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Islam honours women
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Islam honours women


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Islam is the religion of human rights, long before women tasted her rights in our modern age, Islam gave her full rights and even considered her rights holy that can't be violated

Islam is the religion of human rights, long before women tasted her rights in our modern age, Islam gave her full rights and even considered her rights holy that can't be violated

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  • 1. Islam can be called thereligion of human rights inaddition to many otherbeneficial concepts.When Islam dawned on theworld, human rights,especially women rights,were completely violated.However, in the shade ofIslam women could for thefirst time in history taste themeaning of freedom and herbeing a human.In this presentation I am goingto condense the rights givento women by Islam because, if
  • 2. www.knowmuhammad.orgWomens Rights inIslamThe relation between man andwomen over the span of historyhad remained deprived of justiceamong many successivegenerations.; She wasdisdainfully treated,browbeaten and didnt have theright to choose for herself,neither did she have the rightto lead her own life and historybears witness unimpeachably towhat she suffered at the handsof man in many societies thoughthese were civilized and of highintellect orientation. Likewise, inthe pre-Islamic paganism, woman
  • 3. www.knowmuhammad.orgFemale EmbryosrightsFemale embryo, like male embryo,should be guarded againsthereditary disease.Females rights in infantryWhile in other religions afemalebirth is not always welcome, afemale birth was celebrated bythe prophet.Females like males should be givenbeautiful names.Females like males are to be givenlove while still children withoutany preference of one sex toanother as stated in the prophetshadith.Islam is against deingratingfemales in any way especially
  • 4. www.knowmuhammad.orgEquality between man andwomenIslam acquits Eve from theoriginal Sin which livedthrough generation andwomen have to bear it. InQuran God has remitted thissin the moment it wascommitted.Women have the samespiritual status as men inthe eye of God.
  • 5. www.knowmuhammad.orgRights of Females overfathersFemales are to receive the duecare and be brought up in thebest way( Gods reward for parents isshielding them against thehellfire and raising theirranks high up to that of theprophet as stated in thhadiths). Even Female slavesare to be taught, this is doublyrewarded by God Teachingfemales is mandatory inIslam.A female(married or
  • 6. www.knowmuhammad.orgdaughters( Note that Femalesin Judeo-Christianity inheritonly from their parents incase no brothers are found)A female is not to be killed inwars.A female chastity is to begiven high care.A woman has the right toargue with men even with theprophet himselfWomen are equal to men asstated in the hadith" Womenare sisters to men."A woman, just like a man, cangive someone the right of
  • 7. www.knowmuhammad.orgAs a wifeA female has the right tochoose her husband.A wife has the right tomanage her property (thehusband should not takeany of it)A wife has thefull right to her dowry (The husband is not to takefrom)A wife can divorceherself if she doesnt likeher husband.A wife is not responsiblefor spending on her family,it is something optional.
  • 8. www.knowmuhammad.orgA husband is responsiblefor feeding, dwelling,taking the utmost careof his wife (Raising apiece of bread to awifes mouth will berewarded) A wife shouldbe given her full right inbed and even such act isrewarded by Godbecause they can besinners if the committedadultry. During menses,contraray to the holyBook, a woman can liveamong her familymemebers, whoever
  • 9. www.knowmuhammad.orgAs a motherThe best among the Muslims arethose who are good to their wives.To show how important is theobdienceof mothers the orophetsays"paradise is at feet of mothersand that she deserves care as twiceas a father deserves."Mothers should always be givendue care from her childrenWives should not be preferred tomothers under any circumstancesCaring about them is much preferedto fighting in the cause of God.Children are not to participate inwars( Jihad) without her consentShe is to be given the utmost care
  • 10. www.knowmuhammad.orgIn Islam a widow has every right toremarryAs a widow, the whole of theIslamic society is responsible forfinancing her.Dead mothersHer children are to ask Allah forremitting her sins and ask Allah tohave mercy on her.Her children are to honour herrelatives and friends.Children can do rightous acts forthem ( optional) After one’smother dies, it is Sunnah to fulfilany vows that she had made, and togive charity and perform Hajj and‘Umrah on her behalf.After she dies, it is also Sunnah tohonour her by maintaining ties with