Journey through dragonfly jan 2011


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Take a walk through China's leading boutique retreats - a haven for relaxation in the hustle and bustle of the urban metropolis

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Journey through dragonfly jan 2011

  1. 1. BEGIN YOUR JOURNEYWelcome to Dragonfly Therapeutic RetreatA Touch Of The Orient!
  2. 2. A HealthyLifestyle Choice✤ Dragonfly is a romantic, relaxing, energizing Urban Retreat ✤ Convenient ✤ Affordable ✤ Consistently Satisfying✤ A healthy lifestyle choice for busy urban residents, harried tourists, and people who like to pamper themselves
  3. 3. Our StaffWelcome You!✤ From the moment you enter - you will be taken well care of by our friendly staff ✤ Friendly & Personable ✤ Gracious ✤ Asian hospitality ✤ Well trained in all aspects of customer service
  4. 4. Enter ourReception Area✤ Walk in the Door of Dragonfly and you will be greeted with a smile✤ Our service staff will book your appointment and inquire as to any special needs you may have today
  5. 5. Enjoy Tea in ourLounge✤ While you are waiting to begin your massage take a moment to relax before your journey✤ Enjoy tea in our lounge amidst relaxing music and soft lighting
  6. 6. Begin yourJourney✤ Enter a world of peace & tranquility✤ Your troubles and cares begin to drift away
  7. 7. Considerationfor Guests✤ We make every effort to ensure that all guests may relax & unwind ✤ Cellphones off ✤ Smoking forbidden ✤ Quiet staff✤ The Result: ✤ Peace & tranquility
  8. 8. AttentiveCustomer Service✤ Our impeccable service is valued by our customers✤ Attention to the smallest details are our hallmark✤ Consistent, high quality service throughout our chain of Retreats
  9. 9. VIP SuitesAvailable✤ Suitable for ✤ Couples ✤ Special Occasions✤ Enjoy Private Rooms with ✤ Shower facilities ✤ Luxurious decoration✤ Extended Treatments
  10. 10. ConvenientlyLocated✤ In the City Centre - CBD ✤ Tourist markets ✤ Shopping thoroughfares ✤ Major office towers✤ In Residential suburbs✤ Resort Areas✤ China & International
  11. 11. Products & ServicesMassage Services, Nail & Beauty Services, Retail Products
  12. 12. ChineseMassage✤ A visit to Dragonfly often begins with a traditional Chinese “Tui Na” Massage✤ Our comfortable treatment rooms can accommodate an individual or a couple
  13. 13. JapaneseMassage✤ We also offer a traditional Japanese “shiatsu” massage room✤ Imported tatami and elegant decorations for an authentic experience
  14. 14. Aroma OilMassage✤ Lavender oil massage is soothing to the senses✤ Aromatherapy benefits combine with skilled massage for total relaxation
  15. 15. Oriental FootMassage✤ Our signature treatment✤ Dragonfly oriental foot massage is provided in unique surroundings ✤ Dim lighting ✤ Relaxing music ✤ Soothing sounds of water falling ✤ Aromatic fragrance of lemon grass…
  16. 16. Nail Spa✤ Our Nail Spa offers customers a full range of nail care, waxing and relaxing facial services✤ Classy décor and hygienic surroundings give our customers a greater feeling of comfort
  17. 17. Facials✤ Relaxing facials to leave you refreshed and feeling pampered from head to toe✤ Featuring high quality Biodroga products applied by caring hands
  18. 18. Waxing✤ Gentle Waxing provided in the comfort and privacy of our treatment rooms✤ Experienced technicians take care of the tiniest details✤ Hygienic and stylish surroundings
  19. 19. Retail ProductSelection✤ Enjoy the Dragonfly Lifestyle experience at home✤ Attractive Range of Products ✤ Aroma oils and fragrant candles ✤ Oriental gifts ✤ Fashion accessories ✤ Dragonfly memorabilia
  20. 20. Our Unique DécorLuxury, Romance & Sophistication
  21. 21. Our Décor✤ Notice as you enter the Dragonfly that we incorporate elements of ✤ Chinese ✤ Indonesian, and ✤ Japanese design✤ A unique fusion of ✤ Oriental tradition ✤ Contemporary styling and comfort
  22. 22. Our Décor✤ Romantic ✤ Sensual atmosphere ✤ Sophisticated design ✤ Decorative touches✤ Privacy for Couples ✤ Private Rooms ✤ Pampering services ✤ Appealing to men and women
  23. 23. Our Décor✤ Dragonfly’s atmosphere is very soothing, making subtle use of ✤ Light ✤ Water ✤ Sound ✤ Fragrance ✤ Form & Texture ✤ Stone ✤ Fabric✤ With attention to every detail
  24. 24. Light✤ Subtle lighting enhances the Mood and the Mystery ✤ Diffused lighting in the massage rooms ✤ Spot lighting in the foot massage area ✤ Candles
  25. 25. Water✤ Our foot massage rooms feature ✤ brick walls caressed by falling water ✤ water fountains✤ The soft sound of water falling is soothes the mind and the body
  26. 26. Sound✤ Soft tranquil music envelopes you in our lounge and in our treatment rooms✤ Helping you drift ever deeper into a state of complete relaxation
  27. 27. Fragrance✤ The fresh scent of lemongrass wafts throughout our facilities ✤ Soothing ✤ Refreshing ✤ Invigorating
  28. 28. Form & Texture✤ Natural textures in ✤ Wood ✤ Stone ✤ Brick ✤ Bamboo ✤ Fabric✤ Further enhance the Zen-like ambience of Dragonfly
  29. 29. DecorativeAccents✤ Each Dragonfly retreat is unique ✤ We invest a lot to make your visit memorable in each location✤ Sophisticated design and decorative accents
  30. 30. ContactDragonfly Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreat 18/F Sun Tech Plaza Building397 Jiaozhou Road, Jingan District Shanghai 200042 China Tel: +86 21 61325068/69 Fax: +86 21 61325070
  31. 31. Relax the World!