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Dental implant courses


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Dental implant has now been established as the best option for tooth replacement. Millions of dentists are now placing dental implant in their practice and implant is the bread and butter for them. Now when the patients are well aware for the dental problems and replacement options, no one prefer the dental bridge over the implant because that need grinding of healthy natural teeth. The dentists who don't provide the dental implant option to their patients are often considered as the not up-to date by their patients and those dentists loose their patients. Their are many implant training programs around the glob but most of them are company based and only one particular system is taught in the training. Most of the training programs are conducted in hotels and with the several no. of participants so does not provide the facility of one to one interaction and going through several implant cases at the centers. We don't teach but make you learn dental implants. In our training programs, we keep the limited no. of participants (3-4 or even single) so that they can assist in implant surgeries and prosthetic to learn better. We allow the dentist to work on patients to place and restore many implants under the super vision. We have been providing implant training since 10 years and have trained the dentists from almost every country and most of our students are doing very well in implant practice. Each dentist is awarded with well designed certificate from "International Academy of Implant Dentistry" after his training at our center.
About Mentor:-
Dr. Ajay Vikram Singh, BDS, DICOI
Dr. Ajay Vikram Singh graduated from Saraswati Dental College, Lucknow, and received PG. certificate training in Implantology. He received advanced level implant training at various centers and continuing education programs in USA. He also received continuing education in implantology at the School of Dentistry, The University of Queensland in Australia. Currently, He is an internationally acclaimed mentor, speaker and researcher in the field of implantology. He has spoken as the key note speaker in the various national and international implant conferences in India and abroad. Besides being the active member of various prestigious implant associations, he is the fellow and Diplomate of international congress of implantology (ICOI). He is the founder president of international academy of implant dentistry TM. Dr. Ajay has written several articles on implantology in various national and international journals. Dr. Ajay has authored dental implant book Title “Clinical Implantology” Published worldwide with “Elsevier”. Dr. Ajay is the founder of International Implant Training Centre (IITC), Agra where he has trained several dentists from India and abroad in basic and advanced level implantology in last 8 years. Dr. Ajay does the private practice at Dr. Ajay Dental Clinic & Research Centre, Agra. For any query, he can be reached at –

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