Mini implants


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Mini implants

  1. 1. Easy, Affordable, Painless Way To Comfortable Dentures Let Mini Dental Implants Greatly Improve Your Life! At only a fraction of the cost of regular implants In just two hours, get the Mini Implant system fitted, go out and have lunch and eat all you crave for (Photographs of patients treated by Dr. A. F. Paghdiwala at Pearl Dental Center, Newtown, PA)
  2. 2. This is the Lower Jaw of a Person Wearing Dentures for Many Years The denture was always loose, and layers of denture adhesive had to be used
  3. 3. Four Mini Dental Implants Have Been Placed
  4. 4. The Denture has been adjusted to fit over the Implants
  5. 5. Metal Housings have been Placed in the Denture to fit over the Implants
  6. 6. Lower denture ready to snap onto the implants
  7. 7. This is the upper jaw of a denture wearer
  8. 8. Four Mini Dental Implants have been placed in the upper jaw
  9. 9. The existing upper denture has been fitted to snap over the implants
  10. 10. The upper denture has been made smaller as the implants will hold it up
  11. 11. The upper denture is placed over the implants
  12. 12. Note that the upper denture is smaller, does not cover the entire palate
  13. 13. Mini Dental Implants Can Also Be Used To Support Partial Dentures Ugly Metal Hooks Can Be Eliminated as the Mini Implants securely hold in the partial
  14. 14. Two Mini Implants have been placed in the lower jaw to get a secure, esthetic partial plate
  15. 15. Two implants have been placed on the other side to support the partial denture
  16. 16. All four implants in position in the lower jaw to support the partial plate
  17. 17. The partial denture has been fitted with housings to fit over the implants
  18. 18. Partial plate snapped into place over the implants- no ugly metal clips needed
  19. 19. Steps in Placing the Mini Dental Implants Each Implant takes only 10-15 minutes and usually, no cutting or suturing of gums is needed • Local Anesthetic • Starter drill into bone • Insert the Mini Implant with a finger wrench • Place it in some more with a Wing Nut • Secure it in nicely with a mini wrench
  20. 20. Steps in placing the implant- (1) Implant being threaded in with a finger wrench
  21. 21. Steps in placing the implant-(2)Implant inserted some more with wing nut
  22. 22. Steps in placing the implant-(3)Implant finally inserted with mini wrench
  23. 23. Two Mini Implants have been placed to support a partial denture
  24. 24. Mini Dental Implants Can Also Be Used To Replace Missing Teeth A crown (or cap) can be placed permanently over the Mini Implant
  25. 25. The missing tooth is to be replaced with a Mini Dental Implant
  26. 26. Mini Dental Implant inserted
  27. 27. Missing tooth replaced by new tooth placed over Mini Implant
  28. 28. Another missing tooth to be replaced by a Mini Implant
  29. 29. Mini Dental Implant inserted
  30. 30. Missing tooth built up on top of Mini Implant
  31. 31. Another missing tooth to be replaced by a Mini Implant
  32. 32. Mini Dental Implant inserted
  33. 33. Tooth built up on top of Mini Implant