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  • 1. http://www.picbadges.com/2491588Questions and Answer1. How come when I click my URL link, I see the name of my sponsor, not myname?This is because the referrer information of your sponsor is still stored in yourcomputer. You see, whenever someone opens a URL link, our system sends somecookies or cache info ... which are referrer information ... to the prospectsbrowser and saves these information.Our system is using these information as protection to sponsors, so that even if aprospect closes his/her computer, when it is turned on again, the sponsor orreferrer is protected because the prospect will still join under him/her. Later on,when you share your own link to others, your referrer information will be saved intheir computer, so that if anytime later on they want to join already, it is yourreferrer info that is saved in their PC.If you want to remove the information of your sponsor from your browser so thatyou can see your own, you need to go to the OPTIONS portion of your browser,then look for the part where it says delete or clear cache, cookies, or websitedata. When you see that, please delete all cache and cookies, and then turn ofthe browser immediately afterwards. Then restart your browser again. You shouldbe seeing your name already afterwards.2. How do I receive my commission payouts, and how long will it take to receivethe commissions?Inside the back office, you can execute a Payout Request by going to theWithdraw Commissions link at the left menu. You make a payout requestanytime and youll receive your bonuses within 24 to 48 hours if you use any of
  • 2. the following recognized payout options... PayPal, AlertPay, Smart Money, GlobeGCash, and UnionBank. Also, if you want to receive your payout within the 24 to48 hours, it is important that you input your payout information in your backoffice by going to the Edit Account section.We are also flexible in paying commissions through other methods, like otherbanks, or Western Union, but using these methods will take up to 5 working days,and any charges that will be incurred from these non-recognized payout optionswill be shouldered by the payee.==================================================================================YOUR ACTIVITY WILL DETERMINE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY!With this in mind, we believe that in order for us to get new members sign up, WENEED TO ACTIVELY SHARE WITH THEM the opprotunity. Sharing the opportunitymeans SHARING OUR VIDEOS, LINKS, POWERPOINT PRESENTATIONS, or SIMPLYASKING THEM TO ATTEND OUR LIVE WEBINARS...That EASY!Make sure to get your notes ready everyday to TRACK YOUR PROGRESS.Our WAY OF MEASURING that we get there is thru the NUMBER OF PEOPLE weshare this opportunity to.To start WITH...as per our meeting...please DECLARE IN PUBLIC our DAILY GOAL!Declaring it in PUBLIC IS OUR WAY OF SHOWING WE ARE SERIOUS TO MAKE IT
  • 3. HAPPEN!Please FILL UP BELOW YOUR COMMITTED ACTIVITY:KIKO JAVIER30 a day / 30 x 12 days (excl sundays) = 360 PEOPLERunning TOTAL :==================================================================================Our Default Payment Option Available is ALERTPAY,and currently ALERTPAY dont process credit card transactions,so only Alertpay with FUNDS will be accepted,these are other Payment OptionsSmart Money: Send to card 5577 5176 7705 8112Name: Franco Chaves Address: Paranaque, PhilippinesGlobe GCash: Send to09064747437Name: Franco Chaves
  • 4. Address: Paranaque, PhilippinesUnionBank EON: Deposit to 102060033560 under savings account ofFRANCO RENATO A. CHAVESLBC or Wstern Union: Remit to FRANCO RENATO A. CHAVESAddress: Paranaque,Philippines.==================================================================================VIDEOS THAT THE TEAM FEELS SO USEFUL for SWAns!1. Good question / Bad question - Eric Worrehttp://youtu.be/nIJH3XnKcFY==================================================================================HOW POST PLANNER WORKS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45ny77R-HPo==================================================================================SWA BANKING OPTIONSBANKING OPTIONS:FOR WESTERN & LBC: FRANCO RENATO A. CHAVES Paranaque City, Metro Manila,Philippines.
  • 5. UNION BANK:Account Type: Peso Savings Account number: 102060033560 Account Name:FRANCO RENATO A. CHAVESBDO: Account Type: Peso Savings Account number: 1520-5667-33 Account Name:FRANCO RENATO A. CHAVES SM BICUTAN BRANCHBPI: Account Type: Peso SavingsAccount number: 4169-1438-33Account Name:FRANCO RENATO A. CHAVES Paranaque BranchSMART MONEY: Name on Card: Francis A. ChavesCard Number: 5577 5176 77058112Mobile Number: (0921) 47 47 437M.COM Number: 8001 0163 7856ValidThru: 06/11 - 06/13HSBC: Account Type: Dollar SavingsAccount number: 053-011631-130AccountName: FRANCO RENATO A. CHAVESBank SWIFT Code: HSBCPHMMBank Branch &Country: Filinvest Alabang Branch, Philippines==================================================================================THE TRUTH ABOUT NETWORK MARKETING :
  • 6. It is said that if you want to SUCCEED in THIS INDUSTRY "YOU SHOULD BE THEPRODUCT OF YOUR PRODUCT"Meaning? USE YOUR PRODUCTS until you become a PRODUCT of the BENEFITSyour product gives..in THIS WAY..PEOPLE WILL NOTICE it and they will be curiousto know WHAT ARE YOU DOING? RIGHT???CHECK THIS:Product : Vitamin C - Member - Healthy - GOOD!Product : Glutathione - Member - White Skin - GOOD!Product : Apparels - Member - Fashionalbe/trendy - GOOD!Product : perfume - Member - Smells good - GOOD!Product : franchise stores - Member - franchise owner - GOOD!PRODUCT : KNOWLEDGE - MEMBER - POWER!!!! VERY GOOD!Ano gusto mo???
  • 7. ...and ACCESS TO KNOWLEDGE MEANS ACCESS TO ALL OF THE ABOVE!!! AYUN!Kopya??? :)==================================================================================http://supremewealthallianceultimate.com/business-permit/business permit.vnosyajWOW!!!! This is Really SWAmazing! $_$ilang months pa lang ang SWAnasa 504 rank na nationwidegrabe iba talaga ang SIKAT whew!! ^___^Ngayon, sino nagsasabi na SCAM?? =)Scam pa rin ba? Oh Eto,High Trust Rating. This Site Looks Safe to Use. This is based onhttp://www.scamadviser.com/check-website/1000% Legit and Safe talaga ang SWA! Ngayon sino nagsasabi na UltimateScammer? Kokontrahin nyo ba Alexa at ScamAdviser?Check our main office here:
  • 8. http://supremewealthallianceultimate.com/our-office/Di ka pa rin ba kuntento? Scam pa rin ba sa tingin mo? ^____^Check my Proof of SWA Earnings Album:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.455535637795338.129584.100000167167065&type=3My First Core i5 Laptop Courtesy of Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate:https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.501653206516914.138550.100000167167065&type=3Want to know more about SWA? Visit this website:http://supremewealthallianceultimate.com/Add my FB Account so we can discuss about this SWAmazing home-based onlinebusiness:https://www.facebook.com/iamvnosyajLike our SWA fanpage:https://www.facebook.com/supremewealthallianceofficialTHANK YOU! HAPPY SWA EARNINGS EVERYONE! $__$
  • 9. =================================================================================Thank your for your interest regarding sa proposal ko ( another source of incomeOnline).My game plan regarding this business ay naka ready na for the production andwe will start after the completion of 10 pioneers and 10 sub pioneers, we are in apioneer stage business company now booming sa cebu,davao and manila. Since walapa ang dumaguete..ill be the one to take the xpansion.As of now,i am creating a pioneer group to start with this business. This is anotherhomebase online business, not like typical networking..you can do it kahit saan as longas you can access online or internet.Our nature is "Home Base Networking" Name " Supreme Ultimate Alliance" we haveinline products of E-book library. Its a software where you can access different e-bookslike:1. how to grow rich2. RIch dad Poor Dad3. How to market Online and Offline ( this is best for online marketer)4. How to earn online, tips andi deas5. health tipsand many more.So this product is not necessarily na e benta para kumita ka..pero since its not copyrighted pwede mo ito ma sell.Pero the bottom line of this business is how you earn:Please watch the video.( please watch first and understand the system)
  • 10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwpzXiTrhSA&feature=shareOur ebook library ay malakki ang maitutulong sa atin if your starting to your onlineearnings, There are thousand of tips and strategies na iyong ma babasa sa Ebooklibrary. And for me its a big help din na nag earn ako not only here, but sa other onlineearnings ko rin...If you want to join and be my pioneer team, you can sign up below:Note: You have first to pay worth Php. 2,500 in return with this you can access anddownline ebook library na e bibigay sayo makikital ang yan once ok na yung accountmo. Payments will be directed to the company.Sign up here:http:/ http://drahcirrod5785.swaultimate.com/Bakit sasali ka sa team ko?1. I am proven network marketer offline and online.* i created group of investors 200 direct referrals at JustBeenPaid or now its profitclicking.* My experties is human relation, care about my team is my first priority.2. If you join my team and become one of my pioneer, ill teach you how to create a biggroup and earn big.3. Since we have auto spill over, expect for the next big thing to happen..kasi ako hindiako hihinto until di ko makuha dreams ko4. Go with my game plan, ill show you the bigger picture after 1 month.
  • 11. 5. Aquired leadership skill and networking skill.Feel free to ask if you have question, please PM me..or meet me personally for furtherdiscussion.Once your part of my pioneer team, you will receive full support from us..and guide youto start your business. Its a copy cut business..just do what we are doing.Supreme Wealth Alliance ULTIMATE.mp4Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate Presentation. Get a sample free e-Book here:http://swa.mypinoylinks.com/ Register in Supreme Wealth Alliance here: http://su...ShareSupreme Wealth Alliance ULTIMATE.mp4Supreme Wealth Alliance Ultimate Presentation. Get a sample free e-Book here:http://swa.mypinoylinks.com/ Register in Supreme Wealth Alliance here: http://su...Supreme Wealth Alliance ULTIMATE.mp4www.youtube.combigyan kita ng konting anghang nang5k members pa lng po tyo...and were global..and were pioneering..and meron d2... earned 116k.... in 21 days..visualize this... what if you have 1000 members under you....1million a month...?imposible?hindi ehehehhehe
  • 12. posible yan atewhat if we hit 1million members..take note..1 million members pa lng..ilan ang tao sa globe ^^http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tambayan-ng-OFW-sa-ibat-ibang-sulok-ng-Mundo/191866797557316http://earngreatdollarsnow.wordpress.com/world press presentationhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxDGotb5ExY&feature=player_embeddedNEW YOUTUBE VIDEOhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NbiCXgiIsG8&feature=relatedENGLISH YOUTUBE VIDEONEWLY SWA MEMBER!WHAT ARE THE FIRST THING TO DO WHEN YOU AREOFFICIALY NEW IN SWA????1st thing u do is to EXPLORE the WEBSITE try to
  • 13. downloads some eBooks para ma experience mo yungproducts and ma read...2nd is to review our pay plan systems (MARKETINGPLAN)- PAY PLAN 1 EXPLAINED 2x2 Dynamic Follow Matrix byManny Viloriahttp://youtu.be/7xaJa2L9Nz4- PAY PLAN 2 EXPLAINED Infinity 3up Pass Up byManny Viloriahttp://youtu.be/kEwC2_1BzwQOR WATCH THIS GUYS! This is the video of COACHKiko para ma inspire kayo lalo once u start sharing!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MdXGT7M8rnIPara madali nalang sayo mag explain kung san tayokumikita ng DOLLARS when u start inviting and sharing..." how will i tell my friends" ???
  • 14. Just share the business first kwentohan lang that you havea new opportunity to them about ONLINE BUSINESSonce they are really interested give them the videos paramaka IDEA sila sa SWA.TAGALOG: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-oHY3BGIttkBISAYA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UXNhyKvPsw&feature=youtu.beENGLISH: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QwpzXiTrhSA&feature=shareThen after that if they have questions explain tothem that this is PURE ONLINE HOME BASEBUSINESS MAY full ONLINE FB SUPPORT,ONLINE BUSINESS PRESENTATION MWF-730SAT 9PM, ONLINE TRAININGS,LAHATTRANSACTIONS NAKA ONLINE..Pwede magbayad sa LBC, GCASH, SMART MONEY,
  • 15. WESTERN UNION, BDO, BPI, PAYPAL or ALERTPAY...pwd din makuha mo earnings mo sa paymentoptions."""""""kasi di ba ang mabasa didto sa ako website isyour name? """"""Makukuha mo ung referal link mo once u LOGINnasa HOME PAGE.Example:http://drahcirrod5785.swaultimate.com<<--------- thisis my VERSION 2 SWA WEBSITEADVICE: JUST KEEP LEARNING and LEARNINGthen THE DOLLARS WILL FOLLOW U! You willearn more dollars than me if youre following whatimteaching you.. KEEP positive always, PRAY and
  • 16. WORK SMART.... Forget those people who arenegative thinkers just move on if hindisilainteresado, dont convince just share as manyfriends,groups, clan and etc... ENJOY this ONLINEBUSINESS na para kang nag FB FB daily routinemo... GOD BLESS and MORE SUCCESS.. Pm mealways if yOU need me.COME ON!!! LETS GET IT ON GUYS!!! MORETIPS MORE TIPS !!!!!===================================================================PARA SA MGA NAGHAHANAP NG EXTRAINCOME 100% ONLINE & HOME-BASED BUSINESS GAMITLANG ANG FACEBOOK.Bakit ako sasali at gagawin SWA-Ultimate Opportunity? At paanoako kikita ng DOLLAR$$$ ng ganito kalaki sa photo.SIMPLE LANG: 1. ONLINE BUSINESS! Sya USING FACEBOOK lang.
  • 17. 2. HOMEBASED BUSINESS! No need to go out.3. FLEXIBLE TIME!no need to work 8HRS a day.4. TIME FREEDOM! Pwede mo makasama mahal mo sabuhay anytime mo man gugustuhin. Anytime you can sleepand Wake up5. NO BOSS! Ikaw ang boss amin..6. NO FIXED SALARY! Mas malaki ang pwede kitain kesasa labas.7. NO WORKING HOURS! Pwede part time FB at internetlang.8. H.O.P.E. Helping other people everywhere!9. WORLDWIDE! Kahit saan sulok ng mundo pwedesumali..10. sa TEAM pa lang aming, ituturo sayo paano amingginagawa.KUNG GS2 MARANASAN TO AT MAKUHA PANGARAPMO NG HINDI NAPAPAGOD PA, AT RELAX LANG.. VISITMO ITO: ------------------------------------- and RESERVE YOURSLOT NOW!!!THEN KAPAG NAKAPAG DECIDE KA MAGJOIN VISIT MOITO:
  • 18. http://drahcirrod5785.swaultimate.com https://www.google.com/landing/chrome/beta/ google beta for not working access in swa +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +++++++++++++++++Mvp Jeff Perezregarding LOGIN problems, you can try thesesuggestions.1. have you tried contacting the admin, if not try thissuggestion- To All Members with Pending Activations, and/or otherconcerns. Please Send an Email toswateam888@gmail.comif i
  • 19. ts a pending activation, please attach your payment proofstogether with your details. Thank You!2. We have confirmed that there are login problems withoutdated version of Google Chrome, so try Logging inMozilla Firefox or Safari3. Have you tried contacting your "UPLINE" if he can seeyou in his/her geneology to confirm that your account isalready activated.4. Regarding Processing of accounts, it usually takes 24-48 hours, thats a system we should get used to it. If itexceeds within that said timeframe, it only means thatthere is a problem with your Reference # or yourencoding, might be a username that is already taken. Ifyou do not recieve an email, contact admin or your upline.5. We are always been transparent in all progressregarding everything here. Baka hindi nyo lang nababasa
  • 20. ang mga announcements.Kakatapos lang po ng Migration from the old version to thenew version. And as much as we do not like to let youknow how "HARD" the jobs of the ITs and the admin is.medyo "MADUGO" po,and please, we are asking for your patience. The Term"Everything is already been prepared for you" all you needto do is to SHARE the opportunity. Is now taking place.Lahat po ng necessary upgrades, sa Database natin ayginagawang perpekto ng ating Admins. For ourConvinience. So please bare with the temporaryinconvinience.Instead of Posting here, why not contact the adminsdirectly pra maasikaso po tayo. Ngayon kung minsan hindipo napansin ang inyong feedback, pa re-send nlang poulit.
  • 21. I hope this helps.