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My School POL Powerpoint:]*
My School POL Powerpoint:]*
My School POL Powerpoint:]*
My School POL Powerpoint:]*
My School POL Powerpoint:]*
My School POL Powerpoint:]*
My School POL Powerpoint:]*
My School POL Powerpoint:]*
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My School POL Powerpoint:]*


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  • I describe myself as a creative learner, I love being creative in anyway. One of my favorite ways of being creative, is through a computer. A lot of people think, when they think computers, is lazy people, sit there and rot your brain cells out, just like television. Actually, you can learn a lot about computers, new learning programs and how to save stuff to a hard drive so you won’t lose it.
  • The type of questions I ask are usually about how can I make this look professional and look good. Another thing I would possibly ask about is what do I need to help me get my project done, do I need a big thing or a small thing, and how important is it. I do have some questions while I am working. For example, I need my partners to help and contribute so I can get my work done with or help me out with something I may not understand.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Creativeby Sasha Thomas
      The Secret of Creativity is Knowing How to Hide Your Sources-Albert Einstein
    • 2. Inquiry
      What do I need?
      • Partners to help.
      -Light bulbs for game board and wires to help hook up the light bulbs and make them work
      -Glue and tape to help glue my papers on my display board.
      -Printer to help print out the questions for the game board cards and papers for my display board too.
    • 3. Significance
      Why is this important?
      -Partners because help with something I do not understand or just help get the work done with.
      • Paper because I need something to get my information that I have, so everyone can see it.
    • Perspective
      What is the point of view?
      -Things changed a lot with the people I worked with on my cell phone project and board game project.
      • I learned a lot about working with people I don’t really talk to and the project turned out to be good.
    • Evidence
      How do I know?
      - Teachers told me what I had to do to get a task done or told me what I need to finish
      • I saw what was wrong and what was right.
    • Connection
      How does it apply?
      • An item I need to finish my project like tape or paper.
      - Asking “how does it apply?” is practically asking why do I need this and why should I use this.
    • 4. Supposition
      What if something was different?
      • If I didn’t have a partner, my board game or display board wouldn’t have been probably done.
      • 5. My game board wouldn’t haven’t looked as good as it is now.
    • Conclusion
      The three things that I learned about myself were that:
      • I can be a hard worker if I just try.
      - I work well with people if we listen to each others ideas.
      - School isn’t that hard if you think about it.