8 d report


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8D report form for all people would like to know how handle a complete 8D report.
You are welcome to ask me some details.

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8 d report

  1. 1. 1/ 4 Mfg Plant Investigation Window LOGO 8D Report Mfg Plant + 00 Phone Number Mfg Plant Fax + 00Customer Name Date :Customer Plant SiteCustomer Contact Report No. :Customer Claim Nb Claim No. :Other reference Subject: Investigation report for quality issue of chip capacitor Dear Sir(s) Attached is our investigation results based on your returned product. If you have any questions regarding the above issue, please feel free to contact us. Sincerely yours, Problem Solving Champion Team Manager of Q.C. Section Team Leader of Q.C Section ChampionName: Name: Name:Phone Nb: Phone Nb: Phone Nb:Signature: Signature: Signature: Section Section Section ESA Quality Local InterfaceESA Quality Contact Phone number Email Page 1 8dreport-110927035953-phpapp02.xls
  2. 2. 2/ 4 D1 Additional Murata QC MembersQC Contact QC ContactEmail EmailPhone number Phone numberCustomer Part Number Murata Part NumberDate of Occurrence Date of receiving (Returned Qty.)Inspection lot NumberNumber of defective Parts for analysis On PCB In reel Bulk Other Number Estimated Number ofPlace of Occurrence Field 0 Km W. Return of Kms Affected PartsApproximative date of application customers usage 0-3 months 4-12 months Over 1 year Not ClearPlace of Occurrence Process Pick & Place Mfg Process Soldering Final test OtherPlace of Occurrence Others D22. Problem Description : (Initial visual inspection, others information, etc.)Murata quality results on the concerned inspection number. Yes No(if any, that is to say any action to protect customer for other similar failure or instance quarantine of concerned inspection number) YesConfirmation of the failure Containment actions requested At Murata Yes No At Customer Yes No(initial visual conclusions) No D33.1 Appearance Pictures of Customer P/ N : Pictures of keeping samples :Product Criteria LxlxH Supply Value ToleranceTests X Ray Tomography OthersElectrical analysis Under supply Without Supply On PCB Without PCB Others3.2 Electric Characteristics Capacitance / Other D.F. (%) IR. (Ohm)ReadingSpecificationCondition3.3 Measures & Test results commentsConformity with Murata Specification Yes No Others : Page 2 8dreport-110927035953-phpapp02.xls
  3. 3. 3/ 4 D44. Root Cause Analysis Ishikawa Used Tools 5 why FTA Others : fishbone Page 3 8dreport-110927035953-phpapp02.xls
  4. 4. 4/ 4 D55. Suggested Corrective Action(s) Needed Yes No N/A Ishikawa Used Tools 5 why FTA FMEA Control Plan fishbone Why Murata has "flown out" For Occurrence For Detection Action(s) Implementation date(s) Action(s) Implementation date(s) D66. Implementation Action Plan of Corrective Action(s) Please Calculate & Define as precisely as possible the risk assesment for customers application(s) or for other Product Family. For Occurrence For Detection Action(s) Implementation date(s) Action(s) Implementation date(s) D77. Actions to Prevent Reoccurrence: Needed Yes No N/A Please Highligthen suspected root causes and suggest some technical solutions to avoid problems reoccurence For Occurrence For Detection Action(s) Implementation date(s) Action(s) Implementation date(s) D88. Verification of Effectiveness For Occurrence For DetectionFor instance, Please show Pictures of Quality results Before After Customer audit needed Yes NoLearnt lessons with Ishikawa 5 why FTA FMEA Control PlanUsed Tools fishboneUpdate Yes No If yes, what is updated : Date :Additional documents : Pictures Specifications Documents : Others : Risk Ass. Yes Description of Risk AssessmentRisk Assessment calculation(s) or evaluationDocument No action(s) Refer to additional pages after official 8D report Page 4 8dreport-110927035953-phpapp02.xls