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Pres 1

  1. 1. ITEC 299Beginning
  2. 2. Describe your personal learning preferences(1 paragraph, 100-150 words) - Answer EACH of the following questions: At the beginning of class, after taking the survey, I learned I was an active and visual learner. I learn a lot from actually being a part of something. I like to be able to reach out and touch things, I like being able to identify an object by using the sense of touch. I am able to learn from power point, presentations, and watching documentaries, videos,well anything visual. I am ecstatic to continue to use my knowledge of the certain ways I learn. At the end of this class, I have been able to focus more on my perspective on how I learn by knowing what helps me absorb the information easier and quicker.
  3. 3. Describe the learning pathway you chose at the beginning of the class (1 paragraph, 100-200 words) At the end of the class, my thinking changed about learning preferences overall,because each assessments was different and it required extra steps which I founddifficult, I personally notice toward the end of the semester that the class required three steps for each post. however, knowing about learning preferences make a difference in my personal learning success, even though I didn’t use it immediately from time to time I have been use it which I found out useful. For example, as of today I am able to download some music to my iTunes and be able to listens some music. Overall, this class I found out useful for the long run, especially some of the website was great.
  4. 4. Describe how the activities you completedcontributed or did not contribute to your learning pathway (1 paragraph, 100-200 words) I believe that many of the learning quests I participated in were both good and bad experiences for me. Fortunately, I was able to learn a lot about various technologies which helped my learning curve. For one, learning aboutscreencasts helped my a lot. I never really knew what a screencast was. After the lesson, I was able to research more about how my iPod could help me learn in class. I found various videos which gave a lot of information on differenttechniques you can do with your iPod which will help you learn. One of the videos showed my how to download a free app and record lectures in my class. This became very useful in my classes which were lecture based courses.
  5. 5. Using one paragraph each, describe the top 3mobile/social/multimedia technologies you explored for learning (3 paragraphs, 100-150 words each) I own an iPhone and a iPod. It is basically the same thing as an iTouch or an iPod, except it has the ability to talk but the unfortunate necessity to pay a monthly phone bill. I used my iPhone a lot during this semester. I brought the phone with me to class in hard classes where werent a lot of notes to take down and the teacher just talked, so I used either Voice Memos or Dragon Diction apps that were provided. It was so easy after I was able to record the lectures and create my own set of notes to help me do better on the tests. I can search YouTube or podcasts I find in the iTunes store for information about my class or . Without my iPhone, I would have a terrible time trying to learn and hold onto the information it provided me.
  6. 6. #2 I also have a small laptop that is easy to bring to class and helps me search for things I dont understand during lectures. My laptop has helped me with not only increasing my words per minute but helping me in class, typing up notes quickly. I use my laptop all the time in class, it helps me learn about scientific terms and watch videos or slide-shows on topics I am unfamiliar with. I was using my laptop in class the other day, looking up information on the solar flare we had a few nights ago and how it was possibly going to interfere with our electronics.
  7. 7. #3 Podcast I also used podcasts from the iTunes store and YouTube. Both of these different mobile technologies stimulated my learning experience and helped my learning strategy. Since I am an active and visual learner, I learn easier through listening to other people talk about the specific topic and watch some of my professors videos on YouTube talk in depth about a specific subject. I found podcasts on certain topics I would need to write papers for, such as what apps are good for children to use to help with their learning. So that I could use that information in my essays. I like to use YouTube because there are videos on children using the apps and actually putting that knowledge to use. I could also add that to my paper and provided links to it.
  8. 8. Microblogging! The mobile technology that interested me the most was microblogging. I joined Twitter to see what it was really about and I like how you can follow celebrities and follow famous athletes. I followed Will Ferrell and Daniel Tosh because I find them hilarious and the things they tweet are funny. But as the class went on, I learned there was more of a use for Twitter than I imagined. You can set up dialogs with people and get groups of people together very quickly using microblogs. I dont really like using MMOGs for learning, I just play them. I really dont see how you can learn from a game unless its Brain Age. Its just something I dont think would be very affective in helping me learn. I would like to learn more about my iPhone and the apps I can get for it. I continue to explore more and more apps which can help make the learning experience easier in life
  9. 9. Synthesize your experience investigating your use of different mobile/social/multimedia technologies for learning (2 paragraphs, 100-150 words each)The technology which worked best for me was my laptop. I used my laptop everyday. Thishas become a common theme of mine in my life now. I need to stimulate my brain in order to learn the most and be most productive. In class, I would use my laptop to surf the weband look up information. I would also use it to download PDF files for class and I can readthem while I had time between classes. It helped me keep up with class lectures and keepup with scheduled class readings by keeping them in organized folders. My laptop became my best tool for my learning experience by helping me keeping up in my class.
  10. 10. In conclusionIn conclusion, I will use my learning technologies in the future because the world is evolvingto a be more high tech. After this class, I still have another semester before I graduate and I will be heading off to get my Masters in Forensic science. I will take with me what I have learned in this class and apply it to what I do in the future. I will use my iPhone, laptop, microblogs, YouTube, podcasts, screencasts, and social networking sites everyday. All of these technologies will help me network, create bigger, social groups, and be productive in the work place. As we evolve to this high tech stage in life, people have made a wonderful living just by using these various technologies to either network with various people, gathering information, and promoting their product.