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5 stupid mistakes
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5 stupid mistakes



The Top 5 STUPID Mistakes I Made In An Attempt To Make Money Online And How You Can Avoid 80% Of Them Instantly". Which Of These 5 Mistakes Are You Making Now?

The Top 5 STUPID Mistakes I Made In An Attempt To Make Money Online And How You Can Avoid 80% Of Them Instantly". Which Of These 5 Mistakes Are You Making Now?



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    5 stupid mistakes 5 stupid mistakes Document Transcript

    • The Top 5 STUPID Mistakes I Made In An Attempt To Make Money Online And How You Can Avoid 80% Of Them InstantlyHi, My name is Ethan Musolini. And I would like to thank you for subscribing.I have been marketing online since 2002. Quite a long time. During the same period, I have madelots of mistakes and I am sharing this with you because I wouldnt want you to make the samemistakes in case you are a victim just like I have been.I am keeping this short because I would love to see you finish reading this and using it.In this short report, I will share with you the top 5 stupid mistakes I have made in the last 10 yearsand how you can solve them.1. Not building a list early.One time I was amidst an affiliate contest and I noticed that almost all the people on the leaderboard had a list. That woke me up. I later learned from one of the teachers and he said somethingalong these lines – "You must build an audience first"He was recommending creating a facebook page and a twitter following. Both of these, I have. Butstill you are under the whims of facebook and twitter rules. An email list is an audience available toyou at a click of a button.Advice: if you dont have an email list, start one today.2. Shiny objects syndromeIf you have subscribed to many email lists like me, then am sure you get offers on a daily basis. Iwould jump from one product and before finishing going through it, I would find myself pulling outmy credit card for another product. In the end I was a student and not an implementer.Learning is good but what makes a difference to your bank account is doing.Advice: Before you buy another product, first implement at least one idea from the one you areconsuming in the moment.3. Not having a product of my own
    • I was looking at offers on a daily basis especially from the warrior forum instead of creating myown. In the end, I was a consumer and not a creator. Do you find yourself in such a rat race?Advice: Create your own product as fast as possible. And when you are creating a product, think interms of what the issue is, why its important, how it can be done and the benefits.4. Not getting a coach or mentorI wanted to be a superman. A lone ranger. And I kept making every mistake in the book. If only Ihad hired a coach earlier.Advice: Find someone who is producing the results you want and ask them to coach you. Thearrangement could be free, you barter your own time and skills or pay. Either way, find a coach ormentor as soon as possible.5. Buying the myth that traffic = MoneyI bought into every product that sang the word traffic. In fact, they almost all of them said…Traffic= Money. Wrong. I can tell you that I had a product where I sent hundreds of unique visitors and gotzero (0) sales. Then, another affiliate product where I sent targeted traffic of just 70 clicks and I got2 sales. The new formula is…Targeted traffic + high converting offer = Money.Advice: Dont just focus on traffic, master conversions. How do you make people buy? Master copywriting. And drive the right traffic to a converting offer.In future emails, I will go through each of the five components in detail on how to implement theadvice I am giving. I will also be looking out for useful resources which I will be recommending toyouBut before that… …There are many challenges associated with the above and one big solution… which can solve80% of the challenges above. Click the word "Next Page" below to access the details The Challenges And a SolutionAm sure deep inside you are thinking to yourself…yeah, "it sounds good but I still have to learn andimplement a long list of things before I can make money like How to create a winning offer, writesales copy, create my own info-products, create a sales funnel, setup a merchant account, integrateshopping carts with my own email auto-responder and payment gateway, customer support, refundsand charge backs, split testing new offers, setting up automated webinars…".And you know what, you are right.If you want to bypass all that, the IM Revolution Handbook will show you how for just $9.95. Thiswill truly solve at least 80% of the 5 top stupid mistakes I made. All you have to do, is to drivetraffic.Step 1: Click here to access the IM Revolution Handbook at $9.95 to solve at least 80% of the 5 topstupid mistakesStep 2: Click here and learn how To Create Up To 23 Different Income Streams, Earn Upwards Of$2,604.54 While You Sleep At Night, And Recruit WITHOUT Ever Having To Cold Call
    • Step 3: Click here to discover how to earn up to $10k in 30 days - How to architect a 5 figurerecurring income in 30 days or less $ Earn 100% commission And access 94+ products.Step 4: Get boat loads of traffic to your site using banners while making money at the same time.Ethan Musolini.