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  • http://ivfscams.wordpress.com shows proof that Dr. Samit Sekhar of Kiran IVF Clinic in Hyderabad is fraud, and scam. He suspended from medical council for cheating. He not even qualified medical doctor and he is medical degree is fake. Beware of Kiran IVF Clinic in hyderabad and take care you are not cheated by this Dr Samit Sekhar who is a fraud and criminal so is many of doctor in Kiran IVF Clinic Sai Kiran Hospital Hyderabad is scam and fake. BEWARE YOUR OWN RISK and lost of money in foreign country full of scamster
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Ivf doctors india

  1. 1. Why you should consider IVF Doctors Indiahttp://www.dranoopgupta.com/There are various countries that offer world-class fertility treatments at very minimal costs,however India is considered to be the major and important destination for the IVF patientsfrom the western world. Apart from attaining important savings, IVF Doctors India are usingthe most recent technology and medical acquaintance and this is why you can easily makeuse of your money and time when you plan to visit India for IVF treatment. There are severalreasons for considering India to be a feasible option and alternate to other IVF services.The IVF Doctors in India have received their medical degree from the well-known andreputed medical schools in the US and in the UK. They perform IVF cycles, and meanwhilethey also publish numerous papers on fertility treatments in high-status and esteemedjournals such as Fertility and Sterility. The equipments used by IVF Doctors India are boughtfrom the finest manufacturers in the world. For example, IVF catheters are bought fromRocket, London, inverted microscopes are bought from Olympus, Japan and IVF culturemedium is bought from VitroLife, Scandinavia. The years spent by the IVF Doctors Indiamake them to be the best in this particular field.There are lots of fertility clinics present all over India. There are numerous clinics inmetropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore. It is said that more than 400 IVF clinicsare present in India and they help to bring into being 30,000 ART treatments, every year.When you plan to undergo an IVF cycle in the US, it would cost you around $10000. This isnot the case in India, wherein you will need to pay a minimal cost of just $3500 for an entireIVF cycle at the best IVF clinics in the country. Occasionally, this fee is said to be inclusive ofall the medical practices involved, such as the scans, lab tests, egg retrieval and embryotransfer. An entire IVF cycle with the help of utilizing donor eggs will not cost you in excessof $7000. IVF with embryo adoption will not cost you in excess of $5000.The hospitality is another good reason to consider. Most of the western IVF patients havereported to have been impressed and amazed by the hospitality and courtesy shown by theIndian medical staff to them. IVF Doctors India will explain things that you should know aboutthe medical procedure involved. They will also help you to feel comfortable whenever youfeel lonely or worried.