Respiratory System
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Respiratory System



Notes on Respiratory System for Medical Transcriptionist

Notes on Respiratory System for Medical Transcriptionist



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Respiratory System Respiratory System Presentation Transcript

  • Respiratory System(RS) Pulmonary system
  • Respiratory unit
  • Pleura & Mediastinum
    • Two in number: Visceral & Parietal
    • Space between them is the pleural space
    • Mediastinum is a space extending from sternum to thoracic vertebra
    • It is divided into Anterior, Middle & Posterior containing the Thymus, pericardium& heart, esophagus, trachea & large blood /lymphatics
    • AFB: Acid Fast bacillus
    • A/E: air entry to lungs or accident/emergency R(R): resiratory rate
    • ARDS:adult respiratory distress syndrome
    • COPD/COAD: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease SOB;short of breath
    • CPR: cardio pulmonary resuscitation HBO: hyperbaric oxygenation
    • CTA: clear to auscultation cccc:closed chest cardiac compression
    • CXR: chest x ray
    • DPT: diphtheria pertusis tetanus
    • FVC: forced vital capacity
    • ICU: intensive care unit
    • IMV: intermittent mandatory ventilation
    • LLL: left lower lobe
    • LUL: left upper lobe
    • Paco2: partial presuure of oxygen
    • Pco2: partial pressure of co2
    • Po2:
    • PCP: pnemocystitis carinii pneumonia
    • PFT: Pulmonary function test
    • PEEP:positive end expiratory volume
    • RDS:respiratory distress syndrome
    • RLL/RUL:right lower lobe/right upper lobe
    • SOB: shortness of breath
    • TB: tuberculosis
    • URI/LRI: upper/lower respiratory infection
    • V/q scan: ventilation perfusion scan
    • P/F(R): peak flow rate
  • Symptoms & signs
    • Apnoe: temporary stoppage of breathing
    • Eupnoea: normal breathing
    • Dypsnoe: difficulty in breathing
    • Hyperpnoea: increase in depth of breathing
    • Tachpnoe: excessive rapid breathing
    • Haemoptysis: vomit of blood in cough
    • Asphyxia: interference of respiration, leads to absence of pulse
    • Haemothorax: blood in pleural cavity
    • Pyothorax: pus in pleural cavity
    • Hypercapnia: excessive co2 in the blood
    • Orthopnea: breathing in upright position
    • Cyanosis: blueness of skin
    • Hypoxia: deficiency in o2
    • Dysphonia: hoarseness of voice
    • Epistaxis: nasal bleed
    • Stridor:noisy breathing
    • Dead space
    • Tidal volume
  • Pathological conditions in RS
    • Croup: acute respiratory syndrome, characterized by obstruction in larynx, cough, stridor
    • Diptheria:
    • Pertusis(whooping cough)
    • Asthma
    • Bronchitis
    • Atelectasis
    • Emphysema
    • Pneumoconiosis
    • Pneumonia
    • Pulmonary abscess
    • Pulmonary embolism (PE)
    • Pnemothorax
    • Tuberculosis
    • Mesothelioma
    • Bronchogenic carcinoma
    • Respiratory acidosis/alkalosis
    • Carbon monoxide poisoning
    • Asbestosis
    • SIDS: sudden infant death syndrome
    • PEEP: positive end expiratory pressure
  • Clinical test & Drugs
    • Chest x ray
    • CT scan
    • Pulmonary angiography
    • MRI test
    • V/Q Scan
    • Bronchoscopy
    • Bronchography
    • Endotracheal intubation
    • Laryngoscopy
    • PFT: pulmonary function test
    • Thoracocentesis
    • Thoracotomy
    • Tracheostomy
    • TB test
    • Tracheostomy
    • Tube thoracostomy
    • Respirator
    Pulmonary drugs: Bronchodilators: albuterol, terbutaline Corticosteroids: Antituberculosis
  • CPR consist of A,B,C & Heimlich manouverve