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Annie Dragisity Reebok 492

Annie Dragisity Reebok 492






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    Annie Dragisity Reebok 492 Annie Dragisity Reebok 492 Presentation Transcript

    • Reebok
      Annie Dragisity
      ADV 492
    • An Overview
      Reebok as a Business: Reebok is a global brand and a sub-sect of athletic giant Adidas and retails athletic apparel including; footwear, clothing and accessories and has been around since 1895.   Reebok creates products targeted towards the serious athlete as well as the recreational exerciser. Reebok is known for producing quality athletic apparel however it's popularity has seen spikes and lulls depending on the era. Reebok was very popular in the 1980's and 1990's with their Freestyle athletic shoe which was designed with women entrenched in the aerobic craze in mind and it became an iconic brand during this period.  Reebok thrives on individuality both "in sport and life" claiming eccentric and unique to be their brand image. 
      Brand Challenges:  The purpose of this campaign is to put the Reebok brand back into the spotlight and make it become the iconic fashion statement that it was throughout the 80's and 90's.  Reebok needs to beat out all the other brands (Nike, New Balance, Saucony etc.) and stand out as the 1. most functional and 2. most stylish.  The Reebok brand has fallen to the wayside during recent years and the challenge will be to make it a leading brand in athletic shoe utility and style.  A specific challenge when promoting the EasyTone line will be competition with the Sketchers "Shape Ups" line that is a very similar product, Reebok will need to prove that their line is superior.  
    • An Overview
      Goals: Reebok looks to become a trend but not a fleeting fad, the Reebok brand should be synonomous with quality and style with an emphasis on allowing the wearer to express their individuality through their choice in shoe.  Specifically emphasized in this campaign is the Reebok "Easy Tone" line that promises to tone and shape glutes, calves and hamstrings.  Reebok looks to target young, stylish adults with a knack for fashion and a desire for a healthy lifestyle that includes working out.
    • Campaign Concept
      All campaign touchpoints should display the tagline, "HOW DO YOU TONE?" that encourages Easy Tone wearers to share their unique story about fitness, Reebok or fashion
      Target Market:  Young Adults age 18-24, students or working professionals living in urban, heavily populated areas.  Consumers should be devoted to personal style in every area of their life particularly fitness which is where the Reebok EasyTone Line comes in.  This demographic wants to be stylish and hip while working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  
      Reebok wants to get it's brand and name to as many online outlets as possible which means creating a larger online presence through social media (Twitter, Facebook and Blogging) as well as becoming involved in branded events (the Reebok "How do you TONE Facebook campaign and the Team Parkinson's sponsorship).  Reebok also looks to optimize in all of their online spaces by advertising on relevant sites and creating a keyword list that will boost all of their touch-points (Twitter, Blog and Facebook) to the top of a search inquiry.  
    • Campaign Objectives, Strategies & Tactics
      Target Market:  Young Adults age 18-24 (fitness-focused, style-conscious, college students/young professionals, urban/big city market)
      Online Advertisements: Online advertisements (all with the tagline "How do you TONE?“) will be in banner form on relevant partner websites and blogs.  For example, Easy Tone advertisements will appear on fitness blogs (A Runner's Blog Trying Fitness , Fitness Health Zone ) and other similar blogs promoting health and fitness
    • Campaign Objectives, Strategies & Tactics
      SEO Strategy: Reebok will look to optimize all of their online activity with targeted keywords focused on getting into shape, shaping up for summer, slimming down etc.
      Keyword Suggestion List (from Google AdWords):  
      -leg toning tennis shoes
      -toning tennis shoes
      -athletic shoes
      -muscle toning
      Facebook:  Reebok already has a very successful Facebook Fan page that could definitely be utilized to specifically promote their EasyTone line.  Users already engaged with their brand (i.e. their 100,000+ fanbase) could be encouraged to be an active part of the Reebok brand by submitting user uploaded videos on the Reebok Facebook page.  This is a free, simple way to engage users and make them more inclined to spread the word about Reebok.  
    • Campaign Objectives, Strategies & Tactics
      Contest Details:
      How do you TONE? 
      "We're asking Reebok fanatics around the globe to upload a short video of themselves doing their favorite fitness activity in their Reebok EasyTones to the Reebok Facebook page.  The top 3 most original videos will be chosen and winners will receive a new pair of Reebok EasyTone shoes in the style of their choice."  
      Twitter:  Reeboks current Twitter profile is somewhat scattered with different sects of the Reebok brand, so I'd look to promote the Reebok Easy Tone line with it's own Twitter page.  This way consumers could focus specifically on the Reebok EasyTone line, new styles, consumer reviews etc. 
    • Campaign Objectives, Strategies & Tactics
      Blogging: Reebok currently does not have an official company blog which is definitely an area that could be expanded.  An official Reebok blog would keep consumers engaged and inform them of company updates and upcoming product lines.  The blog should be promoted through Facebook and Twitter and updated daily with Reebok employee insight on fashion, fitness and Reebok.  
      Charity Partnership:  Since Reebok is a fitness brand what better way to demonstrate corporate responsibility than sponsor a charity marathon?  A lesser-known organization like the Team Parkinson Foundation would be beneficial to sponsor to help both brands promote a good cause.  The Team Parkinson Foundation holds regular marathons throughout major cities and Reebok could help fund the event and provide on-site brand reps at every marathon.  The event could be promoted through the Reebok blog, Twitter and Facebook.  
    • Success Measurement
      What we've learned in class is that the great thing about online media campaigns is that they can be so easily tracked.  I'd like to utilize a tool like Google Analytics to track how well the online media campaign (Blogging, Facebook and Twittering) is actually working in terms of bringing consumers to the Reebok site and how that turns into consumer engagement with the brand, WOM and eventually purchase and ROI increase.  
    • Timeline & Budget
      April/May:  Initial campaign roll out.  Promotion for Facebook campaign "How do you TONE" will be publicized on Reebok blog, Facebook and Twitter.
      Influx of Reebok advertisements on Fitness blogs
      Optimization of Reebok online search
      June/July: Corporate sponsorship of San Francisco Marathon for Team Parkinson July 25
      Promotion through June and July via Facebook, blog and Twitter
      Campaign Cycle:  Pulsing, the Reebok brand as a global brand is always promoting their products but certain times (before summer April/May, beginning of the year Dec/Jan) are peak times to promote to consumers looking to get in shape for summer or hold their promise of a New Year’s weight loss.  
      Facebook, Twitter and Blogging promotion are all free
      Corporate sponsorship of Team Parkinson dependent on Reebok's financial flexibility but corporate sponsorships tend to be upwards of $500,000.  
      Utilizing an evaluation tool like Google Analytics (free service)