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China Social Media for Travel and Tourism
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China Social Media for Travel and Tourism


The rise of Chinese tourism has gotten the attention of a lot of travel, tourism and hotel companies. Many travel brands are trying to capture the attention of this very valuable new customer segment, …

The rise of Chinese tourism has gotten the attention of a lot of travel, tourism and hotel companies. Many travel brands are trying to capture the attention of this very valuable new customer segment, but not without challenges and disappointments. Award-winning China social media agency Dragon Trail Interactive gives some tips for marketing to affluent Chinese consumers successfully.

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  • Social media is a very convenient way to travel with. You can be informed all the time about your location, places of interest, restaurants, sightseeing, and more. You can take advantage of the promotional offers and coupons that are promoted in the social media.
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  • 2. The Fasted Growing Travel Market in the World Chinese outbound Travellersexpected to exceed 100 million by 2020 (UNWTO)
  • 4. The Power of the Internet Community in China:Redefining the Brand/Consumer Relationship
  • 5. Three Locations in China with about 40 Employees Awards 2011 Beijing (2009) Awards 2012 Xi’an (2011) Shanghai (2010) 100% 100% 100% CHINA TRAVEL DIGITAL
  • 6. China Internet RelationshipsDragon Trail has relationships with seniorexecutives in most of the major ChineseInternet portals, social media sites, andonline travel sites, including but not limitedto the collection below. In addition, DragonTrail also has close relationships with Chineseconsumer and trade travel trade media, bothonline and offline, as well as with Chinesehotel companies, airlines, travel agents andtour operators – in fact, Dragon Trail licensestechnology to CITS.
  • 7. Award Winning Chinese Website Development & Design
  • 8. China Social Apps on Weibo.comChina Social Apps on Weibo.com: Pages; Booking; Loyalty; Concierge; Promotion
  • 9. Award-winning Digital Marketing Campaigns
  • 10. Award-winning Social Media Campaigns
  • 11. China Travel Social Media Platform: Tripshow.com• Inspirational Trip Planning Tool• Engagement & Communication Platform•Online Campaigns & Contests•Social CRM & Consumer Insights• Call to action integration• SinaWeibo Visual Marketing Application• Compatible with PC, Mac & Mobile Devices• Social & Inspirational• Viral marketing platform
  • 12. China Social Management Platform: Chinatravelbuzz.comA tool for travel companies to manage their socialmedia presence in China more effectively.Core Functionality:• Manage multiple social media profiles with thesame user log in• Allow multiple users to manage the same socialmedia account, with action tracking• Scheduled posts & workflow management• Social CRM & VIF• Competitive intelligence• Travel company social media directory
  • 13. The Only End-to-End 100% Travel-Focused China Digital & Social Media Solution:
  • 14. TOP 5 TIPS FOR MARKETING TO AFFLUENT CHINESE CONSUMERS 1. Spot the China Travel Trends 2. Understand the Chinese Consumer 3. The Changing Chinese Traveler4. Leverage the Internet & Social Media 5. Inspire via Visual Content
  • 16. Top 8 China Travel Trends• Chinese outbound travelers continued to increase from number of person as well as frequency of travelling outside of China• Social Media in China is the most influential medium in modern China.• Chinese outbound travelers are going beyond Hong Kong and Macao in terms of travel destinations, reaching to greater distance.• Young professionals with high income are major consumer segment, driving Outbound Travel Demand in China.• 80% are searching information about destinations via the Internet. Relevant and engaging Chinese-language websites are vital.• Travel Agencies are still dominating booking channels, while online agents are growing quickly, especially for long haul trip.• Average spending per visit shows double digit increase. Among which, 35% of budget is spent on shopping.• After trip, sharing the experience through online platforms is getting more and more popular, especially for young generation. Source: China Travel Trends - 2011
  • 19. Changing Chinese Travellers Chinese consumers are moving towards an experienced based choice model from a price based choice modelThe New Chinese Tourists are demanding higher quality services, and moving from Traditional Tour Groups to more individual travel experiences
  • 20. Demand for Individual Travel ExperiencesBCG points out in its March 2011 Travel and Tourism in China report that95% of travel consumers surveyed were dissatisfied with currentmarket offerings, both domestic and international.
  • 21. Demand for Individual Travel ExperiencesGreater interest in in-depth travels byChinese travellers:The survey of the China Tourism Academy2009/2010 shows that Chinese touroperators are increasing their range ofproducts, meeting the growing demand formore sophisticated travel offers from Chinesecustomers.Niche market and special interest productsgain opportunities to attract Chinesevisitors.
  • 22. Demand for Individual Travel Experiences
  • 24. Source: We are Social 2012
  • 25. Source: We are Social 2012
  • 26. Source: We are Social 2012
  • 27. Source: Global Web Index, 2012
  • 29. CHINA INTERNET USERS HAVE GROWN BY 1500% SINCE 2000538 million Internet users in October 2012, representing 40% of the Chinese population Most engaged country online: 88% contributed to social media 1 Billion Mobile Users in 2012 – 30% access the Internet via mobile 85% of Chinese online users approve Internet Censorship The Internet is their most important information source for 84.3% of netizens More bloggers in China than in Europe and USA combined
  • 30. 2011: 990 Million Mobile Users & 330 Million Mobile Internet Users (CNNIC) --- 2014: 1.3 Billion Mobile Users & 950 Mobile Internet Users (Forrester Research)DRAGONTRAIL.COM - CHINATRAVELTRENDS.COM
  • 31. Source: Digital Influence Index 2010 – Fleichman Hillard & Harris Interactive
  • 32. Social Media The Internet has become has become the most the most influential popularmedia channel medium for in modern Chinese China. travellers seeking information about their trips Source:McKinsey Source: NielsenConsulting China Outbound Travel Monitor
  • 33. China’s digital media landscape is dominated by local players.Government censorship Local players appeal to domestic users
  • 34. 41
  • 35. Chinese Social Media Equivalents
  • 36. 250m (November 2011)March 2011 320 m (Sept 2012)
  • 37. Sina Weibo: Most active social media platform in China (2nd globally after Facebook). 27 million (9%) of the 320 million users checking in every day, and more than 100 million posts every 24 hours.Source: Digital Influence Index 2010 – Fleichman Hillard & Harris Interactive (Sept. 2012)
  • 38. Source: Global Web Index, 2012
  • 39. Weibo = Twitter + Facebook + YouTube + News
  • 41. CHANGING CHINA TRAVEL TRENDS… The new and sophisticatedChinese Tourists want to get inspired bydestinations, and share their experiences via social media.
  • 42. Imagine…a Chinese consumer visits your hotel or Tripshow.com helps brands destination, takes a aggregate inspiring imagesphoto, and posts it on captured by Chinese travelers his or her Chinese on social media (Sina Weio) tosocial media profile to visually market a brand, andshare the experience. identify their most valuable fans.Unfortunately youwould never know! It is a visual marketing platform and social media application forLost Opportunity! travel organizations looking to market to Chinese consumers. TripShow.com It helps them to automaticallyaggregates the visual aggregate beautiful and content posted by relevant pictures from various travelers on social media platforms,Weibo.com to inspire organize by theme or itinerary, future Chinese and display with rich media to travelers. inspire travelers. It is also a perfect platform for organizations to identify their most active followers, manage social CRM and run digital campaigns.
  • 43. Chinese Travel SocialMulti-media Platform.Visual content aggregationof trips via web and mobile.
  • 44. Content Management (Albums & Itineraries) Destination Web SiteUser Engagement Destination ProfileWeibo Users Aggregated Pictures (from users & professionals) User Pictures
  • 45. Sina Weibo Travel Businesses – Tripshow.com –Users – Share, Collect Content & Showcases the contribute Use Content content for Marketing Activities Communicating & Engaging, building relationships
  • 47. Tripshow.com for Travel BusinessesSocial Media content curation• A platform that aggregate pictures, content and feedback from various social media websites and organizes them by themes or itineraries to inspire travelersSocial CRM Combination• Brand’s fans are motivated to contribute content. On the other side, companies can manage the relationship with the current/potential customers via conversation and campaignsEngagement & Communication platform• Communicate with followers, recognize fans with the most contributions with badges and incentives, and engage with past guests and visitors
  • 48. Brands can develop albums based on business line, interest, and partners. Photos or videos will give more information and can link to a call-to-action.Note: TripShow.com is only in Chinese language – English translation for illustration purposes by Google Translate.
  • 49. • Brands can create a call-to-action by creating itineraries, promotions, packages, and offers • Integration of booking and trip planning • Integration of itineraries or packages – build by companies, and contributed by consumersNote: TripShow.com is only in Chinese language – English translation for illustration purposes by Google Translate.
  • 50. Chinese consumers can “wear” brands badges, while organizations can give out premium badges for consumers to show their brand affiliation. It is a great way for companies to connect with Chinese consumers, run campaigns, and engage in Social CRM. Companies can connect and rank active consumers by various attributes.Note: TripShow.com is only in Chinese language – English translation for illustration purposes by Google Translate.
  • 51. Powerful Testimonial to influence consumer decision makingUser’s positive feedback is a big asset for the company, providing another perspective of information to the company. “As for the cycling lovers, steep mountains and little tracks is the adventure playground. In Banff, you wont experience a lack of this activity. There’s not only exciting tracks but also the breathtaking scenery @ Tripshow “ “Going through mountains and mountains… That’s the fun part of cycling” “Can I keep cycling?”
  • 52. Insight: Data shows the preference of the user Number of photos uploadedPast Posts Visited Places Places Wish List Number of photos the user has uploaded to your company User’s Itineraries
  • 53. Engage directly with users who have been to your destination or have a real urge to go• Provides a platform for the company to participate and influence the conversation• Special campaign can be launched to reward fans and active content producers• Create loyal and long term relationshipsUnderstand the preferences of users to better target your market• Social media reporting – see who your fans are and what they are interested in (i.e. spa, restaurant, activities, etc.)• Find out who is spreading the posts and who is the customer with the most profitable potential• Track the loyal fans across a timeline
  • 55. • Acts as Travel Social Network for consumers• Organizes photos posted on social media in albums• Personal Homepage to connect with friends, and share photos• Store trip plans and itineraries• Show off badges collected from brands (similar to Foursquare badge)
  • 56. Tripshow.com has beautiful photosI can get inspired by beautiful photos that other users have takenFood Local scene Hidden scene
  • 57. Tripshow.com helps with trip planningI can plan my trip by checking photos and itineraries of other travelers Mei’s 18 days in Canada Details explanation about the places Mei went in Canada
  • 58. Tripshow.com has contestsI can collect badges and get special offers from different travel companies Become a Canada tourism VIP and enjoying the privileges
  • 59. Sina Weibo Profile Banyan Tree Shanghai TripShow Contest Opening Campaign Fans on TripShow Preliminary Result: 150,000 Fans in 10 days
  • 61. TRIPSHOW.COM TRAFFIC GENERATION Search & Digital Marketing Sina Weibo Profiles Little marketing spend required to drive traffic due to Weibo integration TripShow ClientsSocial Media Marketing
  • 63. Plan 1—Bronze RMB 5,000/yearAggregate content (photos with text) from client’s social media profile onto Tripshow automatically.Aggregate relevant content contributed by social media users.Organize photos into different categories based on themes, destinations, etc Management on Tripshow.com isAggregate itineraries and display them inspirationally on TripshowEngage users with incentives and increase loyalty not included in the packages below,Manage basic social CRM with tools of tag and badge but is included in Dragon Trail’s1 badge Social Media Management Packages, or can be added byPlan 2—Silver RMB 50,000/yearBronze benefits, plus: subscribing to Weibo Management3 custom made badges at RMB 15,000/month. CompaniesPersonalized URL being on Tripshow are required to have a Sina Weibo profile. DragonPlan 3—Gold RMB 200,000/yearSilver benefits, plus: Trail is happy to assist in setting upRun mini-site campaign an account, and complete theEnhanced social CRM necessary procedures.Multiple custom made badgesPersonalized pagePersonalized URL PLEASE CONTACT US FOR OUROpen API SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER FORData and stats analysis QUALIFIED ORGANIZATIONSReporting
  • 64. CHINA E-STRATEGY CONSULTING Digital Market Entry Strategies Social Media Strategies Competitive Analysis Execution Model Brand Audit And more THINK GLOBAL, ACT LOCAL LEVERAGE WEB, SOCIAL & MOBILE ENGAGE ONLINE TO BUILD YOUR BRAND
  • 65. www.chinatraveltrends.com | www.chinatraveltrendsbook.com
  • 66. Contact me: LinkedIn: Thraenhart Twitter: @JensThraenhart Facebook: JensThraenhart E-Mail: Jens@DragonTrail.com Get insights & trends: JENS THRAENHART www.DragonTrail.com www.ChinaTravelTrends.com Twitter: @CnTravelTrends / @DragonTrail Join our Community: www.Community.ChinaTravelTrends.com Presentations: www.slideshare.net/dragontrailAwards 2011 Awards 2012