Robotic Hair Transplant- Latest Hair Loss Treatment
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Robotic Hair Transplant- Latest Hair Loss Treatment



Cutting edge technologies introduces hair loss patients to a number of options and this includes robotic hair transplant and stem cell hair loss therapy. Being one of the latest to be added to the ...

Cutting edge technologies introduces hair loss patients to a number of options and this includes robotic hair transplant and stem cell hair loss therapy. Being one of the latest to be added to the roster of hair restoration procedures, consumers want to know which one holds a better advantage.

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    Robotic Hair Transplant- Latest Hair Loss Treatment Robotic Hair Transplant- Latest Hair Loss Treatment Document Transcript

    • Latest Hair Loss Treatment: Robotic HairTransplantThings to Consider come in the form of a pharmaceuticalin Choosing YourHair Loss Treatment treatment. But what is more heart breaking is that aside from the benefit that you areWhen we find our locks to be under a certain supposed to get, you are also exposed to thecrisis or experiencing a poor state of health, accompanying side effects.we just want to get the easiest solution we When you get stricken with excessive hair loss,can find. When it comes to hair loss, the type it is wise to immediately get medical advice toof treatment that you should be looking for prevent it from worsening. But when you do, itmust be one that is most suitable for you. is just as important that you also go the expert.Each case for hair loss is different, although This person should be a certified doctor whothere may be some similarities, but each have specialized on hair and hair problems.person has their unique response that is why According to an article that was published intreatments should also fit accordingly. This is the journal Dermatology Times in 2000, a fullimportant so that you can be sure that your evaluation of the patient’s hair loss preventscondition will improve. misdiagnosis. This means that a thorough “Hair restoration may be theThere have been a number of cases where hair medical evaluation should consist of personal most important self-improvementloss patients have been misdiagnosed. As a history, endocrine disorders, family history of decision of your life.” ~ Dr.result, they end up taking the wrong the disease, and physical examination. Andrew Kimmedications for many years without any signof improvement. Usually this would always HAIR TRANSPLANT QUOTES “I’m a man and I will beat up anybody who tries to tell me that I am not a man just because my hair is thinning.” – Bruce Willis
    • When it comes to hair loss, the type of treatment that you should belooking for must be one that is most suitable for you. BEFORE & AFTERA lot of hair loss victims have been voicing their Robotic Hair Transplant vs. PHOTOS:frustrations online and sharing their stories of Stem Cell Hair Loss Therapy they have been misdiagnosed. Oneexample was a 25-year-old woman whosuffered from excessive hair loss; she was Hair loss is a very rampant problem in mendiagnosed to have alopecia areata. But despite today. In fact statistics show that balding mayyears of treatment, from steroid injections to already start around the age of 35 and with 85%topical medications, her condition was still not of hair loss victims going totally bald orimproving. experiencing severe hair thinning at the age of 50. However, hair transplant technologies areOn a similar note, there are also some patients also catching up to this demand and with thewho were misdiagnosed about a certain advancement of the times.condition, were prescribed a certain medicationand ended up losing their hair. Usually this Cutting edge technologies introduces hair lossoccurs to those who were poorly diagnosed to patients to a number of options and thishave thyroid problems. includes robotic hair transplant and stem cell hair loss therapy. Being one of the latest to enumerated an alternative added to the roster of hair restorationdiagnosis list of conditions which includes procedures, consumers want to know which onechemical trauma, physical trauma, lichen holds a better advantage.planopilaris, Herpes Zoster, scleroderma, fungalinfection, bacterial infection, SLE, irondeficiency anemia, hyperthyroidism, Robotic Hair Transplanthypothyroidism, alopecia areata, androgenetic The one responsible for developing thisalopecia, and pituitary insufficiency. automated machine that performs hairThere are also certain rare types of hair loss transplant surgery is a company calledthat are often misdiagnosed such as Restoration Robotics which was founded by Dr.Trichotillomania, Centrifugal Cicatricial hair loss, Frederick H. Moll. This is more popularly knownfolliculitis decalvans, and many others. Also, as the ARTAS System which performs thethey add that there is a higher rate of scoring process in FUE (Follicular Unitmisdiagnosis among African Americans. Extraction) approach.So you see, there should be an extensive The ARTAS system is equipped with an easyevaluation so that you don’t waste your user interface, a video imaging system, a needlechances of saving what hair you have left. It  With over 10 years’ punch mechanism, disposable dermal punches, experience in allmay help to ask friends or family who are also and disposable cartridges. The machine is areas of Hairsuffering the same condition what their Restoration Surgery programmed to cut through at a specific and  Member of Koreantreatment are, although it may not necessarily uniform depth with the use of its double punch Society of Aestheticapply to you. With that, you should know that Surgery extraction technique. In order to lessen the  Prince of Waleshair loss treatments depend on a case to case transection rate, the machine has a large bore Hospital Plasticbasis. Surgery Department, needle used for scoring, specifically 1.65mm in Resident diameter. “I provide detailed and comprehensive information on the procedure performed at my clinic so that patients can fully consider their hair restoration options."
    • Balding start around the age of 35 and with 85% of hair loss victims going totally bald or experiencing severe hair thinning at the age of 50.There are surgeons who are claiming that a To promote the migration of these injected Is Robotics the Future forrobot is not equipped with the right call of stem cells into the affected area, laser Hair Transplants?judgment and discerning eye that an treatment is directed over it. It comes as no surprise when you hearexperienced surgeon has. The machine can that robots are taking over surgical The procedure is performed once and procedures that used to require very finebe programmed to automatic and have it could be over in just an hour, although tuned techniques, such as hair its work creating a hundred punches there may be some slight discomfort With the advancements in technology andwithin a small section of the scalp. Only the need to find better ways to improve experienced immediately afterwards.after this would the surgeon is able to the process of surgical hair restoration,check the transection rate. But the problem The limitation here is that this treatment is robots can now make the process better and more efficient. But can it really be thehere is that it could continue doing the restricted to male/female pattern baldness future for this highly sensitive procedure?punches before the surgeon even realizes or androgenetic alopecia. But furtherthe damage. studies are still being made on how to From doing butler work to heart surgery, regenerate hair growth despite the cause another area that robots can be trusted toAnother concern raised with the ARTAS is do is hair transplant. Thanks to the on why they shed off.that the large bore needle creates larger creative minds at Restoration Robotics Inc. They found the improvement that it iswounds resulting to bigger scars comparedto the traditional FUE. Adding to this it Which is better? able to provide with FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction.could transect through other surrounding Robotic hair transplant and Stem cellhair follicles. FUE is just one approach in surgical hair therapy are most certainly new age restoration, with FUT or Follicular UnitHowever the overall result and rating of treatments. ARTAS uses an invasive Transplantation being the originalthe ARTAS system allowed it to earn FDA approach in restoring hair loss while stem method. The reason why the former is cell therapy employs a more conservative much favored by many hair transplantclearance to restore hair in men affected patients is because it provides betterwith androgenetic alopecia. approach. Robotic hair transplant is already aesthetic results. used commercially by a number of clinics; meanwhile stem cell therapy is still in its The automation of the procedure was forStem Cell Hair Loss experimental stages. But if proven to be the purpose of improving the approach. It can increase the accuracy of harvestingTherapy effective, this can be a valuable solution the follicles while preventing damage at however it is expected to be more the same time. It also significantly reduces expensive than ARTAS. the time, and increases graft survival,This hair loss treatment is still being which are pretty much the biggest issueslooked into by experts. It has already been If you base it on aesthetics stem cell with FUE.proven to be an effective treatment for hair therapy could produce better outcomeloss in mice, but today the phase 2 of the because it eliminates scarring. Also it Due to the lengthy process of the procedure with the surgeon having tostudy which is done on men and women eliminates the need of removing hair from painstakingly remove the donor hairs onehas just been launched by the Aderans donor sites, as new ones can be grown in by one, the chance for human error isResearch Institute (ARI). the laboratory setting. But probable significant. This can be a cause for patients should be ready to shell some concern because there are not that manyIt aims to determine the regenerative hairs to begin with. money if they really want to grow back hairtreatment that stem cell has on male and this way. The good thing with the robot is that it isfemale pattern hair loss. By taking the equipped with an image-guided systemprimary cell types from the hair follicles that has a robotic arm, a video imagingusing PRP (platelet rich plasma) method, it system, dual needle punch system, a useris then grown in a controlled laboratory interface and disposable cartridges. The double punch technique minimizes thesetting before they are introduced into the trauma created on the surrounding areapatient’s skin where they are observed to of the hair graft and the follicle itselfgenerate hair growth. improving better graft survival.