Enterprise 2.0 portal


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What is a Enterprise 2.0 portal and what are the tools? One tool cover some of the most important Enterprise 2.0 features. You have a central content repository with all content (wiki, blog, cms). Use internal and external networks to extend.

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Enterprise 2.0 portal

  1. 1. What is a Enterprise 2.0 Portal?
  2. 2. erprise 2.0 all about you al rt Po .0 ic your data, your tools. 2r se nt the Enterprise 2.0 Portal is about you. ri ce rp u te yo n E
  3. 3. erprise 2.0 a browser is all you need al rt Po ce .0 rfa intuitive interface 2e se nt in place actions, easy to use ri i rp 2.0 te b ne E
  4. 4. erprise 2.0 interact mobile al rt Po n .0 tio optimized display 2c se ete send sms to the portal ri d rp ce te vi ne Ed
  5. 5. erprise 2.0 one click in - no password al rt ca Po ti single sign on .0 en with MS Active Directory 2 th se au integrated people management ri e rp bl te ga nu El
  6. 6. erprise 2.0 customize your startpage al rt Po .0 d personalized portlets 2r se oa drag`n´drop your applications ri b rp ash te d n E
  7. 7. erprise 2.0 stay connected al rt Po e .0 ar show your network 2w se oft send quick sms to your workgroup ri s rp al te ci no Es
  8. 8. erprise 2.0 participate al rt Po .0 enterprise wiki workgroups 2 se ki easy documentation, work ows ri i rp w e nt E
  9. 9. erprise 2.0 express yourself al rt Po .0 standout as area expert 2 se og discover potential employees ri l rp b e nt E
  10. 10. erprise 2.0 corporate content al rt Po s .0 m universal content repository 2c se ise personalized enterprise content ri r rp rp te te nn Ee
  11. 11. erprise 2.0 personal news al rt Po .0 news exchange 2 se s external and internal rss feed ri rs rp te n E
  12. 12. erprise 2.0 find every “thing“ al rt Po h .0 arc „the thing“ implementation 2e se c s permissions enabled semantic search ri ti rp an te n em Es
  13. 13. my personal portal
  14. 14. Haymo Meran gentics.com/hm