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Center of excellence for treatment of hematologic diseases

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  • 1. Daniel Răduță
    Romanian Association Against Leukemia
    Center of Excellence for treatment of hematologic diseases
  • 2. Briefly
    Center of Excellence at Bucharest University Hospital
    Treatment of hematological diseases
    One of the most renowned European centers offers the know-how
    San Raffaele Hospital, Milano, Italy
    ARIL (Romanian Association against Leukemia) supports the project
  • 3. Summary
    Hematological diseases and their treatment in Romania
    Through the story of a leukemia patient: me
    The need for improving Romanian conditions
    Expressed in facts and numbers
    Our proposal
    The project
    Peopleand expertise
  • 4. What is a hematological disease
    Hematological diseases affect the bone marrow and blood
    There are chronic and acute forms
    Leukemia and lymphoma account for 90%
    I was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia in 2009
    Left untreated, acute forms kill you in a few weeks
    Some say is a death sentence
    I’m the living proof of the contrary
  • 5. The treatment
    Two major therapies
    Chemotherapy (full cycle)
    Bone marrow transplantation (BMT), preceded by initial chemotherapy
    Acute forms are the most difficult to treat
    Aggressive chemotherapy that weakens the patients immunity and organism
    One needs proper sterile facilities to avoid (often fatal) complication
    BMT is required in many of such cases
    I was treated in one of the best facilities in Romania
    However, the sterile conditions are still lower than the standards
    As a result, many patient suffer fatal complications
    Lucky me …
  • 6. Bone marrow transplantation
    BMT is increasingly preferred as the best solution
    My form of leukemia required a BMT
    Only two types of transplant are performed in Romania
    Autologous (using one self's healthy cells)
    Matched Related Donor (MRD): uses stem cells from a fully compatible brother or sister
    I needed one of the others
    Partially Matched Related Donor
    Matched Unrelated Donor (MUD)
    With stem cells from Cord Blood
  • 7. BMT in this cases
    In another EU country at a cost of at least 120.000€
    As a Romanian, you have two choices
    Pay the money from your own pocket
    Access special government funds
    A fund raising campaign got me the money in 2 months
    The government procedure can take as long as 12 months
    While waiting, a patient receives further aggressive chemotherapy
    Again I was lucky!
  • 8. A few otherpatients who did not find cure in Romania
    People you see here are some that appeared in mass-media and some we had time to request their explicit agreement
  • 9. Situation in Romania
    European Cancer Observatory estimated
    3265 people
    were diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma in 2008
    At most 140 BMT
    were performed in 2009, according to the Romanian official press releases
    Sources: European Cancer Observatory ( http://eu-cancer.iarc.fr) , Romanian Newspapers and Journals
  • 10. Situation in Europe
    A study of EBMT shows that most European countries perform at least200 BMT per 10 million inhabitants
    with many of them performing at least 400 BMTper 10 million inhabitants
    EBMT (European Group for Blood and Marrow Transplantation) study can be found here
    HSCT stands for Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation which is just another name for BMT
  • 11. Comparison
    Incidence of leukemia and lymphoma does not vary significantly from year to year
    BMT procedures in Europe increased each year
    So we may perform a fairly accurate comparison between Romania and EU for 2009
  • 12. How many would have a better chance
    If Romania reaches at least Central Europe’s minimum BMT rate,
    260 more patients
    would be transplanted each year, thus having a much better chance for long-term survival
  • 13. Our proposal
    Center of Excellence at Bucharest University Hospital (SUUB)
    People involved
    The team from San Raffaele Hospital in Milan, lead by dr. Fabio Ciceri
    The team from SUUB lead by dr. HoriaBumbeaand dr. Ana Vlădăreanu
    Italian team agreed to transfer the expertise and competencies the Romanian team does not yet poses
    Equipping a brand-new transplant facility
    Improving the existing hematological facility
    Updating the diagnostic laboratory with the latest technology
  • 14. HSR, the key partner
    Who is HSR
    Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit at San Raffale Hospital, Milano, Italy
    Participants in this project include dr. Fabio Ciceri, dr. Jacopo Peccatori, dr. Andrea Assanelli, cs. Vincenzo Matozzo
    They will offer intensive training and supervision to professionals at SUUB
    They evaluated three potential partners in Romania
    They chose SUUB team as the most promising one
    The collaboration is ready to take off
    Training plan is made, resources and costs estimated
    More about HSR on their website: http://www.fondazionesanraffaele.it/EN_home/index.html
  • 15. More about HSR
    BMT Unit is considered one of the best in Europe
    Recognized by the community as having very good research activity
    One of the few centers in Europe who successfully perform PMRD transplants on a large scale
    Comparison to Romanian centers
    HSR performed more transplants than all our centers
    HSR performs all 5 types of transplant, compared to only 2
  • 16. Project goal & objectives
    The Goal
    Improve the treatment conditions in Romania and consequently save more patients
    Perform PMRD transplants in Romania
    Main Objectives
    30 transplants in the 2nd year of functioning
    The first PMRD transplant in Romania in the 2nd year
    Secondary Objectives
    Build up transplant expertise at SUUB and also in the Romanian medical community
    Expand the transplant center in the following years
  • 17. Project activities
  • 18. Project estimated costs
    Facility costsStaff training Interventions costsOther costs
    Interventions costs would be supported by the Romanian Public Assurance
    For the rest, we must find solutions
  • 19. Project team
    The backbone consists of the two great medical teams
    A very promising medical team at SUUB
    One of Europe’s most renowned medical teams as mentors
    Supporting team
    Full-time involvement of ARIL’s president, Monica Bunaciu, formerly diagnosed with leukemia
    Daniel Răduță, formerly diagnosed with leukemia, Project Manager at BitDefender
    Adina Ovedenie, ARIL volunteer, expert in European funds
    Diana Stoleru, ARIL volunteer, Chanel Manager at BitDefender
    RuxandraPredescu, ARIL volunteer, PR specialist
  • 20. Thank you
    Daniel Răduță
    Romanian Association Against Leukemia (ARIL)