Animals' rights in islam


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Prophet Muhammad, inspired by God’s revelation, laid the human rights and even animals rights long before both terms came into being.

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Animals' rights in islam

  1. 1. Prophet Muhammad, inspired by God’srevelation, laid the human rights and evenanimals rights long before both termscame into being.What distinguishes the Islamic rightswhether for humans or animals is that theyare ordinances by God and they werepracticed in the golden age of Islam.Any one who violates these rights is asinner who will be punish by God.In this presentation, you will read somehadiths that were the basis of the Islamicapproach towards animals.
  2. 2. It is narrated that someonetook two chicks of a bird(hamra), which came inpanic searching for itschicks. ProphetMuhammad (Peace andblessings be upon him andhis house) then asked,“Who has distressed it bytaking its chicks?” Then heasked them to return thechicks.
  3. 3. Insects should not be killed with fireThe Prophet (SWS) oncepassed by a burnt hole in which ants lived. He(SWS) said deplorably :“Who has burnedit?” When he wasinformed of who had doneit, he said, “Only the Lordof Fire has the right topunish with fire.”
  4. 4. Animals should be made hungryOnce the Prophet (SWS)passed by a a camel thatwas so emaciated, its backwas one with its abdomen.Upon seeing that, theProphet (SWS) said, “FearAllah with regard tolivestock. Ride them in afitting way and eat themwhen they are in goodcondition.”
  5. 5. One day the Prophet (SWS)entered a garden belonging toa man from the Ansar. In thegarden he (SWS) noticed a camelwhich froze and its eyes startedwatering upon seeing theMessenger of Allah. The Prophet(SWS) then came to it and rubbedits ears, causing it to becomecalm. He (SWS) then asked,“Who is the owner of this camel?Whose camel is this?”
  6. 6. Animals should not be burdened beyond their capacitiesA young man from the Ansartold him, “O Messenger ofAllah, it belongs to me.” TheProphet (SWS) then told him,“Do you not fear Allah withregard to this beast, whichHe has let you own?It complained to me that youstarve it and tire it byoverworking it and using itbeyond its capacity.”
  7. 7. Feeding an animal shall be rewarded by GodThe Prophet (SWS) said,“If any Muslim plants anyplant and a human beingor an animal eats of it, hewill be rewarded as if hehad given that much incharity.” – (Al-Bukhari)
  8. 8. “There was a Jewish whore,who used to commit adulteryand took it as a profession. Ithappened that she passed by awell one day. Because she wasthirsty, she came down to thewell to quench her thirst. Whenshe approached the brim of thewell, she found a dog out ofbreath from the blunt of thirst.“It must have beensuffering exactly like me,” shethought.
  9. 9. She took off her shoes,which she filled when shewent down to the well. Shethen stretched her hand andquenched the dog’s thirst.When this whore died, shewas let into heaven and herlong series of sins wereremitted because of this onethoughtful act of quenchingthe dog’s thirst.
  10. 10. Imprisoning an animal brings God’s wrath.The Prophet (SWS) said, “Awoman entered the hell firebecause she imprisoned acat. She neither fed it nordid she set it free to eat.”
  11. 11. Animals shouldn’t be ridden for side talkIt happened that the Prophet(SWS) saw some peoplesitting on animals to which hecommented, “Keep them safeand sound when riding themand when leaving them, don’tuse them as chairs for yourside talks in the streets andmarkets. A ridden animalmight be better than its riderand might remember andmention Allah more than itsrider does.”
  12. 12. Animals should not be taken as targets for shootingThe Prophet (SWS) said,“Anyone who would kill abird, this bird would comeon Doomsday and say,“Allah, this person killedme for pleasure and not forbenefit.” He (SWS)prohibited taking anyanimal or any livingcreature as a target forshooting.
  13. 13. Animals Should not be Humiliated The Prophet (SWS) said; “Do not clip the forelock of a horse, for decency is attached to their forelock, for it protects it; nor their tail, for it is fly-flap.” (Narrated by Utba bin Farqad abu abd)
  14. 14. Animals Should not be HumiliatedIbn Umar (RA) said; “I heardthe Messenger of Allah (SWS)say, “Whoever mutilates aliving creature and then doesnot repent, Allah will mutilatehim on the Day of Judgment.”One day an ass, whichhad been branded on its facepassed by the Prophet (SWS)to which he said, “God cursethe one who branded it.”(Narrated by Jabir binAbdullah)
  15. 15. Umar Ibn Al-Khatab said :“I fear that if an animal hasstumbled in the far east orwest, I will be heldaccountable before my Lordon the Day of Judgment.”