Job Hazard Assessment Fundamentals


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  • Why would you use this tool in life cycle of the job? “Promotion of Healthy Workplaces”
  • Job Hazard Assessment Fundamentals

    1. 1. For audio, it is recommended you dial in A copy of the slides + recording will be available post webinar AUDIO: 1-877-668-4493 Access Code: 661 489 355 Event password: 1234 WebEx Support: 1-866-863-3910 Job Hazard Assessment Fundamentals August 16, 2012Presented by: Kathleen Collins, Health and Safety Manager at Drake International
    2. 2. AgendaWhat is a Job Hazard Assessment?• Overview of Job Descriptions• Identifies Job Tasks related to the Job• Identifies and Describes Hazards related to Jobs• Identifies Ranking of Hazards• Identifies Controls 2
    3. 3. ImplementationWhen do you implement a Job Hazard Assessment?• Recruitment• Onboarding• Orientation• Performance Review 3
    4. 4. Promotion of Healthy WorkplaceJob Hazard Assessments can assist in many ways:• Information about hazards and controls• Provides opportunity for communication about risk factors and consequences• Understanding of skill• Positivity fosters positive attitude towards working hazard-free 4
    5. 5. Getting StartedWhere to source information to complete a job hazardassessment:• Claims review• Accident, incident and near misses• Inspection• Job descriptions 5
    6. 6. Getting Started ContinuedWhere to source information to complete a job hazardassessment:• Department functions• Work design analysis• Physical demands analysis• Worker interviews 6
    7. 7. JHA Step 1Create a form that includes the following selections: H=Header B=Body F=Footer 7
    8. 8. JHA Step 2Completing information in the Header: Job Hazard Analysis Describes the subject Company Name Information specific to company in question Department Information applicable to the function of the department Analysis by/date: Who is completing the information and when was the information analyzed Review/Approved Who and when the employers’ representative by/date: reviewed the information 8
    9. 9. JHA Step 3Definition of the JobThe definition of the job should include the following information:• Worker is required to preform specific task related to the job of________• Worker is required to perform specific task with People, Equipment, Material, Environment, and Process 9
    10. 10. JHA Step 3Definition of Job example:“Worker will be required to perform tasks such as; communicating viatelephone, fax, email, and update social media mediums. Required tointeract with the workers, clients, customers, and other public.Required to register sales, handle money, package merchandise andbe required to receive and ship material and mail. Worker will berequired to type and transcribe operating variety of office equipment.Worker will be required to file, document, write, edit and be required toperform accounting and bookkeeping, research, and interviewing andother task. Worker may be ask to participated inmarketing, events, and promotion activities and coordination bothindoors and outdoors.” 10
    11. 11. JHA Step 3Some of the information that would need to be completedfor Job Tasks and Activities:• Compile a long list of activities or jobs tasks related to the job• Involve workers, supervisor and employer• Reference industry standards 11
    12. 12. JHA Step 4Examples of job tasks associated with anadministration job would include:• Advertising, Answering, Bookkeeping, Calculation, Closing, Collectin g• Computing, Conversing, Communicating, Coordinating, Currency Handing• Generating, Data Entry, Delivering, Editing, Emailing, Engaging, Faxing, Handling, Ins erting, Interacting, Invoicing• Keyboarding, Keying, Lifting, Laminating, Mailing, Marketing, Materi al Handling, Noting, Opening, Operating 12
    13. 13. JHA Step 5Information about the hazards will be required to bebroken down into the following categories:• Biological Hazards• Chemical Hazards• Stress/and Work Design (Ergonomic/Social)Hazards• Physical Hazards• Safety Hazards(You can add more hazard categories if you like)
    14. 14. JHA Step 5Some examples of hazards for an AdministrationWorker would be as follows:
    15. 15. JHA Step 6Measuring the risk you will need to create a measurementsystem, similar to the following: High Potential Loss of Life, Serious Injury/Illness, or Catastrophic or Significant Property Damage Medium Moderate Injury/Illness, or Moderate Property Damage Low Minor Injury/Illness or Minor Property Damage
    16. 16. JHA Step 7Identification of Controls is the final step ofcompleting the Job Hazard AssessmentYou will identify what is in place to protect the workers:• Engineering• Administration• Personal Protective Equipment
    17. 17. JHA Step 7Some Examples of the controls stress/and work design foran administrator would be as follows:Engineering Controls: Lifting Devices, Carts for material handling Added assistive devicesAdministrative Controls: Alternating Work, Exposure Schedules, Light Task Duties Limit access to work areas (related with aggression or violence in the workplace)PPE: Ice cleats for shoes Warm jacket and gloves
    18. 18. HEALTH AND SAFETY Q & AFor additional questions please email:Kathleen: 18
    19. 19. Drake Mobile 19
    20. 20. SPECIAL OFFER 30 minutecomplimentary Health and Safety Consultation To Redeem Your Offer Please contact Kathleen: 416-216-1088 20
    21. 21. Thank You for AttendingFor Questions please contact Kathleen Collins 416-216-1088 21