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SCODE-Dental Delhi, We Provide fear free dental implants in our clinic, Our Experienced & expert dentist is specially trained in the latest techniques in virtually "pain-free" care. We offer all kind of dental treatment in our dental clinic like Dental implants, root canal treatment, cosmetic dentistry, smile makeover, Laser Dentistry, Orthodontic Surgery, Sinus Lift, Pre Prosthetic Surgery, Oral Surgery, Sedation Dentistry and zoom teeth whitening at affordable price in South Delhi India.

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Best Dental Clinic in South Delhi

  1. 1. Dental Implants In Delhi a Multi Specialty Dental Clinic Dr. Anurag Singh Dr Anurag Singh completed his B.D.S from Bharati Vidyapeeth Dental College & Hospital, Pune in 2001 & M.D.S in the field of Oral & Maxillofacial surgery from the same institution in the year 2005. During his MASTERS degree he had the fortune of working with various other specialists such as Oncosurgeons & Plastic dental surgeons. Clinic : B-4/39, FF, Safdarjang Enclave, New Delhi – 110029 Phone no:- +91-8588904459 / +91-8860477726 Fax:- + 91 - 11 – 46045153 Web:- Email:-
  2. 2. We Create Beautiful Smile Welcome to Dental-Delhi, we are providing quality dental care to meet your needs. At our dental clinic, quality is never compromised, and your comfort and safety are of paramount importance. If you're wondering what separates us from other dental practices in the area, consider these points: • Our dental team will provide you and your family with complete, comprehensive dental care at our clinic. We look forward to discussing cosmetic dentistry solutions such as porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, implants, fixed bridges, or one of the many options available at our technologically advanced practice. • We treat our patients like family and we want OUR family to have the very best treatment available. • We listen to our patients and offer them effective dental options to best meet their needs: clinically and financially. • Our facility, technology, and techniques are state-of- the-art, enabling us to provide treatment not typically offered in most dental offices. Dr. Anurag Singh MDS Maxillofacial Surgeon & Implantologist Clinic : B-4/39, FF, Safdarjung Enclave, New Delhi – 110029 Phone No. : +91-8588904459 / +91-8860477726 Fax : + 91 – 11 – 46045153 Web. : Email :
  3. 3. What is Dental Implant’s Dental Implant are the new standard of care for tooth replacement. They bond (osseointegrate) with health bone and provide permanent support for dental crowns and dentures. Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth and can last a lifetime. Dental Implants for tooth replacement. A missing tooth can be replaced by a dental implant without altering the healthy adjacent teeth. Once the implant is, an abutment is attached to provide support for the final crown. Advantages of Dental Implants • Look and feel like natural teeth • Fit securely • Healthy adjoining teeth are preserved • Allow you to eat virtually any food • Convenient – no special care needed • Can help prevent bone deterioration and gum erosion • Can help preserve facial structure Traditional Dentures and Bridgework • Look less natural, may be uncomfortable • May shift and click during eating and talking • Often uncomfortable • Adjoining teeth may be damaged from supporting bridgework • Chewy foods may cause dentures to become loose • Denture pastes and powders required • Dentures must be removed at nightPhone No. : +91-8588904459 / +91-8860477726 Web:- www Email:-
  4. 4. SCODE-Root Canal Treatment A Root Canal Treatment is needed when a tooth's nerve and associated blood vessels are irrerversibly damaged. For example: • Tooth damaged bytrauma • A fractured tooth • Deep cavity that has infected the nerve. The end result is the same - an infection that leads to an abscess at the base of the tooth. SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS • Throbbing pain in the tooth(especially noticeable when lying horizontal, i.e. in bed at night). • There may also be a swelling in your jaw. • The tooth may be painful to chew on. • Pain on consuming hot and/or cold foods. • Teeth that are severely worn out. Your tooth can usually be saved at this time. A Dentist can save a tooth by removing the diseased nerve tissue, cleaning and then filling the nerve chamber. A root canal is a relatively simple procedure with little or no discomfort involving one to four or more visits. Best of all, it can save your tooth and smile . The treated tooth usually can function like a normal tooth after Root Canal Therapy. Visit Our Website:-
  5. 5. SCODE - Zoom Teeth Whitening Get the Whiter Teeth and Healthier Smile You've Been Wanting For… Your smile is the way you greet the world. Why not put your best self forward with the confidence of a more beautiful smile? The Zoom! In office Whitening System will make your teeth dramatically whiter in less than an hour . The Procedure is simple . It begins with a short preparation to cover your lips and gums, leaving only your teeth exposed. The Zoom! Clinician then applies the proprietary Zoom! Whitening Gel, which was designed to be used with a specially designed light. The Zoom! Light and gel work together to gently penetrate your teeth, breaking up stains and discoloration. With proper care your smile will sparkle for years
  6. 6. Laser Dentistry Treatment A dental laser is a type of laser designed specifically for use in oral surgery or dentistry. In our Dental clinic at Delhi, India we use diode laser routinely to achieve the optimum results. Several variants of Dental Laser are in use, with the most common being diode lasers, carbon dioxide lasers, and yttrium aluminium garnet laser. Different lasers use different wavelengths and these mean they are better suited for different applications. For example, diode lasers in the 810–900 nm range are well absorbed by red colored tissues such as the gingivae increasingly being used in place of electrosurgery and standard surgery for soft tissue applications such as tissue contouring and gingivectomy. Clinic : B-4/39, FF, Safdarjang Enclave, New Delhi – 110029 Phone no:- +91-8588904459 / +91- 8860477726 Fax:- + 91 - 11 – 46045153 Web:- Email:-
  7. 7. You must have lots of good reasons to keep your family’s teeth and gums healthy. in order to keep your mouth clean, there are simple ways to keep teeth strong and healthy from childhood to old age everyday...see the image can also visit our website..
  8. 8. Thank You SURGICAL CENTRE OF DENTAL EXCELLENCE Dr. Anurag Singh MDS Maxillofacial Surgeon & Implantologist Clinic : B-4/39, FF, Safdarjang Enclave, New Delhi - 110029 Phone No.:+91-8588904459 / +91-8860477726 Fax : + 91 - 11 - 46045153 Web. : Email :