How Affiliate Marketers Make Money With Product Reviews


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Clickbank product reviews, strategies, guides, and manuals.

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How Affiliate Marketers Make Money With Product Reviews

  1. 1. ==== ====For more information on Clickbank product reviews, tips, and advise, check out this site: ====As an affiliate marketer you can sell just about anything you can think of online. There arecountless websites that have affiliate programs. However, I think most of the top affiliates todaywill agree that Clickbank products are the easiest and most profitable products to promote as anaffiliate marketer. Reason being is that Clickbank products usually pay between 50% and 75%commission rates. Also noted is that there are over 10,000 Clickbank products to choose frommaking it easy for the affiliate to find something he/she feels comfortable promoting.To get started promoting Clickbank products just go to their site and sign up for your own freeaffiliate account. Once your accepted you can begin searching through their marketplace forClickbank products that you would like to promote. After you have found a few products that youlike it is time to generate traffic to the sales page for each Clickbank product through your affiliatelink.Promoting Your Clickbank Product:If you already own or are thinking of building a theme based website then incorporating clickbankproducts into your website is an easy way to start pulling in commissions from your clickbankproducts. Search the Clickbank marketplace for products related to your theme based site. If youare seriously interested in selling the product on your site buy it using your own affiliate link andcheck it out. If you dont like it get a refund and try something else. Clickbank has an 8-weekmoney back guarantee on all Clickbank products.Once you have found the Clickbank product that best fits the theme of your site find clever ways tosuggest it to your visitors. They will already be interested in what you have to say. This method iscommonly referred to as pre-selling your visitor.Another popular method for promoting Clickbank products is to create a review page. A reviewpage is often no more than a single page that talks about the product and provides a link to thereal sales page at the end of the review. Many affiliates fail to use this method effectively becausethey just regurgitate the same facts that can be found on the actual sales page. You need to finda unique spin. this is where owning the Clickbank product can help tremendously. Talk about theadvantages and disadvantages of the product and tell them what you did to work around the issue.If you offer them advice to make it work for them they will be ten times more likely to purchase theproduct.Dont have a website? Dont know how to create a web-page? Dont worry there are othermethods to promote Clickbank products that do not require a website. You can use googleadwords to send visitors directly to the sales page for the Clickbank product you are promoting.Simply sign up for a google adwords account (its free to join) and begin writing ads that target
  2. 2. your Clickbank product. Google will charge you every time someone clicks on your ad so whenusing this method do not choose the obvious keywords that can cost 50 cents and more per click.It is better to have a bunch of 10 cent keywords that dont get searched for as often than it is to bidon one keyword that receives a lot of traffic. The greater the cost per click the greater thecompetition.Lastly, you can promote your Clickbank products by writing articles and submitting them to articledirectories all over the internet. Do some keyword research on the Clickbank product you chooseto promote and make a list of all the related terms. Go to and entereach keyword into the search tool. Any keyword that is searched for more than 5000 times or lessthan 300 get rid of. Use the remaining keywords to write your articles. Each article should focuson a specific keyword from your list. Make sure to use your keyword in your article as many timesas you can and mention your Clickbank product. If you write an article everyday you will begin toearn money from your articles in about a month. Find new Clickbank products and repeat theprocess. The article method requires more work than the others but it is the only free way togenerate sales for your Clickbank products.If you want to learn more about these methods and other popular concepts used by Clickbankaffiliates to generate sales click hereArticle Source: ====For more information on Clickbank product reviews, tips, and advise, check out this site: ====