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15 Minute Nose Job- Is it Worth it?


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The 15-minute nose job, is not really a replacement for nose surgery because, first of all it is not a surgical process. It improves the shape and size of the nose by using injectable fillers such as …

The 15-minute nose job, is not really a replacement for nose surgery because, first of all it is not a surgical process. It improves the shape and size of the nose by using injectable fillers such as Radiesse, Botox or Artefill.


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  • 1. ADVANCE COSMETIC 15 Minute Nose Job Nose Job Without Surgery? Tel: (02) 9280 3632; Fax: (02)9281 0999 Website:
  • 2. When we think of surgery, we often cringe atthe thought and we get sliced up. Sometimes weexaggerate to all the gory details and look atother possible options.For those who are still young, specificallyteenagers, surgical interventions are often putoff until later on in their twenties. Somehownon-surgical nose reshaping options are a goodback up while you wait for the right time.One of the easiest and creative ways for you toshape your nose is done by using make-uptechniques. The magic that make up has islimitless, and it only takes a simple shading andcontouring in order to get that slimmer nasalstructure. You can do this by using a darkershade of foundation than your skin tone at theside of your nose. For better application, Isuggest that you use a slim brush and then yourun it starting from the brow down to yournostril. And then with a lighter shade offoundation you use it for the bridge of yournose. You start it at the area between theeyebrows and then down to the tip of the nose.Make sure that you blend these colors well tocreate an overall natural effect.Another trick that will allow you to give betterform to your nose is a nose splint. Originallythese are used in order to maintain that formand shape of the nose immediately afterrhinoplasty surgery. But today they can also beused as an alternative to the usual invasive Makeup &procedure. By simply in inserting this flexiblenose splint, it can immediately elongate the noseand give it better angulation. They come invarious sizes that will fit the different noseshapes while at the same time providing bettercomfort to the wearer. Nose Splint
  • 3. Is LaserRhinoplastyWorth It?When it comes to innovation, we are stunned by all theimprovements that are brought to the table, particularlywhen it comes to cosmetic surgery. Who would havethought that laser energy could also be used in withrhinoplasty? If this is something new to you, here aresome interesting facts about laser rhinoplasty. Maybeyou could find this appropriate for your case.Laser rhinoplasty is a non-surgical procedure thatmakes use of CO2 lasers to remove the excess thicknessof the nasal skin and other deformities. It doesn’tnecessarily re-shape the nose like the traditionalrhinoplasty but rather it treats problems such as skinconditions affecting the area, skin discoloration due toacne, and in removing nasal scars.You might think that this isn’t really a real rhinoplastywhen it actually doesn’t even require ay mechanicalmethods to change the shape and size of the nose. Butdid you know that there is a condition such asrhinophyma where the nose develops excess skin whichcan create a deformity? To effectively eliminate theexcess skin without all the incisions and blood involved,a laser rhinoplasty is most helpful.
  • 4. But even if the risks are significantly lesser compared tosurgical rhinoplasty, there are also factors that need to beconsidered to determine your candidacy. You should begenerally of good health, has realistic expectations aboutthe procedure and you should be free from any vices,such as smoking, which could complicate the outcome.Laser rhinoplasty is also not advised on patients who arediabetic or those who have clotting disorders. Thosewho had just gotten their tan are also advised to wait acouple of weeks before going into this procedure.The CO2 laser works by creating superficial damage tothe nasal skin as the beam is focused on the target area.With the introduction of a local anesthesia, you willonly be able to feel warm and tingly sensation. The typeof damaged that happens here is very minimal focusingonly on the superficial layers. It will just be enough tocreate a more facially appropriate nasal form.As the nose heals for the next few days, the damagedskin will soon start to shed off revealing a smoother skinunderneath. And during this sensitive period of healing,it is important that you avoid sun exposure if you don’twant to risk your nose from getting discolored.Generally, the healing time is much lesser and a post-operative care regimen isn’t even necessary.But to ensure that your nose is much protected as itheals, it is just like taking care of a sunburned skin.Avoid unnecessary touching and do not rub or scrub ifyou observe it to be peeling off.The usual cost of laser rhinoplasty isaround $2,000 to $3,000, and becauseFDA (Food and Drug Administration)classified this to be a cosmetic surgery andnot something for medical purposes. Thisis the reason why it is not covered byinsurance providers.Laser rhinoplasty can also be donetogether with surgical rhinoplasty to createbetter results. But a thorough discussionwith your surgeon can help to determinewhat steps can give you the best results.
  • 5. 15 MinuteNose JobOne particular cosmetic procedure thathas been gaining a lot of buzz is the 15-minute nose job. It is created to providea quicker way to improve the nosewithout having to make an inch ofincision.Usually a nose job or what is alsoknown as rhinoplasty is a surgicalprocedure that requires manipulation ofeither/both of the nasal structures. Thisis done to improve the appearance ofthe nose or to correct deformities.Rhinoplasty has been the commonprocedure that has been performed inthe United States along with breastimplants, liposuction and tummy tucks.In fact it remains to be one of the usualenhancements done and often denied bymost celebrities.The popularity of this procedure steadilyincreases since the nose is one of theprominent features of the face andsurprisingly so many finds it notproportionate to their features. This isthe reason why studies and techniqueshave been created to deliver the bestnatural-looking results.
  • 6. Despite its constant success, the drawback to this surgical procedure is that theinvasiveness requires a significant length of downtime to fully recuperate. This iswhy recent developments lead to create measures that are less prone to disturbingskin integrity. Hence the 15-minute nose job.Some might probably raise eyebrows at the name knowing that it takes more thanjust minutes to really get the right nasal shape. Surgeons have to do numerousprocedures and trainings to earn the skill and that level of expertise, so how is it thatall of a sudden here is something that can replace all that?But the name is simply just to attract attention. The 15-minute nose job, is not reallya replacement for nose surgery because, first of all it is not a surgical process. Itimproves the shape and size of the nose by using injectable fillers such as Radiesse,Botox or Artefill.There are no incisions, bone reshaping, orsutures, all it takes is a simple injection togive your nose the shape and definitionthat it needs. In just a matter of minutesthe entire procedure can be done withoutany downtime. In fact you will be fullyawake for the entire process and can evenview it in a mirror that will also beprovided for you.The 15-minute nose job cannot be apermanent solution compared to surgicalnose jobs. Since fillers eventuallydissolve, they need to be retouched timeand again. But just as rhinoplasty needsthe careful manipulation and expert skillsof the surgeon, 15-minute nose jobs alsorequire the good aesthetic judgment of thesurgeon. The right amount and properplacement is very important.These 15-minute nose jobs are not so bad;in fact it is cheaper compared to nose jobcost. But they just need to be redone tomaintain the results. They are perfect forindividuals who only needs minor repairand not those who require structuralchanges to repair difficulty in breathing.These cases would need a more invasivereconstruction through rhinoplasty.
  • 7. DOCTOR’S PROFILE  Graduate of UNSW, Sydney, Australia  Master degree in Medicine from Chung-Ang University Medical School, Seoul, Korea  Visiting student at Tokyo University Medical School, Japan  Resident of Prince of Wales Hospital Plastic Surgery Department  Member of Korean Society of Aesthetic Surgery  Member of Japan Society of Liposuction Society  Affiliate Member of The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery  Director of Asian Cosmetic Surgery and Australian Institute of Hair restoration, Australia MAIN PROCEDURES • Double Eyelid Surgery (Upper blepharoplasty) • Lower Eye Surgery (Lower blepharoplasty) Ahnsup Kim, MD • Eye Lengthening Surgery (Lateral Canthoplasty) • Mongolian Folds Correction Surgery (Epicanthoplasty) • Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)Enquiry Hotline: (02) 9280 3632Website: www.advancecosmetic.comGoogle Local Page: Suite 2/270 Elizabeth St. Surry Hills. NSW 2010Melbourne: Suite 636/1 Queens Rd, St Kilda Road Towers, Melbourne VIC 3004