter (see CA letter handout)
      Meet expectations – do more than promised
      Keep sponsors happy and they will come back year after year – makes future enrollment easy!
    • 14. Meet the Platinum, Gold and Silver sponsors of APLD who could be with us here today.