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Android Drive Test tool that's compatible with off the shelf phones,simple to use and really help engineers solve network problems!

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Azq android presentation

  1. 1. AZQ AndroidEnabling Android Drive Test on a massive scale
  2. 2. Our Customers Operators : 400 units Contractors : 30 units“Developing World-Class GSM/WCDMA Network Testing Tool for domestic and international markets”
  3. 3. Why AZQ Android Drive test grade data from latest off-the-shelf Android handsets Integration of Mobile, Web and replay tool provides total solution for Drive Test, Report and Analysis Large scale deployment with 24X365 Monitoring and Reporting that solves network problem
  4. 4. AZQ EcosystemMass deployment that actually solves problems AZQ Android AZQ Dashboard AZQ Replay - Automatic Test - Summarize Results - Problem Analysis - Vehicle Drive Test - Create Reports - Layer 3 Display - In-building Test - Display Heatmap - Customized Report - Remote scheduling
  5. 5. AZQ EcosystemMass deployment that actually solves problems Assign Test Report status Download Replay AZQ Replay AZQ Android Upload Log AZQ Server Download Report Get schedule Display Dashboard Get software update Display Unit Status KPI Team Management Engineers (As customer) (Big picture) (Analysis)
  6. 6. Compatible list HTC Rhyme HTC One S C2 HTC One V Galaxy Ace Plus Galaxy Cooper HTC Sensation XL
  7. 7. AZQ Android  Off the Shelf Qualcomm-Based Android Phones  Supports HSDPA/HSUPA up to 14.4 Mbps/5.76 Mbps  Flexible Deployment Modes (Automatic/Drive Test/Walk Test)  Extremely easy to use and deploy in large numbers  On-device automatic log file upload for replay Call Test SMS Test MMS Test Browse Test Multi-Session HTTP DL Test FTP DL/UL Test Wi-Fi Test
  8. 8. AZQ AndroidMulti-Session Data Event information WCDMA Live Indoors TestingTest Display
  9. 9. AZQ AndroidGSM WCDMA• Serving Cell information • Ec/Io (A-set, M-set, D-set)• Channel type • RSCP (A-set, M-set, D-set)• Hopping channel information • RSSI• Hopping Frequencies information • CQI• Timeslot • Tx power and Max Tx Power• RxLevel Full and Sub • RRC state• RxQual Full and Sub • Frequency Channel Number and SC• C/I Per channel • WCDMA Bearer Rate• L3 Messages decoding • 2G Compressed Mode Measurement• Neighboring Cell C BCCH • L3 Messages decoding• Neighboring Cell information • BLER Average Percentage• Neighboring Cell RxLevel • HSDPA RLC Throughput • Speech Codec Tx,Rx
  10. 10. AZQ Server Control and monitor hundreds of units from one placeAutomatic conversion of AZQ Android files into log and report Round the clock quality map of network performance View performances in term of trends, heat map and graphs Advanced Search option for specific unit groups and time period Dashboard Report Replay Trend Graph
  11. 11. AZQ Server Unit Control Display Event on map Trend Graph Search bar Statistics Summary Download log for replay & KPI Excel Report
  12. 12. AZQ ServerStandard View Heatmap ViewTrend graph Unit monitoring
  13. 13. AZQ ServerDrive Test Coverage Generation Indoors Coverage Generation
  14. 14. AZQ Server - Report Download direct from dashboard Customizable upon request Indoors scrambling code coverageMain report form
  15. 15. AZQ Replay Engineering Analysis with comprehensive L1&L3 info Detect network issues as if from a drive test log Empower engineers to fix problems from the office Generate KML, Customizable Excel report and file export to 3rd party Log analysis Custom Report 3rd party export
  16. 16. AZQ ReplayLog Analysis
  17. 17. AZQ ReplayCustomizable Workspace
  18. 18. AZQ ReplayKML Log Export
  19. 19. AZQ ReplayActix & Mapinfo compatible exportGoogle Earth Coverage Display
  20. 20. AZQ SummaryMass deployment that actually solves problems Provides drive test grade radio data from round- the-clock large scale testing Summarizes all data into one place provides realistic picture of user experiences and problem trends Solve problems for both KPI and Engineer with Actionable drive test data
  21. 21. AZQ Roadmap21 Mbps Q4 2012 : HSPA+ 21 Mbps support42 Mbps Q1 2013 : HSPA+ 42 Mbps support LTE Q1-Q2 2013 : LTE support
  22. 22. Thank you“Developing World-Class GSM/WCDMA Network Testing Tool for domestic and international markets”