Alcohol and Teens Midterm by Alex Baloski
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Alcohol and Teens Midterm by Alex Baloski






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Alcohol and Teens Midterm by Alex Baloski Alcohol and Teens Midterm by Alex Baloski Presentation Transcript

  • DRINKING IS WIDESPREAD AMONG TEENS 1. By age 15, 50% of teens have had alcohol 2. By age 18, 70% of teens have had alcohol Source: health/special-populations-co- occurring-disorders/underage- drinking Source: content/uploads/2012/06/Alcohol- facts-liquor.jpg 3. 11.4 % of all alcohol consumed in the United States is by people under the age of 21. (Columbia University) Source: about-teens-and-alcohol#
  • ALCOHOL IS NOT WHAT YOU’D THINK 4. Even though people consider alcohol a party starter, it is clinically considered a depressant because it slows down the nervous system and its functions. Source: en/drug_alcohol/alcoh ol/alcohol.html# Source: http://panic- content/uploads/2010/03/Effect s-of-Alcohol-dependency.jpg
  • FACTS ABOUT EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL 5. Young people who drink are more likely to be involved in a physical or sexual assault. 6. Consuming alcohol can result in unsafe actions like driving while under the influence, engaging in sexual activities while drunk, and committing violence. Source: health/special-populations-co-occurring- disorders/underage-drinking View slide
  • WHY ALCOHOL IS SO HARMFUL 7. Young people who begin to drink alcohol before the age of 16 are at least 5 times more likely to become dependent on alcohol than adults who do not begin to drunk until the legal age of 21. Source: sheets/underage-drinking.htm 8. Teenagers who binge drink (consume 4 or more alcoholic beverages in one sitting) have a much greater likelihood of committing self-injury. Source: facts-about-teens-and-alcohol# View slide
  • Source: ondj/images/drinking_and_drivi ng_charts.gif Teen drinking causes many automobile accidents each year, including many deaths.
  • MORE HARMFUL EFFECTS OF ALCOHOL 9. Underage drinking has even more consequences. If one begins to binge drink at age 13, he/she has a greater risk of becoming overweight and having hypertension (high blood pressure) by his/her mid-twenties than his/her peers who abstain from alcohol. (University of Washington) Source: alcohol.html#
  • THE WARNING SIGNS CAN BE NOTICED 10. People with alcohol problems can be noticed by: -concentration issues -memory problems -not caring about appearance anymore -having slurred speech -a new group of friends -losing interest in things they used to enjoy -problems in school -possessing alcohol Source: health/special-populations-co-occurring- disorders/underage-drinking