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Persuasive essay(roughdraft)



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  • 1. Racster 1David RacsterProfessor DiSarrioEnglish 1033 November 2010 An anabolic steroid is something that athletes use to get an unfair advantage in thesport they play. It can cause the player to gain more muscle mass in a shorter period of time thanwithout taking them. Today people question how many athletes are actually using these kinds ofsteroids to improve their game or physical status. To this day, almost anyone who enjoyswatching sports knows that steroids are a part of many sports known to man. Some people arefine with it and just enjoy watching the sports that are to the max. They seem to accept thisshocking circumstance because the players are more athletic on steroids than without them. Onthe other hand, some people disagree and think that not only is it bad for the sport, but it is alsoterrible for the professionals and the kids watching them play. For people who that understand athletes and their use of steroids, well there can bemultiple reasons why. First off, what is one thing people love watching in sports, specificallybaseball? It’s obviously the hard hits and homerun balls being hit out of the ballpark. Lately inthe national football league (NFL) players have been caught using steroids, too. One well-knownplayer that was caught was Brian Cushings, last years AFC Rookie of the Year. Come summertime he was caught with anabolic steroids in his system. In return, they had to revote on whetherhe should still be considered the rookie of the year knowing that he had taken steroids, and ofcourse he retained the title. This further proves the fact that people just want to see the mostathletic players making the hardest hits possible and don’t care if they are on steroids or not.
  • 2. Racster 2Another example would be the baseball player we all know, Barry Bonds. In the 2001, in oneseason Barry Bonds blew up and hit a major league baseball record with 73 homeruns. He brokeMark McGuire’s homerun record by three homeruns; McGuire was also accused of takingsteroids. In San Francisco, fans love it when a player hits the ball out of the ballpark and theyeven call it the McCovey Cove. Barry Bonds is the all-time leader with the amount of balls beinghit out of that ballpark with 35. There have only been 55 hit out total, so he has more than half ofthem. The fans love it when it happens and don’t care if Bonds is on steroids or not. They justwant to see homeruns, and players on steroids can do that better than anyone else. Not only are Professional athletes getting caught using steroids, but now it is tricklingdown to high school athletes as well. The latest state to handle this issue has been Texas; theyhave taken it out of the hands of educators and are making a test necessary for all athletes to takebefore they can play in a sport. This is a great reason why parents are becoming angry about theinfluence professional athletes are having on their children. It is obviously not good when highschool athletes are getting caught using steroids more and more. The percent of high schoolathletes has gone from 6 percent to 11 percent within the past three years. That is not a goodstatistic for young people to be taking steroids. I feel professional players caught using thesesteroids need to have more harsh punishment then what they are now. Now for other and most people, steroids just hurt the sport, and are a bad influence on kidsthat want to play sports. If athletes want to increase their body mass and become stronger theyshould have to work on that with out the influence of steroids or even the thoughts of takingthem. Not only can one be suspended or even kicked out of a sport for using, but also canextremely risk the state of their health. Psychological effects appear to be the only consequenceof an overdose of AAS, but long-term usage can lead to infertility, testicular atrophy (in males)
  • 3. Racster 3and disturbances of the menstrual cycle (in females). The severity depends on which steroid orcombination of steroids that are being abused. The brain (psyche), the skin (acne), and the liver(hepatis) are three main parts of the body that get abused by shooting steroids. In 1994,recreational bodybuilders attending a Welsh needle-exchange clinic completed a survey onfeelings of hostility/aggression. Subjects reported significantly higher feelings of aggressiontowards objects, verbal aggression and aggression during training. During the 6 to 14 week AASperiod, other changes included significantly higher feelings of alienation, irritability, anxiety,suspiciousness, and negativism. This shows that there are tremendous negative effects of usinganabolic steroid, not just the glory that we fans get to see. ( Graham, Michael R) Present players need to think of how they are affecting younger athletes. Thesuspensions aren’t doing what they need to be doing, someone has to take charge and think ofanother way to deal with it. People can be for it and against it but all in all the professionalathletes taking these steroids are pretty much saying that it is alright if you take steroids; and thatis not alright for young athletes to think at all. They need to get to that high level of play on theirown not by taking steroids.
  • 4. Racster 4 Work CitedGraham, Michael R., et al. "Anabolic Steroid Use." Sports Medicine 38.6 (2008): 505-525.Academic Search Premier. EBSCO. Web. 3 Nov. 2010.Whether a professional athlete is taking steroids or breaking a minor infraction in theircontract, they should have to suffer the consequences no matter the penalty. Not only areathletes getting away with such outrageous behavior, but they are making it more populararound the teenage world. This needs to stop.