Organizational Impediments To Scrum Adoption


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Scrum is a ‘light-weight” methodology and is usually easily adopted by small organizations. However, when working with large-scale and even global organizations, Scrum adoption is anything but easy or “light-weight”. The majority of barriers to adoption, however, aren’t related to developers, development practices or skill but are rooted in the organization. This presentation explores the top 20 barriers to scrum adoption and organizational transformation. It includes a mindmap with dozens more. Contact me if you would like a full-size pdf of the mindmap.

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Organizational Impediments To Scrum Adoption

  1. 1. Organizational Barriers and Impediments to Big Scrum Implementations Darian Rashid Agile Trainer and Coach
  2. 2. Module-Based Scrum Teams and Horizontal Slices GUI scrum team Business Logic Scrum team Database Scrum team “How do I demo a driver?” “As the system, I’d like to manage my memory so that my memory is managed” O RG
  3. 3. Distributed Teams “The sun never sets on our development empire” O RG
  4. 4. Hardware and Embedded Systems Used as an excuse NOT to practice Scrum O RG
  5. 5. Department of Facilities “Tear down these cubes!” O RG
  6. 6. Security Policies “utkubmiT” O RG
  7. 7. Individual Evaluations and Incentives nt geme an a M
  8. 8. Velocity Used to Compare Teams nt geme an a M
  9. 9. Fear and Safety • Fear of raising issues • “The daily beatings” nt geme an a M
  10. 10. PO Decisions Are Pushed to the Devevelopment Team(s) Hmmm… Chinese or Italian tonight? ct du ip P ro sh er O wn
  11. 11. Multiple Backlogs And/Or Product Owners For the Same Team ct du ip P ro sh er O wn
  12. 12. Product Owner Proxys (POPs) ct du ip Pro rsh ne Ow
  13. 13. Little or No Release Planning ct du ip Pro rsh ne Ow
  14. 14. ScrumMasters Not Empowered sters M a m Scru
  15. 15. Part Time and Rotating “Admin” ScrumMasters sters a ru mM Sc
  16. 16. Little or No Infrastructure al hnic T ec
  17. 17. Defects are Counted Toward Velocity ua lity Q
  18. 18. Manager == PO && Manager == SM && Manager == Technical Lead !!! ^$ %& @
  19. 19. Bottom-Up Deployment “Scrum is a practice for developers” hip ders L ea