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Escalating indian fertility market
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Escalating indian fertility market


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  • 1. Escalating Indian Fertility Market: Worldwide destinationhttp://www.dranoopgupta.comIndians have started confiding in the fertility treatment more and more. Infertility is anescalating trouble due to urbanisation and stressful life. “Infertility affects about 15 per centof all married couples, which means it is the commonest medical problem in thereproductive age group. And, given the fact that India has over one billion people, aconservative estimate would show that there are about 20 million infertile couples in India.The many global advances in reproductive technology mean that infertile couples havemany treatment options, since Indian clinics are providing cutting edge of reproductivemedicine,” says Dr Anoop Gupta, IVF Specialist, Delhi IVF Clinic, New Delhi. This makesIndian Fertility Market a Worldwide destination.India has the fastest growing fertility market worldwide. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF),Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) or artificial insemination, egg freezing, Intra cytoplasmicsperm injection (ICSI), etc. are all practiced rapidly with swift technological development.Sperm donation is something which is a recent development in Indian fertility market. Themedical expertise required for this is being expanded and spread throughout.Where India is growing internally with its fertility market, the reason for Indian FertilityMarket as a lucrative destination is also that there is an increasing number of people fromdifferent parts of the world to get treated in India. Patients from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka andother SAARC countries reach out for India to get fertility treatment, though lack of medicaldevelopments is a reason for other countries to choose India over other countries.Postmenopausal reasons, lesbian, are reasons for inept parenthood. There are also variousabsurd motives behind this too. Hospitals availing advanced techniques are a boon for thefertility market. Indian fertility market: A destination to all the patients for whom conceivingis a big problem. Growth in accredited centres in India is observed.Surrogacy is also accepted by Indian families nowadays. Renting wombs is a cheaper act inIndia. Low cost of services and lack of rules and regulations make things easier for patientsand doctors too. Indian sperm banks also supply to other countries. All the reasons justifymaking Indian fertility market an alluring destination.