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Am charlotte lipo articles

  1. 1. Liposuction: It’s Also for GuysThough plastic surgery in the past has seemed to be primarily a girl-thing, more and more men areconsidering the virtues of cosmetic enhancements to help make themselves more marketable in today’sworkplace. There are several reasons why surgical procedures have become more popular with men. Asthe number of people who have gone under the knife continues to rise, cosmetic surgery has becomesignificantly less taboo. And men are finding that if they want that big promotion at work, it’s vital tolook young and healthy.Liposuction is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures out there today for both men andwomen. While the number of plastic surgery procedures that were performed between 2010 and 2011in the United States only rose by about 1%, liposuction surgery has increased in popularity by awhopping 14% and men are making up a much larger proportion of the surgeries performed each year.According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of men who havebeen seeking out plastic surgery procedures has risen exponentially since the late 1990’s. For example,in 2011, almost 10% of cosmetic procedures performed in the United States were done on males. That’san incredible 121% increase over the past 16 years! Men who are considering plastic or cosmeticprocedures need to know that these days, they’re definitely not alone.As more men begin to see the virtues of tighter skin and less flab, liposuction procedures have beguntargeting the male population more effectively. Abdominal etching and other procedures capable ofproducing truly amazing results are catching the attention of men around the globe who have workeddiligently for an elusive six pack that never takes shape no matter how many hours they spend in thegym.Some experts believe that the media has helped to drive interest in procedures like liposuction.Television shows that feature makeovers, for example, have perhaps given plastic surgery a morepalatable image in the eyes of men. According to Renato Salz, vice president of the International Societyof Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, “In the past few years, plastic surgery is everywhere. All those nip-and tuckshows have brought plastic surgery to a common ground.” Both men and women are much more likelyto admit to having had procedures like liposuction performed because finally, plastic surgery has beenput in the spotlight.Technologies in liposuction have definitely helped to fuel men’s interest in procedures. Not only canthey seek out procedures to build that six-pack or provide an incredibly etched physique, but they canoften return to work in only a few days. Liposuction is considerably less risky these days because doctorstypically use local rather than general anesthesia for procedures. As a result, patients need not spendthe night in the hospital and recovery is quicker. Men who are seeking out liposuction surgery to helpkeep themselves looking younger longer should be please to know that people between 35 and 64 yearsof age account for 71% of the plastic surgery procedures today.
  2. 2. After Liposuction, Regular Exercise and Healthy DietKeeps the Fat offLiposuction can do many things. It can help both men and women get rid of stubborn areas of fat on thebody. It can create an etched and sculpted appearance that’s nearly impossible to achieve with only dietand exercise. And it can help patients increase their self-esteem and self-image. But after surgery,patients are still responsible for adhering to healthy lifestyle habits in order to keep their new lookpristine.For patients who don’t have a healthy lifestyle to begin with, it’s important to start as soon as possible ifliposuction is in the forecast. Diet and exercise are a good place to start, but patients need to realizethat if they smoke or drink a lot, they may need to modify these habits before pursuing a procedure.Smoking especially can wreak havoc on the body, making it more difficult for patients to heal followingsurgery. A patient who smokes is more likely to heal slowly following liposuction and experience othercomplications. Most doctors recommend that patients stop smoking at least 2 weeks before theirscheduled operation.Many patients mistakenly believe that after liposuction surgery, they won’t be able to gain the fat backwhere it was initially removed. This isn’t entirely true. Though fat cells are removed during liposuction,some still remain and if a proper, healthy diet isn’t enforced, patients may see a decline in their resultsover time. The good news is that patients who take the time to plan healthy meals and eat right arelikely to have liposuction results that last a really long time.Exercise is also important following liposuction surgery. Indeed, it’s valuable for patients to take up anexercise regime before their surgery and form a solid habit. If patients have a good habit going beforetheir liposuction surgery, they’ll be significantly more likely to maintain it after the fact. It’s a challengeto start a healthy new habit and a much better strategy to do that part of the work before liposuctionsurgery rather than after. Once you’ve established an exercise routine that works for you, it will bemuch easier to return to it following your procedure. Individuals who are able to successfully maintain ahealthy amount of exercise will be much more likely to maintain their liposuction results.A study in Brazil recently considered the potentially negative effects of liposuction on patients who weresusceptible to gaining fat after their procedure. Specifically, researchers wanted to know if the fatgained would contribute to heart or metabolic issues. Patients who followed a healthy lifestyleincluding regular exercise and a calorie-restricted diet were able to keep off extra pounds and maintainreasonable health. In contrast, patients who did not follow a healthy lifestyle following liposuction weremore likely to develop visceral fat, the dangerous type of fat that can lead to health issues down theroad.Patients undergoing liposuction need to be prepared to maintain a healthy lifestyle after their procedurein order to keep the fat off, but also to keep their bodies in tip top condition. Though patients are oftenmore concerned about appearance than inner health, the two are intimately intertwined and followingliposuction it is vital that patients follow a lifestyle that will help them get lasting results from theirprocedure.
  3. 3. The Truth about Liposuction and Man BoobsThough excess abdominal fat can be embarrassing for men, there’s nothing worse than man boobs atthe beach. There are certain areas on a man’s body that tend to resist diet and exercise: love handlesand man boobs. So what can you do to get rid of these problem areas once they develop? Sometimes,liposuction or other types of surgery are the only option for me who want to look their best.Hormones can cause all kinds of havoc for both men and women. For men, however, hormones cansometimes cause the development of love handles, or excess fat on the sides of the lower abdomen.The fat may wrap around the waist and into the lower back region as well. Gynecomastia, or man boobs,can also manifest as a result of how men’s hormones work. Even very fit individuals such as bodybuilders, athletic instructors, or coaches can have fat distributed inexplicably in these areas. If you’ve gotman boobs or love handles, despite being relatively lean and fit, you’re not alone.A little bit of fat and flab in a man’s breasts can signify either true gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia.True gynecomastia may require the surgical removal of glandular tissues in the breasts in order toachieve a “normal” appearance. In contrast, psuedogynecomastia may be treatable with a simpleliposuction procedure. Pseudogynecomastia may develop due to weight gain. Both gynecomastic andpseudogynecomastia may also develop in response to prescription medications, the onset of adolescent,an underlying medical issues, or the use of certain recreational drugs.While some men may need to have a large volume of tissue removed from the breasts, other men mayhave very little. The use of just a liposuction procedure or liposuction plus a glandular excisionprocedure will depend on analysis by a qualified plastic surgery who is skilled in doing these kinds ofoperations.Some men who have liposuction done on their man boobs will go ahead and have liposuction performedon other areas of the body, such as the love handles as well in the same procedure. It is significantly lesscostly to have several procedures performed at the same time so men who opt for simultaneoussurgeries are usually getting a good deal. Plastic surgeons who are working on more than just one areaof the body at one time will be able to sculpt the areas such that they blend nicely with each other andthe rest of the physique.Men who have liposuction done on their breasts, may see changes in their areolas as the skin overlyingtheir pectoralis muscles tighten. The areolas often diminish in size in response to the removal of fattytissues and glands which represents yet another plus for men considering this procedure. Many menwho have had the procedure done wish they had gone ahead with it sooner. Getting those man boobsremoved can significantly enhance a man’s self-image and self-confidence. Whether you have a lot of fator just a little to remove, liposuction may be the answer if you’re ready to rid yourself of man boobsonce and for all.
  4. 4. Benefits of SmartLipo TriplexOne of the reasons why liposuction has grown so much in popularity over the past ten years is becausethe technology underlying body sculpting procedures has significantly increased. The number ofliposuction procedures performed between 2010 and 2011 rose by 14% according to the AmericanSociety for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.Traditional liposuction procedures often involved an extensiverecovery period that just isn’t necessary today with the new, technologically sophisticated options thatare available. If you’re considering SmartLipo Triplex for an upcoming liposuction procedure, you canrest easy knowing that this liposuction technology is revered worldwide.Patients who are in the market for a liposuction procedure typically have three primary concerns:results, safety, and recovery. Everyone wants to get great results from their liposuction procedure thatat least meets or perhaps even exceeds their expectations. The technology used to produce great resultsusing SmartLipo Triplex is state-of-the-art and designed specifically to address these patient concerns.Laser technologies can be remarkably precise and skin tightening in the targeted area of the body canhelp to enhance the results. Patients who have undergone surgery using the SmartLipo Triplex systemtypically report that their results were on par with their hopes and expectations.Safety is another concern for patients who are considering liposuction. In the past, traditionalliposuction techniques often left patients open to issues such as infection, profound swelling or bruising.SmartLipo Triplex, however, is a much gentler method of removing fat from the targeted areas on thebody. Because laser energy is used to melt the fat cells before suctioning them out of the body, patientsdon’t have to contend with large incisions following the procedure. Smaller cannulas (tubes throughwhich fat is suctioned) can be used to suction the fat out of the body which means smaller incisions arerequired to accomplish the patient’s goals. Smaller incisions mean less scarring and a diminished risk ofinfection.Because SmartLipo Triplex is a minimally invasive procedure, doctors typically use only local anestheticto numb the target area of the body rather than general anesthesia. General anesthesia was much moredangerous to patients than local anesthesia. As a result, the safety of SmartLipo Triplex has beensignificantly enhanced. Many of the risks associated with conventional liposuction had to do with theuse of general anesthesia.SmartLipo Triplex administers laser energy to the targeted area in a regulated manner. Side effects andserious health issues are rare. Laser energy is evenly distributed throughout the area being treated toprevent heat burns. The recovery period from a SmartLipo Triplex procedure is therefore less intensethan recovery from a traditional liposuction procedure. Patients experience less discomfort duringrecovery and are able to get on their feet in a reasonable period of time (days, rather than weeks)following the procedure. Patients may continue to see improvement in their appearance for severalmonths following the procedure as the skin overlying the treated area continues to tighten. And what’smore, as long as patients are diligent about adhering to a healthy lifestyle, the results from theirprocedure will be long-lasting.
  5. 5. What is SmartLipo Triplex?Whether you’re new to the idea of liposuction or you’ve been researching liposuction technologies forawhile, you’ve probably heard of SmartLipo Triplex. That’s because this advanced laser body sculptingtechnology is used to perform cutting-edge liposuction procedures that produce top of the line results.Patients who are considering some of the more technologically advanced options in liposuction shouldlook closely at SmartLipo Triplex. It’s the first multiplex triple wavelength laser liposuction technology ofits kind and patients who have opted to use it for body contouring are raving about their results.Let’s face it. There are tons of different liposuction options on the market today. It can be difficult tochoose which one is right for you. SmartLipo Triplex has become popular mostly because it speeds upthe surgery itself and offers results that are more precise. Patients also tend to experience fasterrecovery from their surgery. As a result, this liposuction technology has become incredibly popularamong individuals hoping to get rid of excess fat with a minimal amount of pain and discomfort.SmartLipo was originally approved by the FDA in 2006 as a laser liposuction device that can be used torid patients of both small and larger volumes of fat from targeted areas of the body. Because SmartLipoTriplex uses laser technologies to achieve results, it is able to cause less pain and trauma to the bodythan traditional methods. Surrounding tissues are less likely to be disrupted as the fat cells are beingmelted by the SmartLipo Triplex laser. In the past, fat cells had to be manually dislodged from theirlocation which meant that sometimes blood vessels and nerves were damaged in theprocess.SmartLipo Triplex works by producing more powerful and more effective energies than SmartLipo orSmartLipo MPX. These laser energies are up to 40 times more capable of melting fat in the targetedareas of the body. Three wavelengths of energy including 1064 nm, 1320 nm, and 1440 nm are used in aprecisely controlled manner to sculpt the ideal physique.SmartLipo Triplex is not only able to contour the body, but also shape, tone, and tighten the skin whichcan be an important aspect of getting the results you really want from liposuction treatment. If the skinfails to tighten up after liposuction, the skin in the treated areas may look flabby and the results may beless than desirable. Laser liposuction technologies are able to increase the elasticity of the skin by aimingheat energies at the tissues to promote the development of healthy collagen. Traditional liposuctiontechniques had to be performed on patients with adequately elastic skin already to ensure positiveresults from the procedure.Not only do patients spend less time in surgery, but they also spend less time recovering from theirSmartLipo Triplex procedure, a major advantage for individuals with busy lives. SmartLipo Triplex is alegitimate option for patients who desire a technologically advanced technique that is safe andextremely precise to sculpt the body while keeping the recovery period to a minimum.
  6. 6. Is SmartLipo Triplex Right for You?There are so many liposuction technologies that have been developed in the past ten years, manypatients struggle to decide which ones are right for them. Though the development of tumescentliposuction techniques was truly a turning point in liposuction history, new technologies have mostlysought to refine the body sculpting possibilities. Through enhanced precision and special methods ofdislodging fat for removal from the body, these new technologies have decreased the size of incisionsthat are required during liposuction surgery and enhanced the precision that plastic surgeons are able toachieve in the final outcome.SmartLipo Triplex is a technology that’s been in refinement since before 2006 when the first generationSmartLipo workstation was developed. In 2006, this SmartLipo technology received FDA approval for usein ridding the body of excess fat and since that time surgeons and scientists have worked to produceeven more effective laser liposuction technologies. SmartLipo is well-known among surgeons whoregularly perform liposuction surgeries. SmartLipo Triplex is the most advanced laser lipolysis systemavailable to diminish treatment time and reduce the amount of time that patients spend in recovery.Regular tumescent liposuction techniques that don’t make use of the added technologies offered bySmartLipo Triplex can still produce very respectable results. However, many patients still choose to goahead with the enhanced technologies because of the added benefits of using lasers. The lasers that areused in SmartLipo Triplex treatments are able to specifically target fat cells, reducing trauma to thesurrounding tissues such as nerves and blood vessels. This is important during recovery when swellingand bruising can inhibit the process of healing and make it difficult for patients to see their positiveresults.There are three wavelengths of light that are emitted using SmartLipo Triplex. These include 1064 nm,1440 nm, and 1320 nm. By incorporating three wavelengths of energy into the treatment process,doctors can target tissues specifically to achieved desirable effects. Avoiding trauma to surroundingtissues is important, but patients who have undergone SmartLipo Triplex treatments also enjoy the factthat laser energies can be directed at the skin to enhance elasticity. For patients who are older or whosimply have poor elasticity to their skin, SmartLipo Triplex may be the answer to their problem. Lasersare directed at overlying skin tissues to promote the development of new collagen which significantlyincrease the patient’s skin elasticity.If you’re especially concerned about safety and recovery, SmartLipo Triplex is a great choice when itcomes to liposuction. There is less bleeding involved with t and minimal risk of complications associatedwith the procedure. Patients spend less time in surgery which means that they can get on with recoverymore quickly. Though there are always risks involved with any surgical procedure, SmartLipo Triplex is arelatively safe procedure that produces impeccable results consistent with patients’ expectations. Ifyou’re interested in using the latest technologies in liposuction to get results you really want, SmartLipoTriplex might be right for you.
  7. 7. High Definition Liposuction Enhances Self-Esteem and Self-ConfidenceIt is remarkably frustrating to religiously follow a healthy diet and exercise program with little or nosuccess at reaching your final goal. Not only can such a situation leave you feeling helpless and hopeless,but it can seriously impact your self-esteem and self-confidence. If you’re athletic and you’re striving fora six-pack or turtle tummy with no success, don’t lose hope. It’s possible to get a lean and sculpted lookwithout having to work-out for 8 hours a day. High definition liposuction has made it possible forrelatively fit individuals to get the body they’ve always wanted.Though regular liposuction techniques can help remove unwanted fat from the body, high definitionliposuction takes the process one step further. The procedure is particularly appropriate for patientswho are close to their ideal body weight because it sculpts the body such that target areas lookmuscular and athletic. Individuals who are not athletic or fit to begin with may not benefit as readilyfrom high definition liposuction.Men and women who work hard to keep their bodies fit and trim may be frustrated by their geneticpredisposition to fatty deposits in certain areas of the body. A woman who jogs 20 miles each week maystill have saddle bags or excess fat on her thighs and abdomen. This can seriously impact her self-esteem. But high definition liposuction can help people in this situation to achieve the contours thatthey really want and define musculature for a refined, athletic appearance.Men are constantly questing after the elusive six-pack, using sports enhancing nutritional supplements,lifting weights, and doing anything possible to get a thoroughly masculine appearance. Unfortunately,however, it can be quite challenging to get that six pack with diet and exercise alone. Men can work foryears to try to achieve muscle-building goals. Some nutritional supplements do more harm than goodand as testosterone declines as men grow older, muscle mass is naturally harder to build. But many menare finding that high definition liposuction can help them achieve their appearance goals, which canprovide them with a major boost in self-confidence.High definition liposuction is especially appropriate for patients who wish to tighten skin after losingweight naturally. The procedure is able to produce a very smooth and sculpted appearance. Patientswho wish to define muscle groups in their core following pregnancy or weight loss are prime candidatesfor the procedure. High definition liposuction can help patients get rid of extra inches anywhere on thebody, but especially around the waist, thigh, and hip area.Patients who aren’t terribly interested in losing weight, but rather wish for a more sculpted appearanceare ideal for high definition liposuction. Despite the discouragement of having excess fat despiteconsistent exercise and a healthy diet, high definition liposuction can assist patients in achieving thelook they really want. Finally achieving one’s personal goals and expectations can be life-changing andmany patients who seek out high definition liposuction experience a boost in self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-image.
  8. 8. What You Need to Know about VASER High Definition LiposuctionThe idea of having rock solid, sculpted abs without a lot of time at the gym may sound really appealing,but is it realistic? High definition liposuction is a surgical procedure that resembles, in many ways,traditional or tumescent liposuction. A tube called a “cannula” is inserted through a small incision in thetargeted area of the body to suction out excess fat. But the results of high definition liposuction are epic.Patients walk away with a slimmer profile, but also sometimes a turtle tummy or a six-pack as well. Highdefinition liposuction is a technique used to create a toned, sculpted, athletic appearance in both menand women. And believe it or not, getting high definition abs (or any other part of the body) is totallyrealistic.The technology used to create these awesome effects was initially developed in the 1990’s. Theultrasonic energy used in high definition liposuction procedures was first put into practice in the 1980’s,but there were side effects such as tissue damage from over-exposure to the ultrasonic waves, leadingto complications. Today, those initial problems associated with ultrasonic energy have been worked out.Tools such as VASER (Vibration, Amplification, of Sound Energy at Resonance) that are able to make useof ultrasound have been developed and used with great success.VASER is third-generation technology that utilizes ultrasonic energy waves delivered in pulses through aspecially developed probe. The energy pulsates in order to prevent over-exposure to the ultrasonicwaves and therefore avoid many of the undesirable side effects. Dr. William W. Cimino of Lafayette,Colorado developed the system in 1998. It allows plastic surgeons to specifically target different layersof fat to create a more sculpted appearance to the muscles. Doctors use VASER on various areas of thebody including the hips and flanks, abdominals and upper back, breasts, arms, gluteus and leg muscles.Fat in these areas is liquefied by the ultrasonic energy and then suctioned out of the body using thecannula. By melting the fat cells, plastic surgeons are able to create a more toned appearance.Ultrasonic energy causes less trauma on the surrounding tissues than regular tumescent liposuction. Theenergy waves are used to break down cellular membranes around fat cells to release the fatty tissuesfrom the target areas. Ultrasound is selectively delivered to the fat in the body without affecting theother tissues in any way which makes this procedure notably safe in comparison with lesstechnologically advanced tumescent liposuction procedures.Plastic surgeons who are proficient with high definition techniques remove excess fat from the body andthen uses landmarks such as the rectus abdominus, linea alba, lineasemilunaris, and tendinousintersections to guide the placement of superficial liposuction that is done to highlight these underlyingfeatures of the musculature. Additional fat cells may also be transferred to the target area to create theappearance of more muscular volume and definition in certain areas. Though it may seem too good tobe true, high definition liposuction is for real and the results are striking. Talk with your plastic surgeonto find out whether high definition liposuction is for you.
  9. 9. Minimally Invasive Liposuction Techniques Take Center StageLiposuction has come a long way over the past forty years. Traditional liposuction techniques werebrutal on the body and sometimes left behind scarring and undesirable body contours. Technologyhowever, has greatly improved the success of liposuction with minimally invasive techniques growingmore and more popular with each passing year.Though the first liposuction procedure was technically performed in the 1920’s on a French model, thisprocedure actually diminished interest in the procedure when the patient lost her leg due to gangrene.It was decades before interest in the technique was resurrect. The first successful liposuctionprocedures were performed in the mid-1970’s and in the early 1980’s, physicians worked with varioustechniques, but few advancements took shape. However, in 1985, Klein and Lillis developed somethingthey called the “tumescent technique” that would revolutionize liposuction.Tumescent liposuction involved injections of high volumes of fluid containing a mixture of lidocaine,epinephrine, and bicarbonate. General anesthesia wasn’t required because the procedure utilized localanesthetic instead. This significantly reduced the risks involved in liposuction procedures. The popularityof the procedure thus began to grow.Liposuction really began to take off in the 1990’s with the development of ultrasound and laser-assistedtechnologies. However, the innovations in liposuction also led to unexpected complications. Using laseror ultrasonic energies could lead to heat injuries of the internal organs and other tissues. Refinementwas necessary in order to develop workable techniques like those that are available today.Understandably, patients today are drawn to the refined liposuction techniques that make it possible toachieve maximum change with as little downtime as possible. By changing fat cells from a solid to aliquid form, plastic surgeons have realized that they are able to use smaller cannulas to suction it out ofthe body. Smaller cannulas translate into smaller incisions and smaller incisions mean a lessened chanceof infection. Patients who have smaller incisions to contend with also tend to heal faster and thereforeexperience shorter recovery periods.Minimally invasive liposuction techniques are all the rage right now because most of the people whoconsider liposuction today lead busy lives. A long, drawn out recovery period isn’t an option for them.And everyone is concerned about the safety of procedures. Further, using ultrasound or lasertechnologies, plastic surgeons have been able to obtain coveted high definition results while at the sametime offering patients short recovery periods and less risk of scarring and infection.Of course, there are non-invasive “liposuction” techniques that are currently on the market as welltoday, but these don’t produce the same dramatic results that are possible with minimally invasiveprocedures. Many patients choose to split the difference and go for a high definition, minimally invasiveliposuction procedure rather than experimenting with non-invasive procedures. But though tumescentliposuction is still available today, many patients choose to go with higher tech procedures in order todiminish risks and increase the probability that they’ll end up with results that exceed theirexpectations.
  10. 10. Liposuction Body Contouring after Weight LossObesity is a major problem in the United States today. More than one third of the population (37.5%) isconsidered obese. This fact has led to the development of surgical techniques designed to helpindividuals lose weight quickly with a minimal amount of effort. Bariatric surgeries include a variety ofdifferent procedures such as the gastric band, the removal or a part of the stomach, and gastric bypasssurgery. Though these surgeries can have tremendous health benefits for patients including profoundweight loss, recovery from diabetes, and improvement of cardiovascular health issues, they often aren’table to help patients achieve their ideal appearance goals. Despite the fact that bariatric surgery andprofound weight loss can have desirable health benefits, patients who have lost a lot of weight oftenend up with areas of the body with flabby skin.After major weight loss, patients often turn to body contouring in order to achieve the appearancethey’ve longed for. Body contouring procedures can improve appearance by re-shaping and creatingmore tone in the underlying tissues that support the skin and fat. By removing excess tissues that areoften leftover following weight loss, patients can feel good about the way they look which can helpmotivate them to continue to eat right and exercise every day.When patients lose a lot of weight very quickly, such as what happens following bariatric surgeries, it’snot uncommon for the skin in certain areas of the body to lack the necessary elasticity to conform to thenew, smaller body size. This can be remarkably disheartening to patients who have worked hard andsuffered the rigors of profound weight loss. Body contouring can address issues related to sagging skin.Various areas of the body may be affected by diminished skin elasticity. The upper arms, for example,may be especially prone to sagging and loose skin. By removing the excess skin in this area, patients canachieve a more normal appearance. Breast tissues also tend to sag following major weight gain and thenloss. The nipples may hang downward. Patients who wish to repair these issues will have to consider abreast lift to correct the issue.The abdominals are a common problem area, especially among individuals who have gained a lot ofweight. The skin in the abdomen can become stretched and sag below the belt line in an apron-likeoverhand. The excess skin in this area can make it difficult for patients to exercise and certainlycontributes to low self-esteem despite the loss of extra pounds. It can be discouraging to patients whohave undergone weight loss treatment to have to contend with an overhang of skin around theabdomen. However, body contouring can help repair the issue.Hanging pockets of excess skin are also prevalent in the buttocks, thighs, and groin. Through bodycontouring surgery, patients can get rid of the excess tissues while supporting underlying structures toachieve a very natural-looking appearance that will help motivate them to continue to stay in shape.Today, many bariatric surgeons recommend that patients look at body contouring as the final step inprofound weight loss. Body contouring allows patients to see themselves as they hoped to appear whenthey first started their weight loss journey.
  11. 11. Body Contouring Using LiposuctionThere are a variety of different body contouring procedures available to individuals who havesuccessfully lost a lot of weight using gastric bypass surgery. These include abdominoplasty, full body lift,cellulite treatments, abdominal etching, and liposuction. The purpose of each of these procedures is tohelp reshape the body while defining, toning, and improving the musculature, skin elasticity, andcontour of the physique. Both men and women can benefit from body contouring after undergoingprofound weight loss and one of the most popular surgeries used to create a finished appearance isliposuction.During liposuction surgery, target areas of the body are injected with a special tumescing solution thatwill cause fat cells to become swollen, hard, and numb. The solution contains a mixture of lidocaine,epinephrine, and bicarbonate and acts as a local anesthetic as well as changing the size and texture ofthe fat cells. Once the target area has been injected with the solution and the cells have become swollenwith the fluid, the liposuction surgeon makes incisions that will be used to remove the fat cells from thebody.A cannula, or small tube, is inserted into the incisions in the target area and fat cells are suctioned out ofthe body. There are a variety of liposuction techniques and technologies that can be used to remove thefatty tissues. For example, laser lipolysis or ultrasonic energy may be used to melt the fat cells into aliquid form before they are suctioned out of the body. There are pros and cons to each liposuctiontechnique. Body contouring however, can be performed using just about any of the liposuctionprocedures available today.It may be necessary to excise the extra skin leftover after extreme weight loss in order to achieve themost appealing appearance. However, in some cases, it may be possible to use laser lipolysis orultrasound technologies to promote the development of collagen in the skin. Specialized wavelengths ofenergy can be directed at skin tissues during liposuction procedures to encourage new collagen growthand thus, increased elasticity. For individuals who have recently lost a lot of weight, enhance laser orultrasound technologies may be an essential aspect of body contouring using liposuction. Encouragingenhanced skin elasticity may be necessary to produce an aesthetically appealing final result.Liposuction is a viable surgical procedure for anyone who has tried diet and exercise and found thatcertain fatty deposits on the body refuse to go away. Whether you’ve lost a lot of weight or just fivepounds, this paradigm can be frustrating, but liposuction offers patients the opportunity to achieve thebody shape they really want without starving themselves or working out for 8 hours a day. If you’vegone through the motions of losing a lot of weight and you have just a few more pounds to lose inisolated areas of the body, liposuction is an excellent choice for body contouring. Following gastricbypass or other bariatric surgeries, many patients feel that liposuction is the final step in a long journeytoward getting the body they really want.
  12. 12. How Body Contouring Liposuction Can Help YouThough body contouring refers to a set of surgical procedures that are particularly geared atindividuals who have undergone extreme weight loss, people of average weight and build canalso benefit from these procedures. In patients who have lost a lot of weight, body contouringis usually geared at removing the excess skin that exists in certain areas of the body, but bodycontouring procedures may also be appropriate for women who were pregnant and wish tohave more tone and definition in the mid-section. Anyone who has excess fat or skin in isolatedareas of the body may be good candidates for these procedures and the excellent results thatare possible through the new technologies that are available today.Liposuction is a surgical procedure that is often used for body contouring because it can beapplied to isolated areas of the body to eliminate the excess fat. It goes nicely with otherprocedures such as a tummy tuck or abdominoplasty to produce a very tight and tonedabdomen, for example. Though liposuction itself is not a good weight loss procedure (doctorsusually will only remove up to about 6 pounds of fat), it can still produce striking results thatsimply aren’t possible with just diet and exercise. Even if you’re genetically predisposed tocarrying fat on your belly or your thighs, liposuction can be used to rid the body of the extra fatin these areas.Plastic surgeons who are skilled at liposuction are able to sculpt one area of the body tocomplement the rest of the physique. There are a variety of different liposuction technologiesthat might be recommended for patients who are hoping to use body contouring to achieve anaesthetically pleasing appearance. For individuals who need additional elasticity in the skin,laser or ultrasonic technologies may be the best choice because they can encourage increasedelasticity in the skin through the development of collagen. Specialized energy wavelengths canbe directly targeted at the skin overlying the treated areas in order to promote enhanceelasticity which can have pronounced effects on the final results of the surgery.Be sure that you track down a plastic surgeon who is board certified and qualified to performyour body contouring procedure. If you’re having liposuction surgery, specifically question yourdoctor to find out about his or her skills, training, and experience at performing bodycontouring using lipolysis. Finding the right doctor is an important first step toward gettinggreat results.Many people are genetically predisposed to holding onto fat stores in certain areas of theirbodies. Men often end up with love handles and sometimes even gynecomastia or man boobs.Women typically struggle with saddlebags or excess fat in their hips, abdomen, and thighs.Because people are genetically predisposed to carrying this excess fat in isolated areas of thebody, it can be remarkably difficult to get rid of it using strictly natural methods. Bodycontouring procedures that utilize liposuction can help patients surmount these difficulties,however and finally achieve the sculpted appearance they so desire.